Ghost Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances (Listed 2024)

Take advantage of the spooky powers and unique abilities of Ghost-type Pokémon to surprise your foes.

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Ghost Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Resistances
Ghost Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Resistances (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ghost Type Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the unique Pokemon Typing out of all 18 Pokemon Types. Unlike all other Pokemon Types, Ghost Types do not possess an actual physical body.

Their trademark is the set of ethereal abilities that they project on their prey and enemies. These abilities are hard to keep up with if an efficient strategy isn’t devised.

In this post, we will be discussing all the Ghost Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistance that you need to know to fight with and against these notoriously powerful Pokemon.

Once you will learn about all the innate weaknesses and strengths of Ghost Type Pokemon you will be able to handle them very efficiently. We have also listed the Best Counters that you can deploy against Ghost Type Pokemon in Battles.

Ghost Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokemon are amongst the superior type of Pokemon which shows vulnerability to a very selected group of Pokemon. As a Pokemon Trainer, it is very important to know the weaknesses of this elite Pokemon Type so that you can effectively devise battle strategies to defeat or capture them.

1. Ghost Type

Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness
Ghost Type Pokemon Weakness (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It is always interesting to see two Ghost Types combating each other. The match is always unpredictable since the second typing plays a major role in the outcome of the match. For instance, a Pokemon with a dual Typing of Ghost and Dark Type will have a higher winning chance against a generic or other combination of Ghost-type Pokemon.

2. Dark Type

Dark Type Pokemon
Dark Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dark Type Pokemon are super effective against Ghost Type Pokemon. They can break through the defenses of Ghost Types which is quite a tricky task. In return, Dark Types only receive half the damage from the Ghost Types, putting them in a considerably powerful position.

Night Slash, Payback, Taunt, Nasty Plot, Comeuppance, and Crunch are some of the most effective Dark Type moves you should definitely use against Ghost Types.

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Ghost Type Pokemon Resistances

There are quite a lot of Pokemon-type moves that are ineffective on Ghost Types. We will be listing the most prominent ones in this section.

1. Fighting Type

Fighting Type (Super effective against Rock)
Fighting Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ghost-type Pokemon easily resist Physical type moves because they do not possess a physical body. So, even the most effective Fighting Type Pokemon cannot deploy any significant damage on Fighting Types.

2. Poison Type

Poison Type (Super effective against Grass)
Poison Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Since Ghost Types have a different physiology than other Pokemon Types, the effect of Poison isn’t the same on them. This is why Ghost Type Pokemon can resist even the most effective Poison Type moves with great ease.

3. Bug Type

Bug Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Bug Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It is never a wise idea to deploy a Bug Type Pokemon against Ghost Type Pokemon. As you may already know, Bug-type attacks aren’t very promising, to begin with. Now, imagine using them against a Pokemon Type that is proficient in defending some of the most deadly elemental moves.

4. Grass Type

Grass Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Grass Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Grass-type moves have a similar effect as Bug Types on Ghost-type Pokemon. Ghost Types easily block out Grass Type moves without leaving much room for Grass Types to make a comeback.

5. Normal Type

Normal Type (Rock Type Pokemon Resistances)
Normal Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Normal Type Pokemon may deploy neutral damage to many other Pokemon Types but Ghost Types aren’t one of them. Ghost-type Pokemon are basically immune to Normal-type Pokemon. So, if you do not want to embarrass your Normal Type Pokemon, completely avoid using it against any Ghost Type.

6. Electric Type

Electric Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Electric Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Have you ever heard of a Ghost fearing electricity? Certainly not! The same case applies to Pokemon Typing. Ghost Types only receive a mild amount of damage from even the most effective and charged Electric moves. So, you may want to sit out your Electric Types when combating Ghost Type Pokemon.

Best Counters for Ghost-Type Pokemon

Now that we know about the most prominent strengths and weaknesses of Ghost Type Pokemon, we can conclude the best counters to deploy against these intangible beings.

1. Ghost Type

Ghost Type Pokemon (Super Effective against Psychic)
Ghost Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Surprisingly despite the uncertainty two Ghost Types bring in a match, they make a very fine counter against each other. What’s more interesting than a ghost taking down another Ghost anyway? The Ghost Type with a stronger dual typing combination has an upper edge in the battle.

Destiny Bond, Astral Barrage, Shadow Ball, Shadow Bone, Shadow Force, and Spectral Thief are some of the most elite Ghost-type moves you can use to make the match more interesting.

2. Dark Type

Dark Type Pokemon (Psychic Type Weakness)
Dark Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dark Type Pokemon undoubtedly steals the crown for being the best counter against Ghost Type Pokemon. There is no element of unpredictability against this combination, Dark Types always lean on the winning edge when deployed against a Ghost Type.

Some of the most powerful Dark Type moves include Payback, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, and Night Slash.

This marks the end of our Ghost Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances Article. We hope this guide will help you manage and strategize using Ghost Type Pokemon more efficiently in other Pokemon games such as Scarlet and Violet.

Feel free to leave your feedback below and help us improve the quality of our content here at Benettonplay! We will be back with more exciting Game Guides and Gaming News soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pokemon Type is weak against Ghost Type?

While various Pokemon types are ineffective against fellow Ghost Types, Psychic Type Pokemon show the most weakness.

What is super effective against Ghost Type Pokemon?

Dark-type moves are super effective against Ghost-type Pokemon.

Which is the best ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Mega Gengar is the best Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Is there a Steel-Ghost-Type Pokemon?

Indeed, Aegislash is a Steel-Ghost-type Pokemon that was first introduced in the 6th Generation of Pokemon.

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