Dragon Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances

Dragon Pokemon are powerful beings and can easily defeat your pets if you're not careful. Take a look at our guide to not only know about their resistances but to also know which weaknesses to exploit to stand a better chance at defeating them.

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Dragon Type Pokemon Weaknesses
Dragon Type Pokemon Weaknesses (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dragon Types are one of the most powerful and intimidating Pokemon Categories to prevail in the franchise. This doesn’t mean that Dragon Types do not have weaknesses. It is extremely helpful to know about the strengths and weaknesses of every Pokemon Type to make the wisest use of them in the battles and raids.

This post is all about the Dragon Type Pokemon’s Weaknesses, Resistances, and Best Counters against them.

Dragon Type Pokémon Weaknesses

Dragon Types have earned a high place in the hearts of the fans with their brilliant character design and versatile skillset. However, to exploit the full potential of Dragon Types you must also be very well aware of their vulnerabilities. Do not worry, this section will present you with the most common Dragon Type Pokémon Weaknesses.

1. Ice Type

Ice Type (Electric Pokemon Weakness)
Ice Type (Dragon Pokemon Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ice-type moves have a significant advantage over Dragon Types and can induce double damage. Dragon-type Pokemon also slow down in their movement due to the cold and sluggish environment created by Ice-type moves.

2. Dragon Type

Mega Rayquaza (Strongest Dragon Type Pokemon)
Dragon Type (Dragon Pokemon Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This may come off as a bit of a surprise but Dragon Types are indeed vulnerable to Dragon-Type moves. These moves inflict double damage on Dragon Types leaving them in a very sensitive stage. The match of two Dragon-type Pokemon is often very unpredictable but that is what makes them fascinating and dangerous.

3. Fairy Type

Fairy Type (Dragon Pokemon Weakness)
Fairy Type (Dragon Pokemon Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Another natural vulnerability of Dragon Type Pokemon is against Fairy Type moves. These moves inflict double damage by easily penetrating the defense of Dragon-type Pokemon.

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Dragon Type Pokémon Resistances

Now that we know about the major vulnerabilities of Dragon Types, let’s discuss the resistance of Dragon Type Pokemon. Resistances are basically all those Pokemon moves that are not able to inflict much damage. Dragon-type Pokemon can easily withstand the below-listed set of moves.

1. Fire Type

Fire Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance)
Fire Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dragon Type Pokemon are naturally resistant to Fire Type moves which leads to only half the damage intended. Dragon Types have considerably more tolerance for elemental-type moves except for Ice.

2. Water Type

Water Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance)
Water Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

As we mentioned earlier Dragon Type Pokemon are quite persistent over Elemental types and the same applies to Water Type Moves. That’s right, Dragon Types can easily withstand the Fire and Water Types which makes them highly dependable on the battlefield.

3. Electric Type

Electric Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance)
Electric Type (Dragon Pokemon Resistance) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dragon Types stand strong against even the most effective Electric Type moves. Being devoid of any elemental charges, Electric moves can only deploy half the intended damage on Dragon-type Pokemon.

Best Counters For Dragon Type Pokémon

Finally, we have shortlisted the Best Counters that are Super effective against Dragon Types. These Pokemon Types will give you a statistical edge in any battle setting against Dragon Types.

1. Ice Type

Ice Type Attack (Ice Type Pokémon Resistance)
Ice Type (Dragon-type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ice Type Pokemon are hands down the best possible counter for Dragon Type Pokemon. Ice-type moves can inflict 2x damage on Dragon-type Pokemon and sometimes even more. These Pokemon attacks cause restriction of Dragon Type Pokemon movements and their attack efficiency is significantly decreased.

2. Fairy Type

Fairy Type (Bug Type Weakness)
Fairy Type (Dragon-type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Fairy Type Pokemon are highly effective counters for Dragon types. They deal double damage and were specifically added to the game to counter the powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.

3. Dragon Type

Dragon Type (Dragon Type Weakness)
Dragon Type (Dragon-type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

While it may seem counterintuitive, using Dragon Type Pokémon against other Dragon Type Pokémon can be highly effective. They deal double damage and can resist the powerful Dragon-type moves of their opponents.

4. Steel Type

Steel Type (Dragon Type Weakness)
Steel Type (Dragon-type Weakness) (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Steel-type Pokemon are also effective counters for Dragon Types. They can resist the powerful Dragon-type moves and deal significant damage with their Steel-type moves.

You have reached the end of our Game Guide on Dragon Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances. We truly hope this post will assist you in developing a better Pokemon Gameplay Experience. Feel free to share your honest feedback in the comment section below and help us improve the quality of our content, Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dragon Types weak to themselves?

Weirdly enough, Yes! Dragon Type Pokemon are vulnerable to Dragon-Type moves which make them weak against their very own types. This makes the matches between two Dragon-type Pokemon very interesting and unpredictable.

Which is the strongest Dragon Type Pokemon?

We looked through the base stats of the strongest Dragon Type Pokemon on the official Pokedex. After this, we concluded that Rayquaza is the strongest Dragon Type Pokemon to exist in all the generations of Pokemon so far.

Is there a Grass Dragon-type Pokemon?

Interestingly, Yes! There is indeed a Grass Dragon Type Pokemon, Flapple which was introduced in the 8th generation of Pokemon. Acid Spray, Air Slash, Acrobatics, and Draco Meteor are some of the signature moves of Flapple.

Dragon-type Pokemon are strong against?

The Dragon Type Pokemon show a great range of persistence against various Pokemon Types. However, when it comes to fellow Dragon Types the attack game of these types is the strongest. In addition to this, Dragon Types are naturally resistant to Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric Type moves.

Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against?

Dragon-type Pokemon are popular for exhibiting a very low range of vulnerabilities as compared to the other Types. Dragon Types are the weakest against Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon.

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