Free Fire vs PUBG: Which Game is Better?

Free Fire versus PUBG: PUBG has truly revolutionized the Battle Royale Games genre. Free Fire joined the Battle Royale Bandwagon closely after PUBG. Where PUBG is a multi-platform game, Free Fire is limited to mobile devices. Despite the seeming limitation, Free Fire has earned its name in the top Battle Royale Games Category. Free Fire ... Read more

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Free Fire vs PUBG
Free Fire vs PUBG

Free Fire versus PUBG: PUBG has truly revolutionized the Battle Royale Games genre. Free Fire joined the Battle Royale Bandwagon closely after PUBG. Where PUBG is a multi-platform game, Free Fire is limited to mobile devices.

Despite the seeming limitation, Free Fire has earned its name in the top Battle Royale Games Category. Free Fire has made it so far by providing compatibility with a huge range of mobile devices.

Today, we will be comparing PUBG vs. Free Fire games by executing a detailed analysis.

We will compare the Free Fire versus PUBG by a set of parameters. These parameters include Concept, Gameplay, Graphics, Platforms, and features.

Free Fire vs PUBG

Free Fire & PUBG are well-renowned names in the realm of Battle Royale Games. For this very reason, PUBG and Free Fire share a lot of similarities such as concept & gameplay. While PUBG has always reigned over the category worldwide, Free Fire has managed to overshadow PUBG from time to time. We are sure you are as curious as us to find out which game has a stronger hold on Battle Royale soil.

Based on our research, PUBG Mobile scores a smashing rating of 82. Free Fire on the other hand only lands at a score of 63. It is intriguing that despite such a variation in the ratings, Free Fire was the top-grossing Mobile Battle Royale game in the US in 2021. We were amazed to see Free Fire leaping ahead of established franchises such as Call of Duty!

What makes Free Fire so special? Let us find out how these two games perform in the Free Fire vs. PUBG Duel!

Free Fire versus PUBG Concept

Krafton’s PUBG & Garena’s Free Fire are both Battle Royale Shooter games that operate on similar concepts. The concept of these games is so similar that Garena received a lawsuit from Krafton with serious claims of copying PUBG in 2022. This is not all; Garena has come across various controversies every now & then. Regardless of all the scandal-mongering, Free Fire has thrived with active players & in-app purchases.

Both these battle royale games comprise a set of predesigned maps. The player has to choose the mode and the map they wish to play in. There are various game modes including solo, duo, and squad. The player has to reach the location of choice with his/her team by free-falling from an aircraft and landing with the help of a parachute.

The player is initially unarmed and has to find weapons and armor as soon as they reach the ground. Now, the player engages in real-time combat with other players in the game. The last player/ team to survive is considered the winner.

We can’t exactly draw a difference between the concept of these two games but there is surely some difference in the maps. PUBG & PUBG Mobile have more structured & realistic maps while Free Fire has more animated maps that lack the element of depth. In addition to this, the maps in PUBG are also bigger and support up to 100 players. Free fire can only support up to 50 players at a time.

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Maps
Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile Map Comparision

If we honestly conclude the aspects of the Free Fire vs. PUBG concepts & design, we have to declare PUBG as the winner of this round.

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Free Fire vs. PUBG Gameplay

The next parameter we will be basing the Free Fire versus PUBG comparison on is the Gameplay. These are PvP shooter-type games. The opponents fight each other in a simulatory location in real-time.

PUBG Gameplay (Erangle)
PUBG Gameplay (Erangle)

Much like the base maps, the gameplay of PUBG screams realistic as hell. That’s right, whether it is the recoil effect during shooting or controlling a vehicle, PUBG manages to craft a realistic experience. If we talk about Free Fire, the gameplay experience doesn’t stand out from other Battle Royale Games. Free Fire compensated by introducing multiple modes where it couldn’t shine in creating unique gameplay. Another difference between the gameplay of PUBG and Freefire is that PUBG Mobile supports the gyroscope, while Freefire does not have this option.

