10 Best Rock Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2024]

From the early days of the original Pokemon anime series to the latest Pokemon Games, Rock-Type Pokemon has been a popular topic of discussion amongst Pokemon fans. Despite being considered one of the weakest categories of Pokemon around, there are still many strong Rock-type Pokemon that are adored by their dedicated fanbase. With their exceptionally ... Read more

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10 Best Rock Type Pokemon (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
10 Best Rock Type Pokemon (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)

From the early days of the original Pokemon anime series to the latest Pokemon Games, Rock-Type Pokemon has been a popular topic of discussion amongst Pokemon fans. Despite being considered one of the weakest categories of Pokemon around, there are still many strong Rock-type Pokemon that are adored by their dedicated fanbase.

With their exceptionally solid defense, Rock Type Pokemon can survive and even dominate the battlefield against most other Pokemon types, with some notable exceptions.

In this post, we’ll be ranking the Best Rock-type Pokemon from all the existing Pokemon Generations. From legendary beasts to cute yet deadly critters, we’ll explore what makes these Pokemon so special and why they deserve a spot on your team.

So without much ado, let us dive into the list of the best Rock-Type Pokemon in the legendary series so far:

What Are Rock-Type Pokemon?

Rock Type Pokemon are some of the toughest creatures in the Pokemon universe and this attribute very well reflects in their appearance. Their impressive strength and durability surely stand out! These Pokemon are tough and can withstand almost any attack thrown their way, especially against Fire, Ice, Flying & Bug Type Pokemon.

In addition to their impressive combat abilities, Rock Type Pokemon also have a deep connection to the earth and nature. They often live in mountainous regions or rocky caves, and some are even capable of controlling earth and stone with their powers.

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Now that we know what Rock-Type Pokemon are, let us take a look at the best Pokemon in this category:

Best Rock Type Pokemon

10. Rhyperior

Rhyperior (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Rhyperior (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeGround, Rock
VulnerabilityGrass, Water, Ice, Ground, Steel, Ground
AbilitySolid Rock, Lightning Rod
Evolution ChartRhyhorn->Rhydon->Rhyperior

Rhyperior is one of the Best Rock-type Pokemon out there. It is the ultimate blend of Ground and Rock with remarkable defensive prowess and a very powerful attack game. Its physical strength is highlighted by its massive size. The Rock Type element of this massive Pokemon provides superiority to Electric Type attacks and resistance to Normal, Flying, and Poison-type moves. The signature moves of this Pokemon include Rock Slide and Stone Edge.

9. Archeops

Archeops (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Archeops (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Flying
VulnerabilityIce, Electric, Rock, Water, Steel
Evolution ChartArchen->Archeops

Next on the list of the strongest Rock-Type Pokemon is Archeops from the Unova region. It is a massive avian-like creature with grey-brown feathers. Archeops has two large, sweeping wings with four sharp claws on each side. It is a very agile Pokemon, able to perform drastic maneuvers in the air and even fly backward.

The signature move of this flying Pokemon is Acrobatics in which it charges at the enemy from a huge distance. The main weapon of this Pokemon is its overall unpredictability, as the swift and erratic movements combined with hard-hitting flying attacks have enough in them to cause enemies lots of trouble.

8. Nihilego

Nihilego (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Nihilego (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Poison
VulnerabilityWater, Ground, Steel, Psychic
AbilityBeast Boost

Next on the list of Best Rock Type Pokemon may not look anything special but its unique blend of Rock & Posion may take you by surprise. Nihilego has a wide range of offensive and defensive moves that can easily outplay its opponents.

Nihilego’s Rock-type background gives it several resistances, making it very one of the toughest Pokemon to take down. The most effective attack of Nihilego is a Power Gem which can affect a large number of enemies at once. Beast Boost is yet another impressive move of this slimy Pokemon that boosts the highest stat of another Pokemon in its party by one point.

7. Stakataka

Stakatak (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Stakatak (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Steel
VulnerabilityFighting, Ground, Water
AbilityBeast Boost

Stakataka is an impressively strong Pokemon with a solid body made of Rock and steel. It has a powerful defensive wall that can easily knock out opponents in battle. Its steel type gives it an additional layer of protection, and its rock-type attacks are incredibly powerful.

Not just this, but the defense power of this Pokemon is even more impressive. Stakataka has a variable range of moves that allow it to hit multiple enemies with incredible force.

6. Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Iron Thorns (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Electric
VulnerabilityGrass, Ground, Water, Fighting
AbilityQuark Drive

Iron Thorns, is another powerful creature that rests in the central spot on our list of Best Rock Type Pokemon. Its body is covered in hard iron thorns that give it incredible defensive powers. This solid Pokemon is equipped with the ability to absorb energy from the environment and channel it toward the enemy. It can easily break through steel walls and large rocks. The signature moves of this elegant Pokemon include Rock Blast, Iron Tail, and Rock Slide.

5. Regirock

Regirock (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Regirock (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityWater, Grass, Fighting, Steel, Ground
AbilityClear Body

The presence of this humongous Pokemon on our list might not come as a surprise. Regirock is a Legendary Pokemon with an extraordinary stature. The rock exterior of Regirock’s body gives it a strong defense from a wide range of attacks but this doesn’t mean that this Pokemon cannot deploy a strong attack. The signature move of Regirock, Ancient Power is more than enough to send the enemies packing.

4. Terrakion

Terrakion (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Terrakion (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Fighting
VulnerabilityFighting, Ground, Grass, Water, Psychic, Fairy, Steel

The next Pokemon on our list of the Best Rock Type Pokemon is another Legendary Pokemon who is an elite member of the Justice of Swords. Despite having an elaborate list of weaknesses, the fighting abilities and the core strength of this Pokemon give it a statistical edge on the battlefield.

The attack intensity of this huge beast is enough to break through the strongest of walls and defenses. Sacred Sword is the signature move of this mighty beast which is enough to annihilate the enemy troops.

3. Mega Aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Mega Aerodactyl (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Flying
VulnerabilityElectric, Water, Ice, Steel, Rock
AbilityTough Claws
Alternative versionAerodactyl

Aerodactyl is a Fossil-Type Pokemon that has an uncanny resemblance to the extinct creature Pterodactyl. Aerodactyls’ signature moves include Wing Attack, Rock Slide, and Earthquake. That’s right! Now, Imagine the enemy trying to keep their grip together with the foundation behind their feet shaking, Upon Mega Evolution, Aerodactyl unlocks the special move Tough Claws, which increases the power of its physical attacks significantly. The extremely powerful attack and agility skills make Mega Aerodactyl & Aerodactyl much deserving contenders on this list.

2. Mega Diancie

Mega Diancie (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Mega Diancie (Best Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Fairy
VulnerabilityWater, Ground, Grass, Steel
AbilityMagic Bounce

This adorable yet lethal Pokemon is a blend of Rock with Fairy Type which provides special magical abilities. Diancie has considerably fewer vulnerabilities to various moves that may knock down any ordinary Rock-type Pokemon. Despite being a combination of one or two varieties of Pokemon, Diancie is proficient in Rock-Style moves such as Rock Throw and Rock Slide.

1. Tyranitar

Tyranitar (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Tyranitar (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
TypeRock, Dark
VulnerabilityWater, Fighting, Ground, Grass, Steel, Bug, Fairy
AbilitySand Stream
Evolution ChartLavirtar->Pupitar->Tyranitar

The No. 1 Spot on the List of Best Rock Type Pokemon is taken by the fierce and ultimate fan favorite, Tyranitar. The intense intimidating look of this creature is known to scare off incompetent enemies. The core physical strength of Tyranitar alone enables it to take down even the mightiest of enemies in the Pokemon series.

Do not let its wide range of vulnerabilities make you think this Dark Pokemon is a weakling. This pseudo-legendary Pokemon has strong armor that protects it from all sorts of attacks. Moreover, the combat abilities of this mighty beast are pretty impressive too, with moves such as Crunch at his disposal.


You have reached the end of this article on the Best Rock Type Pokemon. We truly hope that our information was informative and will help improve your gameplay experience. Feel free to drop your feedback on this post so that we can present more intriguing content to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the fastest Rock-type Pokemon?

Mega Aerodactyl possesses the highest speed and agility out of all the Rock-type Pokemon. The added advantage of the flying abilities of this aerial Pokemon adds an element of unpredictability to its moves.

Is Geodude a strong Pokemon?

Certainly, Geodude has both attack as well as defense skills which are much needed to withstand any battle. However, there are much better Rock Type Pokemon out there that will give you higher winning statistics than Geodude.

Is Rock Type the weakest Pokemon Type?

Well, considering the overall performance of the Rock Type Pokemon it has been established that Rock Type Pokemon is the second weakest category of Pokemon to exist. However, there are still quite a few stand-out Rock Types that are very strong.

Who is the strongest Rock-type Pokemon?

There are many Rock-type Pokemon that exhibit tremendous attack and defense abilities. Tyranitar, Diance & Mega Aerodactyl are the strongest Rock Type Pokemon to name a few.

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