Grass Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Grass-type Pokémon holding you back from truly dominating the game? Check out our dedicated guide to know all about their resistances and weaknesses that players can utilize to their benefit.

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Grass Type Pokemon Weakness and Resistances
Grass Type Pokemon Weakness and Resistances (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It is a pretty fact that Grass Type Pokemon is one of the weakest Pokemon Types to exist in the Pokemon Universe. You would think that this makes defeating Grass Type Pokemon very easy, well, think again.

Despite having a long list of vulnerabilities, Grass Types have strengths as well. It is necessary to know both the strengths and weaknesses of Grass Type Pokemon to devise the best strategy to fight them.

In this article, we present to you the Grass Type Pokemon’s Weaknesses & Resistances to broaden your awareness regarding Grass Type Pokemon. We hope this information will improve your Pokemon Gameplay experience.

Grass Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Grass-type Pokemon exhibit a vast range of vulnerabilities that have made them infamous as one of the weakest Pokemon Types. However, this stereotype is a mere exaggeration as there are always a few high-quality Pokemon in every Type.

If you ever encounter a Grass Type in a battle/raid, you must keep in mind the following Grass Type Pokemon Weaknesses. Deploying an attack of any of these types will improve your winning chances remarkably.

1. Fire Type

Fire-type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Fire-type Pokemon moves are super effective against Grass Types and easily inflict double damage. If we look at things from a natural viewpoint, Grass can be easily burnt by Fire. A similar concept applies to the Pokemon realm and makes Grass Type very vulnerable against Fire Type moves.

2. Ice Type

Ice Type (Grass Type Pokemon Weakness)
Ice-type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Just like too much Fire can burn away Grass, too much Ice and Frost can cause heavy damage as well. This is why, in Pokemon Typing it was decided that the Grass Types will remain vulnerable to harsh elemental Types. Ice-type moves also cause double damage on the Grass Type, making their defenses exhaust very rapidly.

3. Poison Type

Poison Type
Poison Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Another Pokemon Type move that imparts a significant level of damage to Grass Types is the Poison Type. The toxins of the Poison Type moves affect the Grass Type Pokemon tremendously causing double damage. And soon enough when the defenses are completely exhausted, the Grass Types lose consciousness.

4. Bug Type

Bug Type (Grass Type Weakness)
Bug Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Now, let’s get back to doing a generalized conceptualization, Bugs are known to eat grass. This very idea has become the basis behind the innate vulnerability of the Grass Type against the Bug Types. This is a shame since Bug Types are known to be the weakest Pokemon Type out there.

5. Flying Type

Flying Type (Grass Type Weakness)
Flying Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Flying Type Pokemon moves pose a great threat to all the generic Grass Type Pokemon by imparting double damage on the opponent. Flying attacks cannot be resisted by the fragile Grass Types and they easily fall apart.

In addition to these Grass Type Pokemon are also known to struggle against Steel & Dragon Type Pokemon.

Grass Type Pokemon Resistances

Now that we have acquainted you with the Grass Type Pokemon Weaknesses, let’s jump right to the Resistance that the Grass Type Pokemon exhibits. This category of Pokemon must be avoided to be deployed against Grass Types.

1. Water Type

Water Type (Grass Type Resistance)
Water Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This may not come as a surprise at all that the Grass Types possess a natural resistance to Water Type Pokemon moves. Thus, Water Type moves can only impart half the intended damage onto the Grass Types.

2. Electric Type

Electric Type (Grass Type Resistance)
Electric Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Electric-type Pokemon moves have a similar consequence as the previous two types. So, Electric Type moves are also able to only inflict half damage on elementally neutral Grass Type Pokemon.

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3. Grass Type

Grass Type (Grass Type Resistance)
Grass Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Grass Type Pokemon are resistant to Grass Type moves. This makes deploying grass types against each other both exciting and sometimes frustrating.

4. Ground Type

Ground Type (Grass Type Resistance)
Ground Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Ground Type Pokemon are yet another elementally neutral Pokemon Type and that is why Grass Types are resistant to these moves. Ground-type moves can also only deploy half the damage.

Best Counters for Grass-Type Pokemon

Now that we have discussed both the strengths and weaknesses of the Grass Type Pokemon we can easily state which are super effective against Grass.

1. Fire Type

Fire Type (Super effective against Grass)
Fire Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

The most effective counter against the Grass Type Pokemon is undoubtedly the Fire Type Pokemon. Not only do Fire Types exhibit an unmatched attack game against the Grass Types but also can easily resist Grass Type moves. Hence, deploying Fire Type against Grass Type Pokemon will make your victory inevitable.

2. Ice Type

Ice Type (Super effective against Grass)
Ice Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

The next most effective Counter against the Grass Type Pokemon is the Ice Type. Inducing double damage and showing remarkable defensive potential against the Grass types make the Ice Type one of the best counters.

3. Poison Type

Poison Type (Super effective against Grass)
Poison Type (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Poison Type Pokemon can easily cause Grass Type Pokemon to feel sick and drained. In addition to this, Poison Type can easily handle the Grass Type moves. So you can say that Poison Type is a very efficient counter against Grass Type Pokemon.

If you do not have decent Pokemon in the above three Pokemon Typing then you can also deploy Flying Type or Bug Type Pokemon against Grass Types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grass Type weak to Ground Type Pokemon?

Well, the case is quite the contrary Grass Type Pokemon are quite strong against Ground Types and are also able to resist their damage very efficiently.

Is Grass Type the weakest Pokemon Type to exist?

Well, the Grass Type is comparatively less strong than most of the Pokemon Types. However, according to the official Pokemon stats in the Pokedex, the weakest Pokemon Type to exist is the Bug Type

Which is the strongest Grass Type Pokemon?

According to Pokedex, Celebi is the strongest Grass Type Pokemon. Shaymin and Tangrowth closely follow the stats of Celebi.

Which is the fastest Grass Type Pokemon?

The title of the fastest Grass Type Pokemon is rightfully stolen by the speed ace, Sceptile.

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