Civilization 7 Release Date, Gameplay, Story, Trailer, Rumors & More [2024]

Civilization 7 seems to be in development as confirmed by the game's official X account. Check out our post to get all the details regarding the next entry in this popular 4X strategy game franchise.

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Civilization 7 Release Date
Civilization 7 Release Date (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

If you are a fan of turn-based tactical games then you must be already familiar with the Civilization Series. The series had its last game released in 2016. This long gap kept the fandom speculating if there was even going to be a new installment or not in the first place.

The studio behind the development of the game, Firaxis Games, finally broke silence on the matter recently by confirming the news that a new Civilization game was in development.

If you are wondering about the Civilization 7 Release Date then you have come to the right place because, in this post, we will try to spill out all the beans regarding Civilization 7’s Release Date.

Moreover, to give gamers a better understanding of what to expect from this upcoming game, we will also be providing insights into Civilization 7’s speculated Gameplay, Trailer, Story, and more. If you wish to stay thoroughly updated on the game’s progress, make sure to read this post until the end.

Civilization 7 Release Date

Starting with the most prominent piece of information fans of this series are eagerly waiting in anticipation of, Firaxis Games studio recently confirmed that the next game in the Civilization series was in development as of 17th February 2023, and the fans reciprocated their love and affection for this series with immense excitement for the return of their beloved tactical turned-based game series.

Here is the official tweet from Sid Meier’s Civilization official Twitter account confirming the new game:

Despite the confirmation of the game mentioned above, there is still no definite date provided for the release date for Civilization 7, as according to the developers, the game is still very much in the early stages of development. They are indeed making good progress on the game, but not enough to give out confirmed dates, hence it is safe to assume that the game might be released sometime in 2024.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to carry on the studio’s storied legacy, beginning with the announcement that Firaxis is in development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise

Source: Heather Hazen, Studio Head, Firaxis Games (IGN Interview)

Even though we don’t have the Civ 7 Release Date yet, we have numerous sources confirming that the game is under development under the Civilizations banner. We have already waited more than 6 years for the return of the franchise, what’s a few more? While we are in the grey area about the release date, however, we assure you that we will be actively tracking any latest game updates or leaks about the upcoming game, as and when they are released to the public.

Civilization 7 Trailer

The announcement of the Civ 7 is still pretty fresh and the game seems to be in the early stage of development, so, it should not come as a surprise to gamers that the developers have not yet released an official trailer for Civilization 7.

Moreover, there is no footage or pictures from the studio’s side either, displaying any form of visual representation for fans to get a glimpse of and speculate on.

But do not worry, things are not going to stay this way forever, as sooner rather than later, the developers will surely give us a sneak peek at the upcoming game. Keep coming back to this section as you can count on us to update this post with all the latest information, as and when we have access to it.

Civilization 7 Rumored Storyline

Civilization 7 Story
Civilization 7 Story (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

The storyline of Civilization games over the years has always been known to be more about creating custom stories and taking inspiration from real-life historical events, rather than playing through traditional pre-determined missions, even though they were indeed present in the game.

However, being an interactive game where the players have to manipulate the game’s events based on their choices, the consequent storyline that does play out from those choices is quite fluid and engaging in equal measure.

Civilization 7 Gameplay Features

Civilization 7 Gameplay
Civilization 7 Gameplay (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

Coming to the game’s gameplay, we do not know much about the Civilization 7 gameplay as of yet due to the lack of details and leaks provided from the developer’s side because little progress has been made in the game’s development so far for them to reveal any aspect of the game, so we’ll have to rely heavily on speculation at this point.

As far as speculations go, there is a high possibility of Civilization 7 following similar gameplay mechanics of its predecessors, as this game formula has worked for them well, and we see no reason for them to completely overhaul this style anytime soon, so we can safely speculate that the upcoming game will be continuing the turn-based, strategy game formula in the next game as well.

The theme of the game has always been based on players competing against other civilizations to rise above them to ultimately be the mightiest civilization to have ever existed. From the looks of things, the new game also looks to be following a similar pattern in which players will be able to win by employing various strategies like scientific victory, cultural victory, brute domination, etc.

The game may demand tactical skills from the players as building an appropriate attack & defense strategy is a constant attribute in the game.

Civilization 7 Platforms

Civilization 7 Platforms
Civilization 7 Platforms (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

Well, the game development studios have not disclosed the platforms that they will be targeting Civilization 7 with as of yet, but we are sure this information will be brought to us soon enough when the game’s development has reached a more mature stage. Nevertheless, allows usunity to speculate on the possible platforms that Civilization 7 will most likely be released on.

Talking about the possibility of Civilization 7 for PlayStation, it seems pretty positive. We can establish this assumption based on the fact that previous Civilization games were released on this platform too, so we are pretty confident in saying that the latest game from Firaxis will also receive PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 releases when it eventually comes out.

