Arknights Tier List | Best Characters & Operators Ranked (March 2024)

Take a look at our in-depth Tier List guide to not only get a good idea of all the characters available in the game but to also help players select the ones best suited to their varied playstyles.

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Arknights Tier List
Arknights Tier List (Image Credits – Arknights)

Arknights has managed to become a popular tower defense game ever since its release in 2019.

The game was initially developed and published by the Chinese Game Development company Hypergryph. This popular game can be played on Mobile and Windows devices.

The interface and the gameplay are simple and enjoyable. The only challenging aspect of this strategy game is putting together a reliable team of characters.

Since there are over 100 characters in Arknights it becomes quite formidable to make the correct choice while formulating your team.

This is why we have prepared this role-wise Arknights Tier List so that you can make the perfect Arknights Team.

Arknights Tier List

Arknights Characters Tier List
Arknights Characters Tier List (Image Credits – Arknights)

Hypergryph keeps on adding new characters repeatedly in Arknights to maintain freshness in the game. However, this also brings a certain amount of dilemma to the players on which characters could serve the most promising on their team.

This is why we went ahead and prepared the perfect Arknights Tier List for you. We have ranked the caliber of the best Arknights Operators and Characters in the following categories:

Arknights S Tier CharactersThe S Tier characters are the most supremely powerful ones which can make your team’s backbone strong and unshakable. It is best to have a team of S Tier Characters for maximizing your winning chances.
Arknights A Tier CharactersThe A-Tier Characters are the next best option that you can use in your team. They might not be as agile as S Tier Characters but they certainly exhibit impressive potential.
Arknights B Tier CharactersB Tier Characters are the most average characters to exist in the Arknights game and ideally, the ones that you should avoid deploying on your team. However, if you are on the initial levels of Arknights gameplay B Tier Characters might be your best hope to ace away the levels.
Arknights C Tier CharactersThe S Tier characters are the most supremely powerful ones which can make your team’s backbone strong and unshakable. It is best to have a team of S Tier Characters to maximize your winning chances.

Knowing about the degree of caliber that each Arknights Tier Category carries will help you to deploy the best characters team according to your level. We have segregated the characters concerning their operations in the game for your convenience.

Arknights Best Operators

Arknights Best Operators (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits - Arknights)
Arknights Best Operators (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits – Arknights)

Now, that we are familiar with the categorization on which we will be basing our Arknights Tier List 2024, it is time to familiarize you with the different operators you will find in the game:

DefenderThey are defense units having high hitpoints and defense stats. They are capable of blocking up to 3 enemies at a time and also can heal nearby ally units, unfortunately, they can’t be healed by others.
GuardGuard characters are defense units as well but their attack range is limited to physical melee contact only. However, this doesn’t mean that Guards are weak cord in the team in any way. They are able to deploy an impressive amount of damage onto the enemy units when in close physical proximity.
MedicThere is no point in having a team without a Healer or Medic to watch their backs. Medic characters are one of the most treasured and important operators in Arknights.
SpeciaistThe key attribute of the Specialist operators is to debuff the enemies by affecting their abilities considerably by as much as a single attack.
SniperUnlike Guards, Sniper operators specialized in long-range attacks. They can deploy a huge amount of damage from a distance but struggle tremendously with close-range fighting
SupporterAs the name suggests, they primarily focus on providing their teammates with buffs to amplify their effectiveness during encounters as well as rebuffing enemy units to make them relatively weaker and easier to take down.
VanguardVanguards can be described as the ultimate attack units that belong in the frontline of the team. Vanguards can inflict a considerable amount of damage on enemy units.

S Tier List Arknights

S Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits - Arknights)
S Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits – Arknights)

S Tier Operators in the Arknights are the strongest characters to exist. Making a team of all S Tier characters will make your team almost undefeatable. We have compiled all the S Tier Characters in different Operator roles into a single table so that you can view all the Best Arknights characters together.

S Tier Caster CharactersMostima, Carnelian, Eyjafjalla, Ceobe, Dusk, Ifrit
S Tier Defender CharactersSaria, Liskarm, Nian, Eunectes, Blemishine, Mudrock, Hoshiguma
S Tier Guard CharactersSurtr, La Pluma, Skadi, Blaze, Silver Ash, Hellagur, Mountain, Lappland
S Tier Medic CharactersPtilopsis, Tuye, Shining, Warfarin, Kal’tsit
S Tier Specialist CharactersGladiia, Phantom, Aak, Weedy, Projekt Red
S Tier Sniper CharactersAsh, Schwarz, Fiammetta, Exusial, Rosa, Archetto
S Tier Supporter CharactersAngelina, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Scene
S Tier Vanguard CharactersMyrtle, Flametail, Bagpipe, Elysium, Saileach

To assemble the perfect Arknights battle team for yourself, we highly recommend using all S Tier Characters. S Tier Characters provide the best in-line attack and defense which gives a statistical edge to the team. It still depends on the creative tactics of the player to use these S Tier characters in the best combination to bring forth the best possible team.

A Tier List Arknights

A Tier List Arknights (Image Credits - Arknights)
A Tier List Arknights (Image Credits – Arknights)

Now, coming to A Tier Arknights characters we have compiled all the A Tier operators alongside their roles in the team.

A-tier characters are known to exhibit some very impressive skills, with only S-tier characters able to outshine their caliber.

However, we may not disregard the fact that A-Tier Characters are the most practical characters that exist in the game.

They are easier to obtain and level up as compared to S-Tier Characters and thereby more promising in the initial levels of Arknights Gameplay.

