10 Best Poison Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Poison Type Pokemon have been perceived as one of the most notorious Pokemon Types due to their unique and powerful poison attacks. There is something unique about their aura that makes them seem naturally darker than the other Pokemon Types (except for literally Dark Pokemon Types). Due to their powerful skillset, they have emerged as ... Read more

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Poison Type Pokemon have been perceived as one of the most notorious Pokemon Types due to their unique and powerful poison attacks.

There is something unique about their aura that makes them seem naturally darker than the other Pokemon Types (except for literally Dark Pokemon Types).

Due to their powerful skillset, they have emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

10 Best Poison Type Pokemon
10 Best Poison Type Pokemon

In this list, we have compiled the Top 10 Best Poison Type Pokemon in all 9 generations of Pokemon. Most of these Pokemon are available in popular Pokemon Games and will be a great addition to your team. So without dragging the wait any longer, let’s get right to the list!

10 Best Poison Type Pokemon

Poison Type Pokemon are moderately powerful Pokemon Types which are the best choice when combating Grass and Fairy Type Pokemon. Poison Types are known for their unique skill set that enables them to execute moves such as Sludge Bomb, Cross Poison, Gunk Shot, and Poison Fang. These lethal attacks help Poison Types to protect themselves in the wild and also serve as excellent moves in Pokemon Battles.

Here we have compiled the list of the Strongest Poison Type Pokemon out there which harbor the highest base stats in their category.

10. Toxicroak

TypePoison, Fighting
VulnerabilitiesFlying, Ground
Signature AbilitiesDry Skin, Poison Touch, Anticipation
Evolution ChartCroagunk-> Toxicroak

Starting off with the infamous Toxic Mouth Pokemon, Toxicroak is an ace at attacking. Toxicroak has a poison sac on its throat that help infuse poison in its attacks. Even its claws are suffused with toxin which forces the opponent to maintain distance from this lethal Pokemon. The toxins of Toxicroak are also extracted for their medicinal properties.

Some of the most effective moves of Toxicroak include Swords Dance, Dynamic Punch, Counter, Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab, and Mudslap. The dual typing of Fighting Poison gives Toxicroak an upper hand over a wide variety of opponents.

9. Weezing

Galar Weezing
Galarian Weezing
VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Ground
Signature AbilitiesNeutralizing Gas, Levitate
Evolution ChartKoffing-> Weezing/ Weezing Galarian Form

Weezing is a strong and popular Poison Gas Pokemon with very strong defensive abilities. There is an alternative form of Weezing, Galarian Form that makes this Pokemon even more robust. Galarian Weezing exhibits mixed Typing of Poison and Fairy that gives it extra skills on the battlefield. This Pokemon is actually a helper of the environment as it dispenses clean air after consuming contaminated air.

Weezing Galarian Form is an excellent choice if you are looking forward to having a strong Poison Type Pokemon on your team. Some of the most effective moves of this Pokemon are Play Rough, Fairy Wind, and Brutal Swing.

8. Nidoqueen & Nidoking

Nidoking and Nidoqueen
Nidoking and Nidoqueen
TypePoison, Ground
VulnerabilitiesIce, Ground, Water, Psychic
Signature AbilitiesRivalry, Poison Point
Evolution ChartNidoran/Nidorino -> Nidoking/Nidoqueen

As you can already figure from the names, Nidoking and Nidoqueen are the male and female Pokemon of the same species. These Drill Pokemon possess a mix tying of Poison and Ground which makes them more versatile than your generic Poison Types. The male of this species is extremely aggressive and goes on full damage when infuriated.

Some of the most effective moves of this duo include Earthquake, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, and Sludge Wave.

7. Drapion

TypePoison, Dark
Signature AbilitiesSniper, Battle Armor
Evolution ChartSkorupi-> Drapion

What makes this Ogre Scorpion Pokemon an extremely terrifying and powerful pick is its dual Typing of Poison & Dark. Drapion is infamous for having a bad temperament which is easily triggered. The poison moves of Drapion are highly lethal, however, Drapion chooses to rely on its physical strength more often. Some of the most effective moves of Drapion include Sludge Bomb, Bite, and Poison Sting.

Due to the anger-driven nature of this mighty Pokemon, it gets the nickname, Sand Demon. All of this doesn’t mean that Drapion doesn’t know where to draw the line. Drapion has been seen to avoid conflicts with Hippowdon.

6. Gengar

TypePoison, Ghost
VulnerabilitiesGhost, Ground, Psychic, Dark
Signature AbilitiesCursed Body
Alternative formsMega Gengar, Gengar Gigantamax
Evolution ChartGastly-> Haunter-> Gengar

Gengar is a notorious-looking Shadow Pokemon with a dual Typing of Poison & Ghost. Do not let the constant smile on Gengar’s face fool you, this sneaky Pokemon is capable of stealing the life force of its victim by possessing their shadows. This Pokemon also has more powerful forms: Mega Gengar and Gengar Gigantamax which further hikes its moves.

Mega Gengar
Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar is the mega evolution of Gengar. This Pokemon is probably one of the least trustworthy ones to exist as it doesn’t even hesitate to live off the life force of its trainer. Some of its most effective moves in battles are Lick, Shadow Claw, and Shadow Ball.

