Dislyte Tier List Best Espers 2024 – Check Characters List

Dislyte is a mobile Action RPG game that interestingly blends mythological characters in an urban theme. The game was developed & published by Lilith Games and FARLIGHT Games Studio. Dislyte is a turn-based action game in which you must equip Espers to fight through the storyline. You can obtain new Espers through Gacha and other ... Read more

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Dislyte is a mobile Action RPG game that interestingly blends mythological characters in an urban theme. The game was developed & published by Lilith Games and FARLIGHT Games Studio.

Dislyte is a turn-based action game in which you must equip Espers to fight through the storyline.

You can obtain new Espers through Gacha and other gameplay events. The Espers are capable of wielding the power of the Gods. The inspiration is mostly from Norse, Greek, Chinese, and even Egyptian mythology.

Dislyte Tier List

The unique art style and theme of Dislyte have made the game stand out from its competitors. Players are always looking for the Best Espers in Dislyte to increase their winning chances in the game.

Are you a Dislyte player who is looking for the best Espers in the game? Then you have landed in the right place. We have compiled the Dislyte Tier List with all the Espers in the order of their performance.

Dislyte Tier List – Best Espers

Dislyte has been entitled to over a million downloads to become one of the most popular mobile Action RPGs recently.

The unusual concept of the game attracts the players and the stunning visuals & music keep them hooked on Dislyte.

However, it can become a bit frustrating when your Espers combination is not strong enough to beat a level.

No one likes repeating a level to only taste defeat anyway. This is why it is important to know the best Espers in Dislyte to have the best gameplay experience.

Dislyte Tier List
Dislyte Tier List

One of the main reasons why Dislyte has been able to make such a huge impact on the players is undoubtedly due to innovative character design and impeccable aesthetics.

The vibe of this game is like no other. How often do we get to see mythological characters in an urban setting?

The Dislyte Characters are divided into 5 categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier Espers. We have decided to go with the same rating system as devised by the FARLIGHT games to avoid any confusion.

We have included all the Espers in this post till the latest patch update. Check out the Dislyte Tier list in the proceeding sections of this post.


Dislyte S-Tier
Dislyte S-Tier

Diving straight to the point, we shall begin with the best Espers in the game out there. Deploying the S-star Espers in your Dislyte Team makes the chances of winning almost inevitable.

S-Tier Espers are the strongest characters of the game and have significantly higher stats. However, it is always necessary to upgrade the characters to the maximum levels for the best impact on gameplay.

Simply putting an S-Tier Esper in your team without leveling them up may not give you the desired result. Below is the complete Distyle Tier list of Best Espers in Dislyte.

Esper NameGod DerivationAttributeIdentity
ClaraHeraInfernoLead Medic
LucasApolloInfernoOps Chief
RavenOdinShimmerSpecial Ops Chief
SallySifFlowMed Team Ops Chief
UnasShuShimmerBounty Hunter
Lin XiaoWhite TigerShimmerCommander

It is important to know the attributes of your Esper as well as what role they play in the team. Ideally, you must have a Healer and Commander in your team to give a proper structure to your team.

A healer can help in reducing the damage of the team while a Commander offers a strong attack.

Tiye, Unas, and Sally are amongst the most legendary characters of Dislyte. Deploying them in your team will boost your winning chances considerably.

It is best to experiment with your 5-star Espers by deploying them with different 4-star characters. This not only helps in understanding the best combinations but is super fun as well.


Dislyte A-Tier
Dislyte A-Tier

The A-Tier Espers in Dislyte are probably the most important characters in the game. They may fall in the middle cadre but they can be easily upgraded to deploy significant damage during the gameplay.

Plus, they are easier to obtain in comparison to the elite 5-Star Espers. Rerolling them can also be a wise option for level upgrading. You can also easily obtain them from Gacha events.

Here is the complete A-Tier Dislyte Tier list along with their power origin, attribute, affiliation, and role in the team.

Esper NameGod DerivationAttributeIdentity
TrikiLokiWindHunter’s Guild Captain
SiennaGaiaWindOps Chief
Li LingNezhaInfernoOps Chief
AsenathNefertemShimmerClub Manager
CatherineHelaShimmerShadow Guard
Jin YuyaoQueen MotherInfernoShadow Decree Member
FabriceFreyrWindLone Ranger
Lu YiDayiWindLone Ranger
SanderSetInfernoShadow Decree Member
BiondinaPoseidonFlowBounty Hunter
CeciliaIsisShimmerShadow Decree Member
HydeHadesWindShadow Decree Councilor

It is a good idea to use a combination of A-Tier Espers with S-Tier Espers for maximum damage and defense.

The combination of A-Tier Espers along with B-Tier Espers may not build up a very strong team but is a good strategy in the initial levels. You can easily obtain A-Tier Espers by enrolling, in Gacha Events, and gameplay rewards.

Chloe, Long Mian & Sanders will take you a long way in Dislyte. They are great fighters and are assured to get you great rewards during the gameplay. If you wish to deploy A-Tier healers in your team then you cannot go wrong with Heng Yue & Asenath.


Dislyte B-Tier
Dislyte B-Tier

The third and last Tier List Dislyte is one of B-Tier Espers. This category consists of all the characters with the weakest stats in Dislyte.