A Tier Caster CharactersLava the Purgatory, Mint, Iris, Amiya, Click, Gitano, Haze, Leizi
A Tier Defender CharacterHung Asbestos, Ashlock, Croissant, Nearl, Cuora, Blitz, Bison
A Tier Guard CharacterPallas, Savage, Thorns, Indra, Tequila, Franka, Ch’en, Flint, Akafuyu, Flamebringer, Amiya the Guard, Cutter, Astesia, Broca
A Tier Medic CharactersSilence, Whisperain, Nightingale, Purestream, Sussurro, Breeze
A Tier Specialist CharactersMr. Nothing, Cliffheart, Kafka, Gravel, Ethan, Jaye, Mizuki
A Tier Sniper CharactersPlatinum, Blue Poison, Provence, Pinecone
A Tier Supporter CharactersRoberta, Glaucus, Shamare, Pramanix, Magallan, Sora
A Tier Vanguard CharactersSaga, Zima, Reed, Vigna, Reed, Siege

One of the most effective battle tactics in the Arknights Gameplay includes the combination of S Tier and A Tier Characters which is a quite strong combination, right after the S Tier- S Tier character combination. Some of the best A Tier Arknights Characters are Platinum, Saga, Mizuki, Gitano, and Shamare.

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B Tier List Arknights

B Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits - Arknights)
B Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits – Arknights)

Right after the quite agile and versatile A-Tier Operators, come the B-Tier Characters. These operators exhibit average performance at best and are considerably weaker than S & A Tier Characters.

However, they are quite easy to obtain through the character retrieval system and other game events. Ideally, you should avoid using B Tier Characters altogether but if you do not possess any higher Tier Characters then they may be your only hope. If this situation persists for you, it is best to level up these characters to utilize their maximum potential.

B Tier Caster CharactersSkyfire, Corroserum, Steward, Passenger, Leonhardt, Greyy, Tomimi, 12F
B Tier Defender CharacterDur Nar, Heavyrain, Gummy, Noir Corne, Bubble
B Tier Guard CharacterAyerscape, Tachanka, Arene, Sideroca, Whishlash, Mousse, Utage, Jackie, Estelle, Frostleaf, Estelle, Melantha, Popukar, Matoimaru
B Tier Medic CharactersMulberry, Folinic, Perfumer, Myrrh, Hibiscus
B Tier Specialist CharactersSnowsant, Robin, Waai Fu, Frost, Kirara, Rope
B Tier Sniper CharactersAcid drop, Ambriel, Sesa, Meteroite, Rosmontis, Grey Throat, W, Firewatch, Fartooth, Andreana, Executor, Aosta, Toddifons
B Tier Supporter CharactersPodenco, Earthspirit, Suzuran, Deepcolor
B Tier Vanguard CharacterChiave, Grani, Beanstalk, Vanilla, Courier

Now that you have checked the B Tier List Arknights you can easily use these characters in the most efficient ways.

It is best to mix A-Tier and S-Tier characters to bring out the best attributes of these underdog characters. Even though these might not be your go-to choice but still B Tier List Arknights still include some of the most unique and impressive character designs out there.

C Tier List Arknights

C Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List)
C Tier List Arknights (Arknights Tier List) (Image Credits – Arknights)

Last yet not least, we present to you the C Tier List Arknights. This list contains the weakest characters that exist in the Arknights. Every player should avoid using C Tier Operators under all circumstances as they will only bring your team down to a significant degree.

The C Tier Characters may not have the caliber to become a significant team asset but they do still have unique and interesting design aesthetics. C Tier characters are extremely easy to obtain and will be abundant to you throughout the Arknights Gameplay.

C Tier Caster CharactersBeeswax, Absinthe, Nightmare, Lava, Durin
C Tier Defender CharacterCardigan, Matterhorn, Vulcan, Beagle, Spot
C Tier Guard CharacterCastle 3, Dobermann, Beehunter, Swire, Conviction, Midnight
C Tier Medic CharactersAnsel, Ceylon, Lancet 2, Gavial
C Tier Specialist CharactersFEater, Shaw, Manticore, THRM-EX
C Tier Sniper CharactersKroos, Shirayuki, Rangers, Vermeil, Adnachiel, Catapult, Meteor, Jessica, Meteor
C Tier Supporter CharactersIstina, Orchid, Mayer, Tsukinogi
C Tier Vanguard CharacterScavenger, Plume, Yato, Fang, Texas

Now that you have looked at the Tier List 2024 for C Tier operators you know which characters may be weighing your team down until now. If, however, you still wish to use C Tier Characters for whatever reason, then it is advisable to level them up to their maximum potential.

You have reached the end of our Post on Arknights Tier List 2024. We hope you enjoyed this article and it will actively assist you in your Arknights Gameplay experience.

This article has been formulated for fun purposes and must not be taken as a solid guideline. There is no single right way to play a game and the very same applies to Arknights. If you enjoyed our post, kindly spread the word and share your feedback in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Medic Operator in Arknights?

Well, many medical operators exhibit awe-inspiring agility. However, if we had to name the best ones, then you would not go wrong with Tuye, Shining, and Warfarin.

Who is the antagonist in Arknights?

The antagonist in the game Arknights is a contingent called Reunion Movement. The player has to deploy a team of the best possible characters to fight the members of this faction.

Which is the rarest character in Arknights?

Vulcan, Indra, and Angelina are some of the rarest characters to exist in Arknights.

Can I play Arknights on a Windows PC?

Definitely, unlike many other Mobile Tactical Tower Defense games you can play Arknights on your Windows PC. All you have to do is visit the official website of Arknights and download the game for Windows.

Is Arknights a Gacha game?

Yes, Arknights is very much a gacha game. This tactical game works on team battles where the team units can be obtained through a gacha system and special events. The player has to put together a strong team to be able to progress well in the game.

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