Bug Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances

Take a look at all the weaknesses and resistances of Bug-type pokemon to dish out maximum damage to your foes.

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Bug Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances
Bug Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It is absolutely important to know the weaknesses of Bug Types for a better understanding of using them or fighting against them in Poke battles. In this post, we will be elaborating on the Bug Type Pokemon Weaknesses, Resistances, and Best Counters. This information has been compiled in hopes of helping you in your gameplay experience.

Bug Type Pokémon Weaknesses

Bug-type Pokemon are among the more vulnerable category of Pokemon. Bug Types are innately weak against many different Pokemon attacks.

So to make things a bit easier, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of all the vulnerabilities of Bug-type Pokemon right here. Here, take a look:

1. Fire Type

Fire Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Fire Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Bug Types are naturally vulnerable to Fire Type Attacks. These attacks can inflict double damage on all generic Bug Type Pokemon. It is very difficult for Bug Types to withstand Fire Type moves and are easily taken down.

2. Flying Type

Flying Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Flying Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Even if we talk in generalized terms birds are a natural threat to bugs and the same concept was reused in the conceptualization of Pokemon Types. Like Fire Type Attacks, Flying Type attacks are also double damaging on Bug Type Pokemon.

3. Ghost Type

Ghost Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Ghost Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ghost-type attacks are yet another innate weakness of Bug Types. Ghost attacks easily infiltrate the natural defense of Bug Type Pokemon imparting non-recoverable damage.

4. Poison Type

Poison Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Poison Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Poison Type attacks are super effective against Bug Type Pokemon. If we consider the natural tendencies, it only makes sense for bugs to be heavily affected by the poison. However, the resistance of bug-type Pokemon towards poison is increasing with the advancing generations of Pokemon. So the vulnerability has become more case-sensitive.

5. Fairy Type

Fairy Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Fairy Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Fairy Type Pokemon is yet another naturally resistant to Bug Types and potentially quite effective against Bug Type Pokemon.

6. Steel Type

Steel Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Steel Type (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Bug Type Pokemon exhibits natural weakness towards Steel Type Pokemon. The superior and strong physical exterior of Steel Types coupled with powerful moves like Iron Head, Bullet Punch, and Sunsteel Strike barely gives a chance for Bug Types to keep up.

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Bug Type Pokémon Resistances

Now that we know which moves are potentially most threatening to Bug Type Pokemon, let us discuss the Bug Type Resistances. This section includes all the attacks that Bug Type Pokemon can easily resist without losing much HP.

1. Grass Type

Grass Type (Bug Type Resistance)
Grass Type (Bug Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Bug Type Pokemon are naturally resistant to Grass Type attacks and generic Grass Type pokemon. These attacks can only inflict half of the damage intended towards the Bug Type. If we look at the natural dynamics of nature, Bugs are seen munching on grass and leaves which explains the logic behind this concept.

2. Ground Type

Ground Type (Bug Type Resistance)
Ground Type (Bug Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

The next resistance that the Bug Types naturally carry is toward Ground Type moves. And just like Grass-type attacks, Ground-type moves are only able to inflict half of the damage intended.

3. Fighting Type

Fighting Type (Bug Type Resistance)
Fighting Type (Bug Type Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Fighting Type Pokemon mostly rely on physical proximity and close combat interaction. These attacks can be easily sustained by Bug Types and only half of the damage is received by them.

Best Counters For Bug Type Pokémon

Now we know about both, the weaknesses as well as the Resistances of the Bug Type Pokemon. So, we can finally discuss the best counters that can be used against Bug Types to ensure victory

1. Fire Type

Fire Type Attack (Ice Type Pokémon Weakness)
Fire Type Attack (Bug Type Best Counters) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

One of the most effective counters against the Bug Types is hands down the Fire Type. Fire moves have natural tendencies to cut through the defense of the Bug Type and inflict double damage. If you have a decent Fire Type Pokemon on your team, you need not worry about any Bug Type Pokemon posing much of a threat to you.

2. Rock Type

Archeops (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Rock Type Attack (Bug Pokemon Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Another ace Pokemon Type that will assure your victory against Bug Types, is the solid – Rock Type. These Pokemon can inflict double damage on any generic Bug Type and easily resist any counter-attack. Rock-style moves such as Stone Edge, Rock Slide, and Diamond Storm can knock out Bug Types single-handedly.

3. Flying Type

Lugia (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Flying Type Attack (Bug Type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Of course, it would be unfair to keep Flying Type Pokemon out of the Best Counters against Bug Types. A double damage streak, a natural affinity to prey bugs, and powerful wind attacks reward an upper hand to the Flying Type Pokemon. Thus, the Flying Type is an ultimate Bug Pokemon Weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type is strongest against Bug Type Pokemon?

Well, honestly many Pokemon Types have an upper hand against the Bug Type Pokemon but if we have to say the strongest, then Fire, Rock, and Flying Types are the ones to go.

Is Bug Type the weakest Pokemon Type?

Statistically, Yes! Bug Type has the least overall base stats and a wide range of vulnerabilities which make the basis of this statement.

Is the Psychic Type weak against the Bug Type?

Psychic-type Pokemon are weak against Bug-type Pokemon.

Is Bug Type weak to Ice?

Well, not per se. Ice-type Pokemon/moves can inflict only neutral damage on Bug Types.

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