10 Best Upcoming Co-op Games 2024

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy playing Co-op video games with their families or friends? Co-op games don’t let players get bored as even less or moderately interesting games become more entertaining and enjoyable when being played with another person or a group of people. There are tons of streamers out there who stream Co-op ... Read more

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Best Upcoming Co-op Games
Best Upcoming Co-op Games

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy playing Co-op video games with their families or friends? Co-op games don’t let players get bored as even less or moderately interesting games become more entertaining and enjoyable when being played with another person or a group of people.

There are tons of streamers out there who stream Co-op games with their friends regularly and the reception they manage to get on their streams shows how popular Co-op games have become.

Hence, today in this post, we have curated a list of the Best Upcoming Co-op Games that gamers can hope to dive into with their family and friends and have an awesome gaming experience full of action, puzzles, adventure, and much more.

1. Moving Out 2

Moving Out 2
Moving Out 2
Release Date August 15, 2023
Developer(s)SMG Studio, Devm Games
Platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

We’re starting our list with Moving Out 2 where gamers assume the position of carriers who must quickly transport designated household items from a home to a moving van. Hurdles could be met along the road. Although some bulky items need two persons to lift, others are sensitive and might even break with little effort.

You can toss things, in accordance as far as how fast each of the items is loaded into the dump van, participants are graded on a gold, silver, and bronze level. The stages include alternative goals like transporting an unlabeled item or smashing every door throughout the home. It is additionally possible to obtain extra benefit ranks.

2. Arizona Sunshine II

Arizona Sunshine II
Arizona Sunshine II
Release November 2023
Developer(s)Vertigo Games
PlatformsPC, PS5

Arizona Sunshine II is a Co-op game that requires a VR headset to be played by gamers. This game is a sequel to one of the fan-favorite games named Arizona Sunshine released back in 2016.

Players in this game need to survive a zombie apocalypse, doing various tasks and fighting numerous zombies in classic VR action. Additionally, players can also choose to team up with their friends or family members to make the journey easier.

A VR zombie apocalypse game sounds terrifying but also great at the same time. We highly recommend gamers try this game out once it is released if they are interested in playing a zombie action game in VR with their friends or family members.

3. Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2
Release December 2023
Developer(s)Arrowhead Game Studios
Platforms PC, PS5

If you are a fan of games where you can blow up as much stuff as your heart desires and cause chaos then Helldivers 2 will be the best game for you to dive into.

Helldivers 2 is a co-op action-adventure game in which players take on the role of special soldiers who must take up arms against an invading alien force to safeguard humanity’s continued existence.

Players will have access to an exhaustive list of weapons that they can use to cause chaos with their friends. For players who enjoy blasting countless hordes of enemies with another player by utilizing a wide selection of high-end machinery, then this game is a great option for them.

4. Dead Cide Club

PlatformsWindows, Xbox Series X/ Series S, PS5

The furious gameplay in Dead Cide Club revolves around participants getting locked inside a laboratory and using a variety of firearms to murder other characters and creatures alike in the game so that they are the only single participants left standing at the end of the fight. As of now, we are aware that players will be imprisoned inside a facility full of creatures and other gamers that they’ll have to slaughter to obtain cash.

One’s mission would be to ensure survival, equipped with a variety of weaponry like guns, pistols, weapon systems, and grenade launchers. However, players will be required to constantly move since hazardous gas vapors will start to leak through into chambers as time passes, threatening their existence.

5. Hyenas

Release 2023
Developer(s)Creative Assembly
Platforms PS4, PS5, X/S, XBO, Windows

Although Hyenas is among the upcoming co-op games PS5 where gamers compete against one another, it still has a plot that ties everything together. As per the developers, Hyenas will transport players to a world destroyed by millionaires who abandoned the Earth far behind to inhabit Mars, shattering our globe as a result of the negligible gravity technology they employed to propel their mission.

Whatever’s left of mankind is imprisoned inside the “Taint,” a floating shanty. As if that wasn’t enough, the millionaires have a recent love for artifacts from the past, such as Panini coloring books, PEZ dispensers, as well as SEGA regarding goods they might find there in the wreckage of Earth.

6. Payday 3

Release 2023
Developer(s)Overkill Software
Platforms Linux, PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

Gamers were only aware that Payday 3 existed up until this moment even though it had been revealed earlier in 2022. To commemorate the franchise’s tenth anniversary, creator Overkill Software recently held a webcast on YouTube.

