Jujutsu Chronicles Codes 2024: How To Redeem Free Spins & More

Take a look at all the latest Jujutsu Chronicles codes in one place and redeem them for various in-game rewards and freebies.

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Jujutsu Chronicles Codes
Jujutsu Chronicles Codes (Image Credits – Game Rant)

Are you a fan of the extremely popular Japanese Manga Series Jujutsu Kaisen? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that the popular series has a Roblox game based on it, Jujutsu Chronicles. In this game, just like the series, players must engage in hand-to-hand combat scenarios and defeat their adversaries.

As good as the default game is, however, to progress further and better in the game, players need to have access to specific quantities of resources. Thankfully, numerous promo codes are released for it periodically by the developers of the game themselves that gamers worldwide can use to unlock various rare rewards and goodies they wouldn’t find anywhere else in the game.

So, if you are looking to gain access to some promo codes to unlock rare items and rewards in this game, you have come to the right place in this post, we’ll be sharing with you all the active codes currently available for this game.

So, without wasting any more time, let us jump right into the list of available codes:

Jujutsu Chronicles Codes- All Active Codes

Here, take a look at all the active promo codes that players can use in-game to unlock various rewards and goodies:

  • Likes9K – Earn 30 Clan Spins and 30 Curse Spins.
  • OneYear – Earn 75 Clan Spins and 75 Curse Spins.
  • Likes8K – Earn 25 Clan Spins and 25 Curse Spins.
  • Visits3M – Earn 15 Clan Spins and 15 Curse Spins.
  • Favs20K – Earn 15 Clan Spins and 15 Curse Spins.

Jujutsu Chronicles – All Expired Codes

Here, take a look at all the expired codes for this game so far:

  • AlphaTester
  • Testing
  • RipGojo
  • InventoryUpdate
  • BigThanks
  • FirstMillion
  • Update1
  • NewGun
  • NewGun2
  • Pity
  • Pity2
  • Pity3
  • Rebalance
  • Likes4K
  • TwoMillion
  • RatesUp
  • AnotherThanks
  • Likes7K
  • Vists3M
  • Favs20K
  • OneYear
  • Likes8K
  • Likes9K
  • Khronos
  • Likes12K
  • Favs30K
  • Visits4M
  • Likes14K
  • Likes15K
  • Favs40K
  • Likes16K
  • Visits6M
  • Pact400
  • Likes17K
  • Rework2
  • Favs44K
  • Visits7M
  • Thanksgiving2023
  • Visits8M
  • Likes20K
  • Favs50K
  • ExploitPatch
  • Visits9M
  • Christmas2023
  • NewYear2024

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How To Redeem Jujutsu Chronicles Codes

Although the process to enter codes in Jujutsu Chronicles is fairly straightforward as the game provides a dedicated button for gamers to use, but for reason, if you are still having issues entering them in your game, take a look at the steps provided below:

  • To begin with, launch Roblox and boot up the Jujutsu Chronicles game.
  • Next, when in the game’s menu, scroll down and look for the dedicated ‘Codes’ button. If you’re still having a tough time spotting the button, look for a button that changes colors.
  • Once you’ve successfully found the codes button, press it and a small dialogue box should appear containing a single text box.
  • Enter the code of your choosing into the text box and press enter to redeem the code. If the code is entered correctly and is still active, players should receive all the rewards and freebies instantaneously. However, if nothing happens, that means either you have entered the code wrongly or the code has expired.

That was it for our dedicated Jujutsu Chronicles codes guide. With the help of the codes provided in this article, players can freely redeem them in their game to receive various rewards and freebies that were otherwise not possible to acquire in the game.

Feel free to come back to this post from time to time as we’ll do our best to keep it updated with all the latest news and updates regarding promo codes in Jujutsu Chronicles. Until then, make use of the existing ones before they eventually expire and become unusable.

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