How To Unlock All Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Countless people have been stunned by the implementation and playability of Risk of Rain 2, as well as its newest addition, Survivors of Void, which is expected to make it even more popular. Created by Hopoo Games and released via Gearbox, Risk of Rain 2 offers a distinctive perspective on Third-Person Shooter games. The revised ... Read more

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Countless people have been stunned by the implementation and playability of Risk of Rain 2, as well as its newest addition, Survivors of Void, which is expected to make it even more popular.

Created by Hopoo Games and released via Gearbox, Risk of Rain 2 offers a distinctive perspective on Third-Person Shooter games.

How To Unlock Risk of Rain 2 All Characters
How To Unlock Risk of Rain 2 All Characters

The revised iteration builds on many of the positives of the first game and is therefore ideal for gamers who desire to defeat plenty of adversaries and win prizes. Whether you like playing Solo or with friends, this video game is very enjoyable.

The most recent addition to Risk of Rain 2 puts an even greater focus on the fluid component of the play. Hopoo Games’ co-founder, Duncan Drummond, has added some new and noteworthy features, including two additional survivors, each with their own unique characteristics.

Gamers will be able to choose an entirely different playstyle thanks to the Railgunner, who acts as a sharpshooter.

If you wish to know how to unlock all of The Risk of Rain 2 Characters, then this article will assist you quite well.

How To Unlock All Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Risk of Rain 2 is undoubtedly a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for a while. However, not every hero within the game is immediately playable when the match starts.

There are numerous challenges available in order to acquire more avatars, starting with Commando and the Huntress. These challenges may include completing numerous levels or losing control of the protagonist


Offering the exact mechanics that many players of the Risk of Rain video game have become accustomed to, Risk of Rain 2 provides gamers with a fresh story to enjoy. Players will experience a completely new approach to playing co-op in this game’s brand-new online multiplayer mode.

The game’s scenario includes small platforms, killer robots, and enormous creatures in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether playing remotely or online, users can compete against each other or join forces with friends.

Each protagonist in Risk of Rain 2 has a unique way of playing that adds to the game’s excitement. Once players combine the abilities of each fighter, the variety of possible gameplay modes is virtually unlimited.

1. MUL-T


The game’s most versatile survivor is a particular hero with numerous benefits and drawbacks. MUL-T, one of the top fighters in Risk of Rain, has the most endurance and the best batting average. By toggling between rapid-fire and single-shot options, his nail gun can be used as a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher.

To access MUL-T, you need to complete the first repurposing challenge five times. It is not necessary to play the video game repeatedly during the same period to accomplish each of the levels. If you play in normal mode, you won’t have any trouble completing these levels.

2. Commando


Players will get the Commando in Risk of Rain 2 by default. As he is a unique hero in Risk of Rain 2, one must play as him for a while before moving on to a different character. The Commando’s basic attack is simple to employ on a sizable squad of enemies. However, employing his piercing follow-up strike becomes even more efficient. He also possesses a straightforward but effective escape as well as a rapid-fire ability that can rapidly track down a lot of enemies.

Players choose the Commando as their starting hero in Risk of Rain 2. He is really simple in terms of logistics. However, do not allow his simplicity to mislead you.

3. Huntress


In Risk of Rain 2, another primary character that players get is the Huntress. Huntress uses a bow and arrow along with a dash ability that allows her to quickly escape dangerous situations. Her abilities are effective at disrupting enemy groups. The good news is that Huntress is available as a default character, so players don’t have to unlock her.

Those who have played Risk of Rain 2 for a while may recall that Huntress wasn’t always available as a default character. Previously, players had to complete three consecutive rounds without dying in order to unlock her. However, this requirement has since been changed in later updates.

4. Heretic


There is a hidden and unlockable hero in Risk of Rain 2 called the Heretic, also known as “Kur-skan,” who cannot be selected from the hero panel. To play as Heretic, players must collect the four Heresy set pieces in a single run: Visions, Strides, Hooks, and Essence. Each of the Heretic’s weapons can be obtained by completing the Blockade Breaker mission, which involves defeating fifteen monsters in a single encounter. This process has evolved over time.

5. Loader


The Loader hero in ROR2 has been equipped with robot hands that can execute lethal attacks. This enables her to easily defeat enemies with her strength and speed. This has made her one of the most dangerous competitors in the game. Her equipment allows her to perform exceptionally well.

