Devil May Cry 6 Release Date, Trailer, Story, Rumors & More

Get all the latest new regarding the gameplay, storyline, supported platforms, etc., of the rumored 6th installment in the extremely popular hack-n-slash Devil May Cry game series.

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Devil May Cry 6 Release Date
Devil May Cry 6 Release Date (Image Credits – Capcom)

Are you a fan of high-octane action-adventure games like the Devil May Cry series? If yes, then it is all but natural for you to wait in anticipation for the next game in this iconic series that has always been known for being jam-packed with some of the most memorable characters and wowing players with its fast-paced action sequences.

Hideki Kamiya is the author of the Devil May Cry intervention game franchise, and Capcom is the leading developer and publisher. The central protagonist of such a franchise so far has been the devil hunter Dante, who continually battles countless monsters who try to assault Earth.

Seeing how popular he is, players are especially inquisitive about the fact that whether they be able to play as Dante in the upcoming game in the series or not, as they could in DMC 5, but sadly, that piece of information is still unknown to the gaming community at the moment.

Coming to the game’s gameplay, the DMC game series has always comprised stylized battle scenarios where gamers are encouraged to take part in numerous combat scenarios against various types of foes and try to build up their combo meters to execute lethal finishers on them.

Players are graded on their performances during a fight encounter, largely based on criteria like how much time it took for gamers to finish a particular encounter, and how well they were able to deal damage to their foes.

These are integral gameplay elements that are employed to grade the gamer’s overall in-game ability and have been in DMC games for as long as anyone can remember, so we can understand why the new game in the series is also speculated to follow similar gameplay mechanics this time too.

The developers of this game series have always prioritized having an iconic protagonist with distinct powers throughout the entire franchise’s history, and we will not be surprised to see a returning or newly introduced character star in the upcoming sequel and completely steal the show.

Even though he may not be the central character of newer titles in the series today, the comedic relief and suave of Dante is always a memorable highlight in any game in this franchise, so we can expect to see Dante making a return in this installment as well, but whether he’ll return as an NPC or as a playable character like in previous games remains to be seen.

Hideki Kamiya, the director, and designer of the iconic Devil May Cry series had initially planned the DMC game series to be integrated into the Resident Evil franchise, largely because he was the initial planner of the first Resident Evil game and director of the second game too, but Capcom believed the genre didn’t necessitate additional combat aspects, but Kamiya planned to include more of them.

Hence, two game writers, Bingo Morihashi & Hideaki Itsuno, collaborated with Hideki Kamiya to decide the direction in which the videogame franchise was better off venturing towards. Sure enough, during the Tokyo Games Show in 2010, the newly formed team unveiled a new game series called Devil May Cry, a revolutionary game created with the assistance of Ninja Theory under their supervision.

Even today the DMC game series is lauded by a large section of the gaming community, and the potential addition of a new entry in the series in the form of Devil May Cry 6 will only solidify their relationship with their dedicated fanbase.

So without beating around the bush any longer, let us dive into all the details we currently have access to, and try to know all about the next game in this iconic franchise:

Devil May Cry 6 Release Date

Devil May Cry 6
Devil May Cry 6 (Image Credits – Capcom)

The launch of Devil May Cry 6 has been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts, some of whom are even hopeful of the fact that Capcom will indeed be willing to leverage the success of Devil May Cry 5, and in the process, make use of the graphics and the playing potential of the previous games in the series to produce one of the best DMC ever in the form of Devil May Cry 6.

Regrettably, as far as providing a concrete release date for Devil May Cry 6 is concerned, all we can say right now is it is still very much in the unknown. Future releases by Capcom include both innovative IPs and installments in the Resident Evil franchise.

However, if you’re looking for a speculative date, we can most probably see a new Devil May Cry game released somewhere around the end of 2025 or early 2026.

The recently released console generation is still relatively new, so it is safe to assume that no additional Devil May Cry games will be declared till all platforms have become a little older.

Supporters who enjoyed the high-octane action in Devil May Cry 5 might need to wait a few more years for some confirmed news regarding Devil May Cry 6’s Release Date, as even though we do not know much about it, everything we have read so far regarding the game from various other sources having access to various leaks and rumors indicates that the game is still most probably stuck somewhere in the initial phases of production.

Even though we may not be in a position to give any concrete news regarding the release date of Devil May Cry 6, we can predict that the announcement of a new Devil May Cry game is just around the corner, and an official announcement is not too far away. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates.

Devil May Cry 6 Trailer

Devil May Cry 6 Trailer
Devil May Cry 6 Trailer (Image Credits – Capcom)

At the time of writing this article, there is no data regarding Devil May Cry 6’s Trailer that players worldwide are desperately waiting for. Devil May Cry 6 at its core is still a work-in-progress title and no official information has yet been disclosed by Capcom.

Although the renowned Resident Evil and Capcom title leaker Dusk Golem confirmed that perhaps the sequel was already in development, it may yet be some years until Capcom makes an official declaration regarding it.

