UFC 5 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, News, Rumors & More

Looking forward to trying the next iteration of the popular UFC game series by EA Sports? Check out our post to know more about this game's release date, new added features, and much more.

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UFC 5 Release Date
UFC 5 Release Date (Image Credits – EA Sports)

We have gone through intense research to provide you with the most reliable information on the UFC 5 Release Date. Check out this page to learn about the UFC 5 trailer, UFC 5 Gameplay, and much more.

UFC is a leading sports video game series. UFC is a martial arts game with a mixed fighting style. The birth of this UFC game franchise took place in 2000 with the release of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The game has released several installments, with the 2020 release, UFC 4 being the latest part. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around the internet in light of the UFC 5 release.

The UFC Championship Tournament inspires the UFC Game Series. UFC was originally a mixed Martial Arts sport that required extreme combat skills. Honoring the popularity of the game in the early 21st century, Anchor Inc. developed a game based on the championship. The game was initially developed for the now-obsolete Dreamcast Consoles.

Opus released the UFC video game for Sony PlayStation. The initial three parts of the UFC were published by the American Video Game company Crave Entertainment. The game was distributed in different parts of the world with the joint assistance of Ubisoft & Capcom.

The UFC game development assignment was then forwarded to Electronic Arts. UFC games have been published by EA Sports since 2014. The developers are constantly focused on improving the gameplay experience with each release. The very same is expected from the much-awaited UFC 5.

So, if you are a fan of the UFC game franchise and are wondering about the release date & other leaks, you have come to the right place, because in this post we’ll be taking a look at every little aspect regarding the upcoming UFC 5 title.

UFC 5 Release Date News

UFC 5, a cool new video game about martial arts, is on its way! The company making it, EA Sports, has shared a sneak peek and they’re going to tell us more in September 2023. We’re not sure exactly when it will be ready to play, but it might be sometime in 2023.

Even though there is no official confirmation regarding the UFC 5 Release Date.

However, there is some news that directly hints at the UFC release. UFC & American video game company EA (Electronic Arts) renewed their collaborative merger in 2020 for ten years.

This is enough to indicate that the UFC 5 game release can be expected soon. Suppose we observe the release pattern of all the UFC games since 2014. We can notice that EA releases a new sequel every two years.

After observing this pattern, fans were anticipating the game’s release in 2022.

The official sources have not yet revealed any confirmatory information on the UFC Release date. We will update the release date on this post right after the news is out. Keep reading to find all the leaked information about UFC 5.

Update: The game was released on 27 October 2023.

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UFC 5 Gameplay Speculation

UFC 5 Gameplay
Speculations around the internet (Image Credits – EA Sports)

The basic concept of UFC 5 gameplay will most probably follow the same MMA theme as the earlier versions. The EA UFC games are formed by four pillars of MMA: Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing & Jiujitsu. The game developers of the UFC series have been trying to improve game controls in the latest parts. We can expect more simplified & smoother game controls in the UFC 5 gameplay. There have been speculations that more fighters will be added in the upcoming game. AI sensitivity may also be refined to provide the player with a realistic fighting experience.

The advancement in the Career Mode in the UFC 5 is something we all look forward to. In the previous parts of the game, the player had to customize their fighter and fight against opponents to earn the G.O.A.T. title. The player would receive challenges they need to clear to improve their stats & advance in their game career.

We can also expect a refinement in the Multiplayer feature in the UFC 5 game. It is being speculated that the waiting time before the match will be further reduced in this anticipated sequel.

On which Platforms will UFC 5 come out?

Fans of the MMA-based UFC game franchise are already assuming the platforms the UFC 5 Platforms. There has been no official word about the UFC 5 platforms yet. We have, however, predicted the most likely platforms where EA would release the upcoming UFC 5.

Since Electronics Arts bought the UFC game franchise license, UFC has consistently been released for Xbox One & PS 4. Hence, we can expect the UFC 5 to be released on at least these platforms if not more.

UFC fans are also wondering if the game will be released for mobile platforms. There has been no official remark if the UFC 5 will be made available on mobile platforms like UFC 2. We need to wait for the EA UFC grand reveal to learn more about the platforms.

Update: UFC 5 will only be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S devices once again. PC gamers will have to look for alternatives for this game yet again as the game will not be released on PC.

UFC 5 Official Trailer

The UFC 5 Trailer has been much anticipated by the fans, especially since 2022.

Here, take a look at the game’s official reveal trailer to get the hype-train for this game going:

UFC 5 News & Rumors

UFC & Electronics Art renewed their collaboration contract in the year 2020. This fact has provided a solid ground for the game to be released by EA Sports.

The first rumor that dispersed regarding the UFC 5 is regarding the official release date. It was first claimed to be out in 2022 but now the rumors are pointing at the year 2023.

This rumor came into existence after a recent tweet by Tom Henderson, Owner of Insider Gaming IG. This information points to the possibility that the much-awaited UFC 5 game is currently under development.

The official Twitter handle of EA Sports UFC recently announced the debut of 2 new fighters in the updated version of UFC 4. This news also gives birth to the possibility of new fighters in the upcoming UFC 5 game.

Besides these news & rumors about UFC 5, there are speculations that EA will be remodeling the Career Mode. There are also assumptions about advancements in the fighting motions of the game characters such as grappling mechanics, ground fighting & striking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of UFC 5?

The upcoming UFC 5 game is most likely to be released by the end of 2023. This is only an assumption made on the previous release patterns and unofficial sources. There is no official word about the UFC 5 release date yet.

Who is making UFC 5?

UFC 5 game is being developed and will be released by the popular Video gaming company EA (Electronic Arts).

Which is better UFC 3 or UFC 4?

It is always a hot debate topic amongst UFC fans about which version is better UFC 3 or UFC 4. If we talk about graphics, UFC 3 surely has the upper hand in this regard. However, the UFC 4 offers better blocking controls. In our honest opinion, UFC 3 has a better overall experience compared to UFC 4.

Is the UFC 5 official trailer out?

No, the UFC 5 official trailer has not been out yet.

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