They are the basic characters that are given to the player during the initial chapters of the game. Of course, leveling them up to max does make a difference but they certainly work best if mixed with stronger characters.

Using them in the beginning chapters turns out fine and is certainly fun against low-level enemies. However, when the stakes are higher enemies can easily tear apart B-Tier characters.

So, it is best to ditch them as you proceed to higher levels in Dislyte. Below is the Dislyte Tier List of all the B-Tier characters.

Esper NameGod DerivationAttributeIdentity
Long MianAo BingWindShadow Guard
CelineSirenFlowBar Manager
Ren SiBlack TortoiseInfernoBounty Hunter
MonaArtemisFlowOps Chief
EiraFreyaFlowResource Manager
TiyeNutFlowOps Chief
ChloeMedeaInfernoLone Ranger
Jiang ManMeng PoFlowShadow Guard
BonnieErisShimmerShadow Guard
LewisAresInfernoOps Chief
JeanneGerdFlowShadow Guard
Tang YunSix Eared MacaqueWindShadow Guard
Unky ChaiYue LaoInfernoBounty Hunter
Ye SuhuaShao SimingShimmerMed Team Ops Chief

Despite being put under the lowest cadre, B-Tier Espers do have deep character inspiration and striking visual designs. They may not contribute much in combat but they certainly elevate the aesthetics of the game.

Ye Suhua, Melanie & Tang Yun are amongst the best characters in this tier level. They will easily pull you out of difficult situations during the earlier chapters of the game.


Characters from this tier are progressively weaker than the ones in the upper 3 tiers. Players are advised to only use these cards as backup options, especially in cases where they do not have any higher-tier cards on them.

Dislyte C-Tier
Dislyte C-Tier
Esper NameGod DerivationAttributeIdentity
Tang XuanSun WukongWindOps Chief
DhaliaCalypseFlowUnion Academy Teacher
DjoserAtumInfernoShadow Guard
Heng YueChang’eFlowMed Team Ops Chief
LynnHathorWindShadow Guard
Xie ChuyiDeath Guard HeiFlowShadow Guard
Xie YuzhiDeath Guard BaiWindShadow Guard
BereniceBastetWindMed Team Ops Chief
BrynnValkyrieWindOps Chief
Chang PuYao JiFlowMed Team Ops Chief
FreddyFenrirInfernoShadow Guard
LaurenHeketShimmerMed Team Ops Chief
QErosShimmerOps Chief


Characters from this tier are the weakest in the game and serve no purpose to players who move on to stronger heroes.

These are great for beginners to get a hang of the mechanics of the game, but once they do advance a little and get access to better heroes, there is little sense in them keeping hold of characters belonging to this tier any further.

Dislyte D-Tier
Dislyte D-Tier
Esper NameGod DerivationAttributeIdentity
AlexaAphroditeInfernoThe Mirror Palace Master
ArcanaHermesWindOps Chief
JacobJormungandWindShadow Guard
KayleeAnuketFlowOps Chief
LaylaMedjedShimmerLone Ranger
Luo YanYanluo WangWindThe Scavengers Chief
PritzkerMimirInfernoResearch Institute Chief
Bai LiuliBaldrInfernoOps Chief
BardonBaldrInfernoOps Chief
ChalmersIdunShimmerResearch Division Chief
DavidJasonWindAntonio Greco
HallHodurWindShadow Guard
HelenaHelenFlowOps Chief
LeonValiFlowShadow Guard
Li AoTao TieInfernoShadow Guard
ZelmerSekhmetWindHousehold Bodyguard


You have reached the end of this article. Thank you for reading till the end. We truly hope that this post was able to serve you well about the Dislyte Tier list. We have attempted to include all the important tricks and tips for using the Dislyte Characters List to your benefit.

We here at Benettonplay are constantly striving to provide you with the most genuine & useful gaming news to you. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section and help us grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best healer in Dislyte?

Clara is one of the most powerful healers in Dislyte. She is the Lead Medic of the Esper Union who infuses Inferno attributes in her healing. Using Clara in PvP and PvE is a clever move as she provides great immunity to the team.

Can we play Dislyte on PC?

Well, Disliyte is a mythological action RPG that has been specifically designed for mobile devices only. However, if you wish to experience Dislyte on your PC, you can use an Android emulator. BlueStacks & LDPlayer are amongst the best Android Emulators out there. You can simply download the emulator and download Dislyte from Playstore to play Dislyte on your PC.

Does positioning matter in Dislyte?

Well, the positioning doesn’t matter in Dislyte as much as the combination of characters deployed. Upon observing the gameplay, we noticed that changing the positions of the characters did not make much of a difference. However, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable to keep your healers in the back row.

How many chapters are there in Dislyte?

There are a total of 12 Chapters in Dislyte which can be played in different modes of difficulty. The storyline remains the same in all the modes regardless.

Who is the best A-Tier Esper in Dislyte?

Mona & Chloe are among the best A-Tier Espers. Deploy them together in your team and watch them steal the show singlehandedly.

Which are the Best Espers in Dislyte?

Even though it’s difficult to pick the best Espers in Dislyte since there are so many epic characters. We would say that Tiye, Sally, Chloe & Unas are certainly quite legendary Espers.

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