The game takes place several years after the Payday cre had officially retired from this line of work only to be dragged back into it by a new threat. Unlike the previous game in the series which took place in Washington DC, this game will take place in the bustling city of New York City.

Just like in previous games, Gamers will carry out daring thefts in New York Metropolis in Payday 3, which has recently been dubbed a “living, gigantic depiction of the town”, and engage in various heist missions and skirmishes with law enforcement units as they plan their escape.

7. Exoprimal

Release 2023
Platforms Windows, PS4, XBO, X/S, PS5

In the 3rd person action game Exoprimal, players control a special exo-suit to battle countless numbers of dinosaurs. Imagine a game resembling Earth Defence Force but with maybe Anthem or Crysis-inspired armor and maneuvers.

Every outfit seems to have a distinct appearance, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and more that will determine the player’s approach to certain objectives and missions in this game.

One has what appears to be an Overwatch-style sentry, whereas others can produce about six weapons from their shoulders and arms and a few appear to be greater melee-focused featuring twin swords and punches.

8. Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6
Release 2023
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S, Windows, PS4

This is the latest mainstream edition in the Street Fighter franchise, and it’s jam-packed with new characters and fighters, settings, and new ways to play certain iconic characters. The game also comes equipped with its very own dedicated story mode where players can explore areas in the game’s sprawling world, meet interesting characters, and indulge in various activities.

As far as in-game characters are concerned, Rya, Ken, and several other well-known warriors can look to team up with Kimberly as well as Jamie. Each character seems to have a fresh aesthetic in Street Fighter 6, which favors a general street/80s art vibe. 

With a focus on graphical flare and just a cutting-edge remark system, it is also unquestionably building up to being a fantastic Street Fighter title that looks to better all the aspects of the previous entry in this iconic series.

9. Voidtrain

Release 2023
Developer(s)Nearga, HypeTrain Digital
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S, Windows, PS4

In Voidtrain, players explore a new environment in zero gravity as well as battle terrifying void monsters on the prowl. In this game, players must solve puzzles, acquire materials to construct unique gear, and eventually modify the Voidtrain to traverse 4 distinct biomes in this cooperative game that accommodates 4 co-op participants, if the players wish to spend their time in the void with other players.

Since the game has a procedurally generated system in place, players can expect to see new worlds generated around them, presenting them with new actions to undertake, and items to use.

Voidtrain is expected to leave early access soon, which is supposed to overlap with the launch of its Steam version. When it is fully released, the cost may vary, so if you’re interested in sci-fi-inspired games like this one, now would be a good time to purchase it. 

10. Ark II

Ark II
Ark II
Release 2024
Developer(s)Studio Wildcard, Grove Street Games
Platforms Xbox Series X and Series S, Windows

The final game on our list is ARK II. Ark II aims to pick up where the first game left, by giving players a sprawling Prehistoric world to get lost in and engage in activities like harvesting resources, taming numerous varieties of dinosaurs, constructing unique shelters, and much more, but this time around, the game now presumably also comes with a dedicated story arc of its own for players to follow.

The game stars legendary actor Vin Diesel as the main protagonist, named Santiago, who must embark on an adventure with his daughter Meena, through the futuristic desolate world inhabited by prehistoric beasts and aggressive locals.

In this sequel, just like the previous one, players will wake up in an alien world and take part in an epic skirmish between humans and dinosaurs to lay claim to the new world and its numerous territories. At the time of release, the game aims to be a third-person-only type of game, so gamers who prefer a first-person gameplay perspective will have to wait and see if a first-person mode gets added on later or not.

If you wanna check out more about Ark II then don’t forget to check out the Release Date for Ark II.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Life of Strange 6?

The Developers of Life of Strange are planning to develop the 6th edition by 2025 end.

What upcoming co-op games on PC will be popular in 2023?

Several most popular games are Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Dead Island 2, Wild Hearts, Atomic Heart, etc.

What game is trending right now 2023?

Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Genshin Impact are a few names of games that are trending currently.


This was our list of the 10 Best upcoming multiplayer games and we hope that you guys know which game you’re going to play next. If you have any doubts regarding any of the games that we’ve mentioned above then feel free to write them down below.

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