Next, coming to Xbox consoles, there is a rich chance that Civilization 7 will be out on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S because previous iterations of this game were also released on this platform, so it is fair to expect this trend to continue this time as well.

It is worth pointing out that the Xbox version of the previous installments of the game in particular, Civilization 6, was a little glitchy, so, we hope this issue doesn’t persist in the upcoming game as well.

Moreover, as far as Civilization 7 for Nintendo Switch and PC is concerned, we see no issue in this game releasing on these platforms, as once again previous parts were also released on those platforms, so there is no possible reason for the developers to skip these popular platforms this time. Civilization games have always been customized for PC devices and in our humble opinion, this tradition will continue as it has been going on so far.

So to conclude our speculative analysis of the possible platforms players can expect Civilization 7 to be released on, we expect this game to be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S & PC platforms.

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Civilization 7 News & Rumors

Civilization 7 News and Rumors
Civilization 7 News and Rumors (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

Moving on, we have found an interesting piece of information regarding Civilization 7’s development. It is speculated that the development of Civilization 7 began all the way back in 2021. This rumor was speculated because of a job posting by the developers, where they were looking for a narrative lead for a project who had a knack for World history.

This fact, however, doesn’t automatically ensure that the game’s development had begun before its confirmation, but it appears to be quite obvious that the job posting is for the development of a civilizations game, largely due to the developers only having The Civilization game series under their name where a person possessing knowledge of world history might come in handy. Extremely speculative, we know, but not too unrealistic to imagine, and definitely something to keep an eye out for.

That’s it from our side. You have reached the end of this article, and we hope the information provided by us resolves any query that players might have about the eventual release date of Civilization 7. We will ensure this article is updated from time to time with more speculative news and leaks, as and when they are released so that gamers can find all the gaming news related to Civilization 7 right here in this post.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section so that we can improve the overall quality of content displayed on the website and provide gamers worldwide with relevant and informative content like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Civilization 7 Trailer out yet?

Unfortunately, No. Fans of this series have still not been rewarded with a dedicated Civilization 7 Trailer despite 6 years of waiting. However, we are sure that the developers will not make fans of this game series wait unnecessarily and will look to release the trailer for this game as soon as they have made significant progress in its development.

Does Civilization 6 ever end?

Well, Yeah! Civilization 6 does end in 2050 AD, but only if they have enabled the time victory setting. In this setting, players who do not manage to win by other conventional means, the players with the highest science points, or cultural influence, or have the most number of wonder, will automatically win the game upon reaching the timeline’s end.

Can the Civilization Games series considered a AAA game series?

Yes, they most definitely can be! The Civilization game series is a big-budget game from one of the most well-respected and well-established game studios, Firaxis Games, particularly well-known for developing strategy games. T
To show their dedication towards their projects, they have teams of gaming experts and seasoned narrative writers working on their games to ensure they are of the highest quality.

When will Civilization 7 be released?

At the time of writing this post, there is no way for us to exactly predict when Civilization 7 will be out. This is largely because there is still no trailer of the game or any exact insights into the progression speed of the game development. All we know so far is that the game is officially confirmed. But, based on the fact that Civilization is a huge franchise and has a reputation to live up to, the studios may take their sweet time.

Who is developing Civilization 7?

The upcoming Civilization 7 game is being developed by an expert team of game designers and narrative lead in the Firaxis Games Studios. The game development is being conducted under the supervision of the studio’s newest President, Heather Hazen.

What type of game is Civilizations?

Well, Civ or Civilization is a tactical turn-based game in which players are required to advance their civilizations from the early ages of man to the modern age, all while trying to protect their empires from the schemes and cunning of other civilizations.
The main aim of the game is for players to try and make their nations one of the best nations in the world, either in terms of excelling in scientific research, growing their cultural reach, eradicating all the other nations from the face of the planet, etc., the choice is completely with the players.
To achieve victory in this game, however, players will have to devise a tactful attack and defensive tactic to always stay a couple of steps ahead of the competition. Incompetence or bad planning can lead to brutal consequences for the players.
This game is, at its core, inspired by real historical events, however, the storyline differs significantly based on the choices made by the players in-game.

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  1. I have played Civilization! since the board game version — which I still have. One feature I loved back in the beginning was the growth and expansion of tribes [pre-cities] into neighboring provinces with opportunities for conquest and city founding if/when a tribe within a particular province became numerous enough. It should be possible for a successful tribe to found more than one city … this, of course, pre-dated the ‘settler’ unit. — thinking here, it might be possible to have the mix of tribes present in a province when a city is founded determine that new civilization’s basic characteristics and characteristic units. They’d, in my thinking, have an automatic affinity for other civilizations which whom they partially share parent tribes … which would set up initial conditions of trade, rumor, friendship, and knowledge exchange. After that, the player is on her/his own … [but there’s a penalty for attacking a partially similar civilization …] — cheers


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