It is important to note that maybe the remarks made by Dusk Golem have been used in the past as well, as other websites appear to have taken the information and leaks by them incorrectly, to imply that DMC 6 will be out in 2022, but today we can safely confirm that that did not come to pass.

Devil May Cry 6 rumors are about whether or not the videogame is currently in production, but as mentioned earlier, that information is currently unavailable to us.

Devil May Cry 6 Storyline

Devil May Cry 6 Storyline
Devil May Cry 6 Storyline (Image Credits – Capcom)

After quite a contentious argument, Dante and Vergil reunited after Devil May Cry 5. Even yet, it seemed a little strange knowing the lengths Vergil was willing to go to rule the universe as well as how he ultimately decided to travel to a place such as the Underworld, in a bid to prevent monsters from wreaking havoc on planet Earth.

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Devil May Cry 6 Gameplay

Devil May Cry 6 Gameplay
Devil May Cry 6 Gameplay (Image Credits – Capcom)

Talking about Devil May Cry 6’s gameplay, we expect the game to follow the same type of action and exploration as seen in other games in the series, most notably in the latest game in the series, DMC 5.

Characters like Nero, Dante, V, Lady, etc. could return and make an appearance in this game as well, but which of these iconic characters will be playable is still unknown.

As mentioned earlier, we expect the game to be on the same lines as DMC 5, so once again it is going to be playable in third-person mode, with the overall world being quite linear in design, but with additional hidden areas sprinkled here and there to explore.

Players will once again be required to ‘stylish action’ mechanics while engaging with the various enemy types in the game. Players will need to build up their fighting combo meter and when it is high enough, finish off enemies with devastating maneuvers.

Depending on how well they performed in a particular encounter, players will be graded accordingly. If they like the grades they have received, they can choose to move on, but if they don’t like their combat grades, players always have the option of retrying that particular battle scenario by reloading a previous save or restarting from a checkpoint.

Devil May Cry 6 Platforms

Devil May Cry 6 Platforms
Devil May Cry 6 Platforms (Image Credits – Capcom)

To keep up with the latest technology, gaming developers are distributing their titles across a variety of platforms, but the main question is, on which systems is the highly-anticipated title Devil May Cry 6 being released?

At the time of writing this article, there has been no official news or leaks from the developer’s side that have given gamers worldwide an accurate indication of what platforms the new Devil May Cry game will be available on, so it is extremely difficult to predict, and even speculate at the moment.

So to make things a bit clearer, the potentially genre-concluding installment, Devil May Cry 5, arrived on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, so it is fair to assume that the next game in the series, whenever it might come out, will most probably also be available to play on these devices for sure among other newer devices as well.

Devil May Cry 6 Leaks

Devil May Cry 6 Leaks
Devil May Cry 6 Leaks (Image Credits – Capcom)

There seem to be nowadays no hints or leaks about Devil May Cry 6’s development. Although there have been multiple reports stating that the gameplay of the game has been released, it was quickly squashed and proven to be untrue, since there haven’t even been any formal statements for a long while.

The Devil May Cry 6 video series of games is just the best at driving excitement into our blood. Capcom’s Reach for something like the Moon Engine has undergone innumerable iterations over the decades, and it has now perfected the Hack & Slash sensation.

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Devil May Cry 6 Rumors

Devil May Cry 6 Rumors
Devil May Cry 6 Rumors (Image Credits – Capcom)

As you might be aware from the preceding Devil May Cry game, Dante as well as Virgil’s remarkable capabilities proved sufficient to astound us. Including its unique mechanical motions, weaponry, and in-game mystical abilities, this videogame does have a significant impact on the world, when we discuss protagonist traits.

We might mention that perhaps the videogame will introduce you to new heroes & abilities. As per customary, we identify future in-game buying options in addition to the appearance of fresh protagonists such as Dante and Comma in the fight against monsters.

It shouldn’t be overly hard to forecast that crucial outfits will be highlighted in the upcoming sequel given how the concept of the creatures and the clothing changed in the previous edition.

So there you have it. This was everything we could gather regarding Devil May Cry 6’s release date, everything from its speculated cast, storyline, gameplay features, and more.

Most of the things mentioned in this post are mere speculations and so we would like anyone reading this post to use it for the sake of reference and nothing more until we have more confirmed news regarding it.

Please keep coming back to this post from time to time as we’ll keep updating this post with all the latest news and updates, as and when we have access to new pieces of information regarding this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was DMC rebooted?

Even though DMC4 has been the greatest-selling DMC to date, Capcom desired additional revenues and sales. They decided to start over since they thought adding “Westernization” into their games may provide more profit.

Devil May Cry 6 is confirmed or not?

Presently, there is no official news or information regarding the next game in this series in the form of Devil May Cry 6.

Is Dante stronger than Vergil?

Dante and Vergil are both impressive and extremely, but what sets them apart is their purpose. Dante is a champion of justice, whereas Vergil always searches for great power.

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