The players’ journey eventually leads them to Siren’s Ring, where they can encounter a new boss by destroying five egg hatches. The boss will keep returning until the Alloy Worship Station is destroyed. If players defeat the boss, they may receive a special weapon produced by Alloy Worship. The Loader protagonist can access all of this during gameplay.

6. Engineer


Another great protagonist in the video game is the Engineer. He is capable of destroying monsters with ease thanks to his inclusion of the Bustling Fungus, which provides massive damage and lengthy resilience. His main priorities involve turret deployment and protection.

Furthermore, the Engineer possesses other abilities, such as movable grenades and barrier protection to defend himself from attacks. Players can unlock the Engineer by clearing all thirty stages. To access the first round, they must play the game thirty times, complete ten three-hit runs, or perform an equivalent action.

7. Railgunner


The Railgunner in Risk of Rain 2 has not disappointed fans who eagerly anticipated her since the first edition. She is more agile and has better jumping abilities. Her explosives are effective in dealing damage to weak points with just a glancing hit.

However, she doesn’t cause as much devastation as others do since she can’t deliver catastrophic hits unless she moves back to increase the range. To unlock the Railgunner, players must purchase all the Void DLC survivors. Although a newly created hero, Railgunner reminds us of Sniper from the earlier Risk of Rain in terms of performance.

8. Mercenary


The Mercenary operates differently from most fighters. He is much more ferocious and can wipe out the entire group when employed correctly. He only has a single basic strike, but you won’t frequently employ it.

To unlock the Mercenary, you must pass seven stages and reach the Obelisk. The Celestial Gateway can be accessed by passing the seventh phase. Make your way to the conclusion of the drifting road, where you should see an obelisk, and select “Obliterate” from the menu. Your session will finish after the Mercenary is unlocked and available.

9. Void Fiend


In order to complete the video game successfully, players must defeat the Railgunner before they can access the Void Fiend. The Void Fiend is the most powerful and toughest part of the game. After eliminating the Void Fields and unlocking the Void Fiend, reaching the Void Locus requires obtaining all 9 empty chambers and using a portal. Players will also need to collect the Deep Void Signals to access the Planetarium.

10. Bandit


The Bandit, a protagonist in ROR2, was already present in the game’s database but was unplayable until a certain point. Players must complete the Warrior quest to unlock this hero. His two most powerful attacks are Detonate and Explosive, and his personality is rather plain.

He has a high chance of causing instant destruction with his attacks, especially when using Backstab from behind. Additionally, his Smoke Bomb has a significant amount of destructive power against enemies.

11. Captain


The Captain protagonist can be obtained by defeating the final boss on any stage. He stands out from other characters in the game due to his wide range of equipment. Choosing to play as the Captain increases the difficulty for gamers. They will soon realize that he is one of the most powerful heroes in the game.

However, the Captain can only be unlocked after completing Risk of Rain 2. To access the game’s ultimate section, players must reach Sky Meadow and align the moon with a teleporter.

12. Rex


Users should use Rex even during the Abyssal Depths phase of the video game to acquire it. He uses a Fuel Array as his power generation, which you need to move to various phases via a delivery capsule. During the initial step, on the left side of the drop pod, players can find the Fuel Array. Grab the assortment by interacting with the rear deck. While attached to the hero, the Fuel Array cuts your power reserve in half whenever you fall below 50% of your life.

Although there are more heroes in the game, this article represents the maximum number of protagonists in Risk of Rain 2 that can currently be obtained. Thankfully, the process of how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain is simple for gamers who desire to unlock every hero in the game’s instances and dungeons as required.


How do you unlock a Mercenary?

There are most important seven stages by clearing all these you can unlock the Mercenary.

Huntress is unlocked for every player in Risk of Rain 2?

Yes, there is no need to unlock Huntress because it is accessible by default for everyone.

What is the best character of Rist of Rain 2?

We think Huntress and Commando are the best heroes in the Risk of Rain video game.


You have reached the end of our article on the Risk of Rain How to unlock all Characters. We hope that you found the information relevant to your gameplay experience. If you wish to share your feedback, do not hesitate to comment down below and help us improve the quality of the content at Benettonplay. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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