Gengar Gigantamax
Gengar Gigantamax

As for Gengar Gigantamax, rumors state that its mouth is an actual gateway to the afterlife. It is extremely skilled in alluring its prey by inducing the voices of its loved ones.

5. Roserade

TypePoison, Grass
VulnerabilitiesFlying, Ice, Fire, Psychic
Signature AbilitiesPoison Point, Natural Cure
Evolution ChartBudew-> Roselia-> Roserade

The next one on our list of Strongest Poison Type Pokemon will surely balance out all the dark energy Gengar left us with. Roserade is an adorable Bouquet Pokemon who excels in the charm of deceit. It allures its targets by releasing a sweet scent and when the target is close enough, hits them with its thorny whips. Roserade hides poisonous whips within the bouquets in its hands.

Some of the most effective moves of Roserade include Solar Beam, Poison Jab, Dazzling Gleam, and Leaf Storm. It is an excellent choice in Pokemon Games such as Pokemon Go.

4. Tentacruel

TypePoison, Water
VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Electric, Ground
Signature AbilitiesLiquid Ooze, Clear Body
Evolution ChartTentacool-> Tentacruel

The next addition to our list of the Best Poison Type Pokemon is definitely an interesting find. Tentacruel is a unique blend of Poison and Water Dual Typing. This jellyfish Pokemon is able to induce ultrasonic waves which weaken the defenses of its prey. Then Tentacruel grabs the opponent in its 80 venomous tentacles.

The only known weaknesses of Tentacruel are against Electric, Ground, and Psychic Type Pokemon. Some of the most effective moves of Tentacruel include Poison Jab, Hydro Pump, Sludge Wave, Blizzard, and Scald.

3. Venusaur Gigantamax

Venusaur Gigantamax
Venusaur Gigantamax
TypePoison, Grass
VulnerabilitiesIce, Flying, Fire, Psychic
Signature AbilitiesOvergrow
Alternative formsVenusaur, Mega Venusaur
Evolution ChartBulbasaur-> Ivysaur-> Venusaur

You must already be well acquainted with Venusaur who is the most evolved form of the starter Pokemon Bulbasaur. Venusaur Gigantamax takes the skills of Venusaur to a whole different level. Much like generic Venusaur, this version of the Pokemon attacks with the aid of its two thick vines.

Some of the most effective moves of this gigantic Pokemon include Vine Lash (G-max) which is able to inflict a massive amount of damage on the opponent.

Any form of Venusaur is agile and contributes to battles and raids significantly. So, if you are looking to add a dependable poison type to your team, then Venusaur is just the Pokemon for you.

2. Crobat

Crobat Pokemon
Crobat Pokemon
TypePoison, Flying
VulnerabilitiesIce, Rock, Psychic, Electric
Signature AbilitiesInner Focus
Evolution ChartZubat-> Golbat-> Crobat

The next addition to our Ultimate List of the Strongest Poison Type Pokemon is the super cool, Bat Pokemon with a dual Poison-Flying Typing. Crobat targets both, people as well as other Pokemon with its sharp and thin Fangs. Crobat thrives in dark caves owning up to its bat-like characteristics. The bite of Crobat is so painless and sharp that it is hard to notice in the dark.

Some of the most effective moves of this agile and sneaky Pokemon include Air Slash, and, Sludge Bomb. The best attribute about this Pokemon is its incredible speed.

1. Eternatus

TypePoison, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesGround, Ice, Dragon, Psychic
Signature AbilitiesPressure

Resting at the spot of No 1 on our Ultimate List of Best Poison Type Pokemon is the Gigantic Pokemon, Eternatus! This mighty beast is the blend of Poison and Dragon Typing which basically makes it invincible in any battle it takes part in. Eternatus has the most impressive base stats out of all Poison Pokemon so far. 

Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 8 of Pokemon as the antagonist in the Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. This Pokemon is said to be originated inside a meteorite that fell around 20,000 years ago. 

Some of the best moves of Eternatus include Dragon Tail, Enternabeam, Sludge Wave & Dragon Pulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a legendary Poison Type Pokemon?

As a matter of fact, there is! Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon of dual typing of Poison and Dragon Type. It is also the strongest Poison Type Pokemon to exist in the entire Pokemon World. Some of its signature moves include Dragon Tail, Sludge Wave, and Dragon Pulse.

Who is the God of all Pokemon?

Arceus is the God of all Pokemon, Arceus is believed to be older than the universe itself.

Are Poison Type Pokemon evil?

Well, it wouldn’t be exactly fair to label a certain Pokemon type as evil or good. Much like any other Type, Poison Types are just trying to survive.

Who is strong against Poison Type Pokemon?

Ground and Psychic Type Pokemon are innately strong against Poison Type Pokemon.


This marks the end of our post on The 10 Best Poison Type Pokemon. We hope you found this list interesting and intriguing. We have referred to the Official Pokedex and Pokemon Database to prepare this post without letting our biasedness slip in the way. If you think there is any other Pokemon that deserves a spot on this list then write down in the comments section below. We will be back with some freshly brewed gaming content soon, Till then Happy Gaming!

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