Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List 2024 – Best Solo Weapons

In this article, we will see the Monster Hunter World weapons tier list, read on further to know which weapons are the best and which weapons you should avoid (especially if you’re a beginner). Monster Hunter: World has been one of the most favorite games in the monsters slaying genre of video games. It is ... Read more

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In this article, we will see the Monster Hunter World weapons tier list, read on further to know which weapons are the best and which weapons you should avoid (especially if you’re a beginner).

Monster Hunter: World has been one of the most favorite games in the monsters slaying genre of video games. It is the fifth main installment of the Monster Hunter video series by Capcom. The game was initially released for PS4 and Xbox One on Jan 26, 2018, and for Windows on Aug 9, 2018.

In the game, you can create your character and you will be supported by an assistant handler and a palico. There are a total of 14 weapons categories in the game and choosing one of them can be tricky. All of the weapons are designed and crafted in such a way that their abilities are unique.

Their move sets are unique and have different upgrade paths that depend upon the materials being used to upgrade the weapon. One weapon may work great against one specific type of monster but fail against another. So, choosing the right weapon plays a big role in deciding the tide of the battle.

For example, if a monster doesn’t get much hurt due to fire, i.e. it has elemental resistance to fire, then it makes no sense to go into a battle with it by taking a fire-based weapon; or if there is a monster that can go airborne, then again it makes no sense to use melee weapons to take it down.

Now, let us begin with our Monster Hunter World weapons tier list.

Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List

Tier-SGreat Sword(Solo), Heavy Bowgun(Solo), Heavy Bowgun (Multiplayer), Light Bowgun(Multiplayer)
Tier-AHammer(Solo), Bow(Solo), Bow(Multiplayer), Switch Axe(Solo), Switch Axe (Multiplayer), Sword and Shield (Multiplayer), Light Bowgun(Solo)
Tier-BCharge Blade(Solo), Charge Blade(Multiplayer), Dual Blades(Solo), Long Sword(Solo), Hunting Horn(Multiplayer)
Tier-CInsect Glaive(Solo), Insect Glaive(Multiplayer), Gunlance(Solo), Sword and Shield (Solo), Lance(Multiplayer), Dual Blades(Multiplayer), Hammer(Multiplayer)
Tier-DHunting Horn(Solo), Lance(Solo), Great Sword(Multiplayer), Gunlance(Multiplayer), Long Sword(Multiplayer)
MHW Weapon Tier List


S-Tier Weapons
S-Tier Weapons

These Weapons are best and every single player should use them if they want to achieve victory. Using these weapons can surely make your match easier but in the end, it all comes down to skills!

Great Sword (Solo)

We decided to put Great Sword at the Top of Tier S because it deals an immense amount of damage to the opponents.

Great Sword’s high amount of hit damage makes it one of the best weapons in the game that can eliminate enemies in a few hits.

Speed is the only factor about this weapon that I personally don’t like but that really doesn’t matter considering the amount of damage that this weapon deals with the enemies.

Light Bowgun (Multiplayer)

The first multiplayer weapon that we’re going to mention on our list today is Light Bowgun and it has a fascinating mobility.

As we mentioned above this gun has great mobility so this means that you can stay in front with your teammates and assist them in taking out the opponents. The only downside of this weapon is the ammo capacity as it is low.

Heavy Bowgun (Solo)

If you ask me the best ranged weapon in Monster Hunter World then the Heavy Bowgun will surely come to my mind as no other weapon in this game allows players to deal such an amount of damage to the opponents.

Like every other weapon in this game, this too has its disadvantages, and for this weapon, it is the low mobility and the ammo capacity issues.

Heavy Bowgun Multiplayer (Multiplayer)

By now you all must be aware that the Heavy Bowgun is one of the best weapons in the game and it also deals a great amount of damage to the opponents in the multiplayer mode.

This weapon also has a great range as well and again it has the same advantages as it had in the solo mode which is the ammo capacity issues.

Tier A Weapons

A-Tier Weapons
A-Tier Weapons

A-Tier Weapons in Monster Hunter World are extremely powerful and will surely prove to be an asset in-game while you crush your opponents.

Hammer (Solo)

A hammer is a Tier-A weapon that does an immense amount of damage to the enemy when used properly and can prove to be a great close-range weapon.

However, even after having a good amount of damage, Hammer has fewer defensive options and only does more damage when attacked on the head.

Switch Axe (Solo/Multiplayer)

Switch Axe is another Tier-A weapon that can switch from an Axe to a sword whenever the player wants. If you’re looking for high mobility and range then it’s best to use the Axe form.