The gameplay mechanics and physics in PUBG are superior to Freefire. If you have played both games, you might also agree with this statement.

Free Fire Gameplay
Free Fire Gameplay

Before we conclude the winner of the Gameplay Round in the Free Fire vs PUBG comparison, let us discuss the weapons first. It is only fair because we are comparing battle games after all.

Free Fire vs PUBG Weapons

This segment of Free Fire vs. PUBG Analysis holds a lot of value since we are comparing battle royale games here. PUBG showcases more guns in comparison to Free Fire. Both games furnish guns such as Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, Flare guns, and pistols. PUBG gameplay even enforces the use of a Crossbow.

PUBG Weapons
PUBG Weapons

PUBG gameplay lets the player deploy various throwables such as Frag Grenade, Sticky Bomb, C4, Molotov Cocktail, Blue Zone Grenade, and a lot more. Free Fire on the other hand has very limited grenade choices but some interesting inventory items such as Flash Freeze, FF Knife, gloo walls, and more.

PUBG furnished melee weapons like Pan, Sickle, Machete & Crowbar to make the gameplay even more interesting. These may not be very effective but they are surely interesting and even life-saving. You can find Pan & Machete in Free Fire as well.

Free Fire Weapons
Free Fire Weapons

With miscellaneous weapons like Flamethrower and Plasma gun, Free Fire keeps the inventory very interesting. We still can’t disregard the precision of weaponry and flawless design delivered by the PUBG game. So, even though Free Fire attempts to provide more interesting weapon choices, PUBG Weapons perform better.

Free Fire compared with PUBG Graphics

PUBG Graphics
PUBG Realistic Graphics

Truthfully, there isn’t much competition between Free Fire and PUBG when it comes to Graphics. PUBG powered with Unreal Engine outperforms Free Fire without a single doubt. Unity powers Free Fire with the intention of taking up lesser CPU usage. Where PUBG furnishes a rich, realistic simulation, Free Fire delivers cartoon-like graphics.

Free Fire Graphics
Free Fire Graphics

PUBG easily triumphs this round of Free Fire vs PUBG Graphics Comparison!

Free Fire vs PUBG Platforms

Free Fire by Garner is a mobile game available for Android and IOS. The gameplay speed of Free Fire is quite smooth considering its small storage size. It is preferable if your mobile lags while playing heavier games such as PUBG.

PUBG was initially developed & released as a PC game in March of 2017. Later that year, in the month of December, PUBG was also launched for Xbox One. Then came the PUBG mobile game in 2018. In the later years, PUBG was made available on Stadia, PS 4, PS 5 & Xbox Series X/S.

Free Fire PlatformsIpadOS, Android, iOS
PUBG PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows, PS 4, PS 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

By analyzing the device accessibility & performance, PUBG wins the Free Fire compared to PUBG Platforms round.

Free Fire vs PUBG Features

There are quite a lot of features that PUBG & Free Fire has to offer to their audience. We have compiled a list and compared the attributes of both these games below.

1. Air Drop Package

One of the most unpredictable moments on the Free Fire & PUBG battlefield is the dropping of a package with war supplies. This feature adds an element of excitement and risk when the players gather around the dropped package. This feature was initially launched on PUBG and soon after was adapted by Free Fire as well.

PUBG Air Drop
PUBG AirDrop

2. Vehicles

Various types of vehicles are available in the PUBG & Free Fire gameplay. You need to come in proximity to the Vehicle and a Drive option will pop on your screen. In PUBG, you may come across Bikes, Vans, Trucks, Sedans & even Boats!

In Free Fire, you will come across tuk-tuks, motorbikes, Trucks, Sports Cars, Tempus, and other ground vehicles. PUBG provides a broader range of vehicles including water transportation.

Free Fire Vehicles
Free Fire Vehicle

3. Rewards

PUBG as well as Free Fire provide daily rewards so that players are enticed to open the game every day. The quality of login rewards increases with time. In addition to login rewards, there are also additional rewards & events from time to time to keep players engaged. You also win special skins & other items on finishing daily quests.

