The Quarry Character List – In-Game Characters And Voice Actors

An in-depth post showcasing every The Quarry's playable character as well as their voice actors in greater detail.

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The Quarry characters List
The Quarry Character List (Image Credits – Supermassive Games)

The Quarry is a third-person interactive horror drama game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2k Games.

It’s said to be a spiritual successor of Supermassive’s Until Dawn which came out in 2015.

The game will have ten hours of playable storyline and will be available in two editions the standard and the deluxe edition.

The Quarry Character video game was released on 10th June 2022.

The game is said to be inspired by various teen horror movies and will portray gameplay similar to the Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology Series.

Everything takes a turn and they are being hunted by the locals, as well as a bloodthirsty creature.

The Quarry In-game Characters And Voice Actors:

The game features a famous cast including David Arquette, Ted Raimi, Ariel Winter, and Justice Smith to name a few. We have prepared The Quarry character list including each of them and their characters:

1) David Arquette

David Arquette - The Quarry
David Arquette – The Quarry

The character of Chris in the game is voiced by David Arquette you must know him from the Scream Series and Eight-Legged Freaks.

2) Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi - The Quarry
Ted Raimi – The Quarry

The legendary Ted Raimy has voiced Travis in the game, you must know him from his work in Evil Dead and the Spider-man series.

3) Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter - The Quarry
Ariel Winter – The Quarry

She has dubbed many animated movies like the Ice Age series and voiced the character of Mog in the Final Fantasy games. Now she has voiced the character Abigail in The Quarry.

4) Ethan Suplee

Ethan Suplee - The Quarry
Ethan Suplee – The Quarry

You must have seen him in The Hunt which was released in 2020. He voiced the character of Bobby in the game.

5) Lin Shaye

Lin Shaye - The Quarry
Lin Shaye – The Quarry

She is famous for her work in the Insidious Series. She voiced the character of Constance in the game.

6) Justice Smith

Justice Smith - The Quarry
Justice Smith – The Quarry

After his remarkable role in Pokemon Detective Pikachu in 2019. He has now voiced the character of Rayn in The Quarry.

7) Evan Evagora

Evan Evagora - The Quarry
Evan Evagora – The Quarry

He portrays the character of Elnor in the Star Trek: Picard TV series. He has voiced the character of Nick in The Quarry.

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8) Miles Robbins

Miles Robbins - The Quarry
Miles Robbins – The Quarry

He has previously worked in Halloween and The X-Files. He has voiced the character of Dylan in the game.

9) Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie - The Quarry
Grace Zabriskie – The Quarry

She has voiced Eliza in The Quarry.

10) Zach Tinker

Zach Tinker - The Quarry
Zach Tinker – The Quarry

He is popularly known for The Young and The Restless and NCIS: Los Angeles. He has voiced Jacob in the game.

11) Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen - The Quarry
Lance Henriksen – The Quarry

He is the voice of Jedediah in the game. He is known for his work in Hard Target and The Terminator. He has also voiced in many video games- Mass Effect series, Alien vs Predator, and The Chronicles of Reddick. He is known for his amazing voice acting as General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

12) Halston Sage

Halston Sage - The Quarry
Halston Sage – The Quarry

She played Dazzler in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. She has voiced Emma in The Quarry.

13) Brenda Song

Brenda Song - The Quarry
Brenda Song – The Quarry

She voiced Katlyn in the game.

14) Skyler Gisondo

Skyler Gisondo - The Quarry
Skyler Gisondo – The Quarry

He has previously starred in Night at the Museum and The Amazing Spider-Man series. He voiced Max in the game.

That covers all the characters in The Quarry. The game is available in two Editions the Standard and the Deluxe edition. Players get additional features with the deluxe edition which include – The Death Rewind System, 80s throwback character outfits, and most importantly the Movie Mode.

The movie mode allows the player to predetermine the emotional nature of all the characters and let the gameplay as a movie automatically.

The Quarry Announcement Trailer

The trailer gives a feeling like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Sleepaway Camp.

The announcement trailer which was released in March 2022 revealed artwork that suggested that the game will have a storyline based on the 80s, the cars seem to belong to that period.

The game has a branching storyline and nine different playable characters. The player takes control of these different teenagers and tries to survive one night at Hackett’s Quarry.

In the game, the player is given different choices in different situations and each of their choices will give a new turn to the story. As there are 186 unique endings, a lot can go wrong.

The story portrays nine teenage camp counselors who under some circumstances have to stay one extra night at the Hackett’s Quarry when the camp is over. They decide to party that night when ev

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made The Quarry game?

The Quarry is a third-person interactive horror drama game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2k Games.

What is the release date of The Query?

The Query will be released on 10 June 2022

Will The Quarry be on Xbox?

The Quarry will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC through Steam.

How many playable characters are in The Quarry game?

The game has a branching storyline and nine different playable characters

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