Fire Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances

Fire-type Pokémon are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to their foes while being resistant to certain Pokémon Types, so if you, like us, are having a hard time defeating them in battle, take a look at our weaknesses and resistances guide to know how to get the better of them.

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Fire Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances
Fire Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Fire Type Pokemon have been an absolute fan favorite since the beginning of the franchise. Fire Types are amongst the stronger category of Pokemon which are known for their fiery attack and skill set. However, just like any other Pokemon Type, Fire Types also have certain limitations and vulnerabilities.

In this post, we will be covering the Fire Type Pokemon Weaknesses, Resistances, and the Best Counters you can use against them.

Fire Type Pokémon Weaknesses

Fire Types are among the superior clans of the Pokemon. These strong beasts are vulnerable to a very small group of Pokemon Types. This is why it is necessary to know the Fire Type Pokemon’s Weaknesses to successfully challenge and defeat them during your gameplay.

1. Water Type

Water Type (Fire Type Weaknesses)
Water Type (Fire Type Weaknesses) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It is a worldwide known fact that water is the mortal enemy of fire. This same concept applies to Pokemon Typing. Water Type moves humbles down the aggressive Fire Type Pokemon inflicting double damage singlehandedly.

2. Ground Type

Ground Type (Fire Type Weaknesses)
Ground Type (Fire Type Weaknesses) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Another natural vulnerability of the Fiery Fire Type Pokemon is the Ground Type moves. These moves are super effective against fire and inflict double damage effortlessly.

3. Rock Type

Rock Type (Fire Type Weaknesses)
Rock Type (Fire Type Weaknesses) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Another mortal Fire-type Pokemon Weakness is the Rock Pokemon Type. Rock moves can easily cut through the defenses of the Fire Types and cause considerable physical damage, double damage to be precise.

Fire Type Pokémon Resistances

Now that we are well acquainted with the natural Fire Type Pokemon Weakness, let us find out about Fire Type Resistances. This includes all the Pokemon moves that Fire Types are easily able to resist with their defense skills.

1. Bug Type

Bug Type (Fire Type Resistance)
Bug Type (Fire Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Bug-type moves can impart very low damage to the mighty Fire-type Beasts. Even the most powerful Bug Type attacks can deploy only half the intended damage toward the Fire-type Pokemon.

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2. Steel Type

Steel Type (Fire Type Resistance)
Steel Type (Fire Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Steel-type moves might be one of the most powerful elemental powers in the entire Pokemon franchise. However, Steel-type moves aren’t able to penetrate the natural defense of Fire-type beings and can only inflict half the intended damage.

3. Fire Type

Fire Type (Fire Type Resistance)
Fire Type (Fire Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This mention may seem insignificant at first but it is very important to know that Fire Types are very resistant to their fellow types. So, there is no point in deploying Fire Types against each other if you want to increase your winning chances.

Best Counters For Fire Type Pokémon

If you were wondering which are the Best Counters for Fire Type Pokemon then you can rest assured as we bring all the information to you.

1. Water Type

Water Type (Super Effective Against Fire)
Water Type (Super Effective Against Fire) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Water-type Pokemon are the most effective counters for Fire-type Pokemon. It is a well-known fact that water has more elemental control over Fire. They deal double damage and have a high chance of dousing off any Fire Type.

2. Rock Type

Rock Type (Super Effective Against Fire)
Rock Type (Super Effective Against Fire) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Rock Type Pokemon is another Counter Ace when it comes to fighting Fire Type Pokemon. This Pokemon Type can deploy double damage to Fire Types and is highly resistant to Fire Type moves in return. So, Rock Types are an excellent choice for countering Fire Types.

3. Ground Type

Ground Type (Super Effective Against Fire)
Ground Type (Super Effective Against Fire) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Rock Types are yet another highly effective counter choice when it comes to battle Fire Type Pokemon. Ground Types do not take much damage from Fire Type moves because they have a neutral elemental core. In return, Ground Types inflict double damage on Fire Types.

4. Dragon Type

Dragon Type (Super Effective Against Fire)
Dragon Type (Super Effective Against Fire) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Lastly, Dragon Type Pokemon is another impeccable choice if you wish to counter Fire Type Pokemon effortlessly. Dragon Types are highly resistant to Fire-type moves and can also pack significant damage in return. Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Dynamax Cannon, and Clanging Scales are some of the most effective Dragon-type moves that you can deploy against Fire Types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fire Type Pokemon be frozen?

Well, technically Yeah! Fire-type Pokemon can be frozen momentarily by ice-type attacks. However, this situation doesn’t last very long and Fire Types can easily thaw themselves out.

Which is the fastest Fire Type Pokemon?

According to the official stats from Pokedex, Talonflame is probably the fastest Fire-type Pokemon to exist. Salazzle, Cinderace, and Infernape are some other fast Fire Type Pokemon.

What is the most OP Fire Type move?

Well, as far as we can comprehend, Heat Wave may be the most OP Fire Type move to exist. Heat Wave inflicts a very high intensity of damage on the opponent.

Why are Steel Types weak to Fire Type Pokemon?

Well, Steel is a metal that is a very good conductor of heat. So, when Steel Types come in contact with Fire-type moves, their attack isn’t able to stand much ground against Fire and melts away.
In addition to this, Steel Types cannot infiltrate through the defense of the Fire Type Pokemon and remain weak against them overall.

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