4. Characters

PUBG gives you the option to customize your character with limited choices of clothing & accessories. Free Fire leaps ahead in this department by providing more than 30 characters with special powers. This added element of specialized abilities makes the Free Fire gameplay quite interesting. Imagine battling against a player with random abilities. This unpredictability assures to make the gameplay even more thrilling. This innovative feature makes Free Fire stand out in this sub-round of Free Fire vs. PUBG.

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire Characters

Free Fire also provides Game Companions in the form of pets. These side characters are not just for visuals but assist the player character in the game. Each pet comes with a special ability.

Free Fire Pets
Free Fire Pets

5. Modes

Another department in which Free Fire has the upper hand is the number of Modes. Both games provide the facility of Multiplayer Mode; you can team up with your friends and enjoy the battle action. Where PUBG offers five game modes, Free Fire has over 15 modes to offer, that’s right 15! PUBG gameplay modes are War Mode, Squad Mode, Zombie Mode, Duo Mode & and Classic Solo Mode.

The most popular Free Fire gameplay modes include Big Head Mode, Team Deathmatch, Clash Squad Mode, Rampage Mode, Explosive Jump Mode, Lone Wolf, Pet Mania, and many more.

6. Storyline

Free Fire not only provides a wide range of characters but there is also an added storyline to all of them. Each character has a background story that can be accessed by the player occasionally. This is probably the key distinguishing attribute between Free Fire & PUBG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better PUBG Mobile or Free Fire?

Well, based on the comparative analysis conducted by us, we have come to the verdict that PUBG Mobile serves a better gameplay experience. Free Fire is a good alternative in case your mobile hardware can’t support a heavy game like PUBG.

Is Free Fire a copy of PUBG?

Well, various pieces of evidence point to this possibility. Free Fire has various features that resemble PUBG mobile, such as the Air Drop Package. For various similarities, Garen was even sued by Krafton in 2022.

Which has better graphics Free Fire or PUBG?

The graphics of PUBG outshine Free Fire by a significant margin. The graphics of Free Fire are the weak cord of the game.

Can I play Free Fire on PC?

Free Fire is a mobile game that can be played on Android & Apple mobile devices. There is however a way to play Free Fire on PC as well! You can do this by downloading an Android Emulator. Blue Stacks is a good choice if you wish to play Free Fire on PC.

Free Fire vs PUBG Conclusion

The careful and unbiased analysis of the Free Fire vs PUBG comparison has come to an end. The final verdict will not come to you as a shocker since this comparison has been pretty slanted. And the winner of the Free Fire vs. PUBG combat is PUBG! The realistic combat, refined graphics, and on-point game make PUBG the best game. The game supports both long gameplay time and short gameplay time with different modes even though Free Fire has more modes to offer its quality over quantity winning here.

PUBG executes better in almost all parameters that are a must for any Battle Royale Game. So, now the question arises Is Free Fire worth playing? And the answer is Yes! There are some aspects of Free Fire that are simply mind-capturing. The attempted character depth and storyline in a Battle Royale game are quite intriguing. It is also a refreshing substitute for PUBG with special powers and the involvement of side characters. So even though Free Fire isn’t Graphic rich, it is surely character-rich!

We hope you enjoyed reading this analysis as much as we enjoyed writing it. You may prefer one game over the other according to your taste. But in the end, it’s all about playing with your friends and having fun and both these games deliver that. We would love to know your opinion about both the games so feel free to let your heart out in the comments.

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  1. And the winner of the Free Fire vs. PUBG combat is PUBG! The realistic combat, refined graphics, and on-point game make PUBG the best game. The game supports both long gameplay time and short gameplay time with different modes even though Free Fire has more modes to offer its quality over quantity winning here. Also Free fire is a demon game
    And not towards the realistic and is cartoon game.


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