Dishonored Games In Order [Complete List]

The Dishonored digital game franchise, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, has received numerous awards and accolades. The game follows the journeys of assassins Daud, Empress Emily Kaldwin, Billie Lurk, and Imperial Defender Corvo Attano, offering multiple perspectives that unveil government machinations and the secrets of their vast universe. One of the ... Read more

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The Dishonored digital game franchise, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, has received numerous awards and accolades. The game follows the journeys of assassins Daud, Empress Emily Kaldwin, Billie Lurk, and Imperial Defender Corvo Attano, offering multiple perspectives that unveil government machinations and the secrets of their vast universe.

Dishonored Games In Order

One of the franchise’s standout features is its unique aesthetics and design. The “moving painting” art style has garnered acclaim from many critics for its originality and depth. The game itself has been praised for its player flexibility, allowing users to make the most of each character’s unique perspective. With significant non-linear consequences, players can experience the impact of their decisions through various role-playing elements in the game.

Dishonored Games in Order

The Dishonored franchise is set in the mechanized Empire of the Isles, a collection of relatively small island communities spread across the majority of the world within an archipelago. In this world, modern civilization solely thrives on the Isles.

Originally, the Dishonored Games were intended to be set in medieval Japan during their early stages of creation. However, due to promotional challenges and the production team’s limited understanding of the setting, Arkane Studios eventually shifted to a scenario resembling seventeenth to nineteenth-century London.

This article aims to explore the chronological order of the Dishonored games, emphasizing the importance of playing them in order to fully comprehend the Dishonored storyline.


Release Date9th October 2012
PlatformsXbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows

This FPS with espionage features takes place in some kind of steampunk atmosphere. Arkane Studios, a corporation most recognized for its work on Dark Master of Might & Power, is the producer of Dishonored.

Corvo, the game’s main character and the empress’s trusted security, is wrongfully accused of killing his boss. Because he is among the most frightening men in the world, he must utilize his incredible talents to restore his reputation and get revenge on the criminals.

The primary portion of Dishonored consists of carrying out well-organized killings. The character can help oneself within this mission by utilizing his extraordinary skills. Dishonored has fantastic audiovisuals alongside Unreal Engine 3-powered visuals.

Dishonored (The Knife of Dunwall)

The Knife of Dunwall
The Knife of Dunwall
Release Date16th April 2013
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 3, Xbox 360

The first expansion pack of the game series Dishonored is a DLC where the player takes on the role of Daud. Daud is the leader of an assassin group called Whales. In this storyline, Daud is out for redemption for his past sins and goes on to investigate a mystery that holds the secret of the Outsider’s powers.

Dishonored (Void Walker’s Arsenal)

Void Walker's Arsenal
Void Walker’s Arsenal
Release Date14th May 2013
PlatformsSteam, PS 3, Xbox 360

Next in Dishonored Game Order is the DLC, Void Walker’s Arsenal. This DLC gives the player access to four unique sets of inventory :

  • Acrobatic Killer Pack
  • Arcane Assassin Pack
  • Backstreet Butcher Pack
  • Shadow Rat Pack

Dishonored (The Brigmore Witches)

The Brigmore Witches
The Brigmore Witches
Release Date13th August 2013
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 3, Xbox 360

This DLC is next in Dishonored Games in Order after The Knife of Dunwall (since Void Walker’s Arsenal is basically only an additional pack). This DLC concludes the story arc of Daud’s Redemption. This expansion pack is filled with adventure and thrill with many missions to test your assassin skills.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Release Date25th August 2015
PlatformsXbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows
Dishonored Definitive Edition

A first-person sneaking video game developed by Arkane has been completely reworked for PC and eighth-generation platforms. In this game, players assume the role of Corvo Attano, a former bodyguard of the assassinated queen. Wrongfully accused of her murder, Corvo must clear his name and seek revenge against the true culprits.

The game offers a high degree of flexibility and allows players to approach tasks in various ways. The storyline adapts to the player’s decisions and choices, enabling them to operate stealthily in the shadows or engage in direct confrontations.

This version of the game boasts improved visuals compared to the previous iteration and includes all downloadable content released since the original vanilla version.

Dishonored 2

Release Date11th November 2016
PlatformsXbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows
Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is another exceptional first-person stealth game that serves as a successor to its predecessor. It is set in a world that combines elements of steampunk and nineteenth-century fashion. The game was developed through a collaboration between Bethesda, the event’s distributor, and Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 is one of the best Best Stealth Games ever.

In this installment, players assume the role of Corvo, the protagonist from the previous game, who teams up with Emily Kaldwin, the deceased empress’s daughter and the primary character of the series. Emily seeks to reclaim the stolen throne and exact revenge on those responsible for her mother’s murder.

Players still have a significant amount of freedom in how they approach and achieve the game’s objectives, as the core gameplay mechanics have not undergone substantial changes. They can choose to engage in open confrontations or employ covert tactics, depending on their preferences. Both protagonists can be utilized to complete the challenges, each possessing distinct skills and combat techniques.

It’s important to note that Dishonored 2 does not offer a cooperative option and, like its predecessor, is designed solely as a single-player experience.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Release Date15th September 2017
PlatformsXbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows
Dishonored Death of the Outsider

The adventure video game “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” is set in the world of the Dishonored video game series. Players take on the role of a new character named Billie Lurk, a supernaturally gifted assassin who serves as Daud’s key accomplice. Daud is one of the franchise’s main antagonists and the character players are controlled in the first two DLCs of the original Dishonored games.

The mission in “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” is to track down an enigmatic stranger who grants superhuman abilities to the story’s protagonists. The plot is dynamic, and player decisions have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. Players explore the city of Karnaca, which was featured in Dishonored 2.

Throughout the journey, players will visit various locations, including hidden sect hideouts and underground combat bars. The gameplay mechanics remain similar to the previous games in the genre and have not changed significantly. Once again, players have the choice to confront their enemies openly or operate as stealthy assassins.

As players progress and improve, they gain access to new skills and tools. After completing the game, players can enjoy a Classic Play Plus option, which allows them to utilize skills from Dishonored 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone need to play Dishonored 1 before 2?

Absolutely not, it’s just that, if you’ve played Dishonored before, many aspects may be more obvious to you.

Do you think will there be Dishonored 3?

Currently, there is no such news about the Dishonored 3 release by officials. As soon we get any information regarding it we will let you know.

What is the skill difference between playing as Emily or Corvo?

The abilities that Emily and Corvo possess exposure to are among their primary contrasts. The whole of Emily’s abilities is brand-new and fascinating. Gamers who are sick of the mystical powers from the original video game have different game-style options.


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