The Sword form of this weapon does more damage as compared to the Axe form so make sure to use the sword form if damage is what you’re looking for.

Bow (Solo)

Bow allows players to take down enemies from a safe distance and it even offers great mobility while dealing a good amount of damage to the opponents.

While using this weapon, players must aim right and know the weak spots of their opponents otherwise the shots will go to waste.

Bow (Multiplayer)

As we mentioned above the Bow is a great weapon to eliminate your opponents from a safe distance so this means that players can make good use of this weapon in the multiplayer mode as well.

It has good range, mobility, and damage but the downside of this weapon is that it consumes a lot of stamina.

Light Bowgun (Solo)

The Light Bowgun is like the Lighter version of the Heavy Bowgun that does a great amount of damage to the enemies which is comparitively lower than that of the Heavy Bowgun.

Unlike the Heavy Bowgun, this weapon offers more mobility to the players which means players will be able to shoot quickly and reload their weapon faster than Heavy Bowgun.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield is a decent weapon. It requires the hunter to never stop attacking and stay over the top of the monster. It has decent offensive and defensive capabilities and it also provides great mobility.

One major feature of Sword and Shield is that you can use the items while the weapon is still drawn. Some of the notable attacks that you can perform using Sword and Shield include Claw Uppercut, Falling Bash, and Perfect Rush.


B-Tier Weapons
B-Tier Weapons

The Weapons that fall under this Tier are quite average and can lead you to victory if used properly. Let us now discuss more about each and every weapon in this Tier down below.

Charge Blade (Solo/Multiplayer)

Like the Switch Axe, the Charge blade also has the ability to switch from an Axe to a Sword. The Sword in this weapon comes with a shield that can provide a good defense to the players.

However, the Axe is quite difficult to use and offers low mobility, other than this the Charge Blade also has a burst mode which deals quite high damage to the enemies.

Dual Blades (Solo)

If you’re looking for one of the fastest weapons in the game then Dual Blades might be just what you’re looking for. This weapon has great speed and is not really huge in size as compared to the swords present in the game.

Long Sword (Solo)

Another Tier B weapon is the Long Sword which offers attack speed, defensive options, and mobility as well. The best part about this weapon is the damage output and the range.

This weapon also offers a spirit meter which will keep on increasing as the players perform combos. The damage of the sword will also go up as the spirit.

Hunting Horn (Multiplayer)

Hunting Horn is a weapon that players can use to assist their teammates in tough in-game situations because this weapon allows players to heal as well as provide buffs to their teammates.

It performs average in combat as well and can be useful for eliminating enemies. Make sure to give Hunting Horn a try as it will not disappoint you.


C-Tier Weapons
C-Tier Weapons

These weapons are pretty weak and players should not use them in important matches. However, using them every once in a while might be right.

Insect Gaive (Solo/Multiplayer)

The first weapon in Tier C is Insect Gaive and it is the only weapon in the game that’ll help you perform Ariel attacks easily.

It also allows players to control a Kinsect pet which they can use to bring essence from different monsters in the game.

Gunlance (Solo)

Gunlance is a pretty intriguing weapon as it allows players to shoot like a gun but also perform melee attacks on their opponents.

Even after having poor mobility, this weapon can still break the defense of enemies and deal them a good amount of damage.

Sword and Shield (Solo)

This weapon is neither good nor bad as it offers both average offensive and defense options to the players. This is also the only weapon in the game that allows users to use items like potions and bombs.

Hammer (Multiplayer)

Hammer is placed in A-Tier for solo mode but that is not the case in multiplayer mode as players can accidentally hit their teammates using this weapon in multiplayer mode.

Another disadvantage of this weapon is that you need to land most of its attacks on the head to eliminate your opponent.

Lance (Multiplayer)

Lance should’ve been put in Tier-A but due to its slow multi-directional movement, we decided to put it in Tier C.

Lance has the strongest defense in the game, it can block even the strongest of the blows, but you don’t win a battle by being completely defensive.

It offers long reach and decent mobility. Its damage per hit is one of the lowest in the game. To perform optimal damage, you need to perform precise attacks.

Lance puts more emphasis on defense rather than offense but being defensive all the time in the battle will not win you battles.

Dual Blades (Multiplayer)

As we mentioned above Dual blades are one of the fastest weapons in the game, however, it isn’t really that useful in multiplayer mode as it doesn’t have any advantages other than high speed.


D-Tier Weapons
D-Tier Weapons

These are the worst weapons in Monster Hunter World and players should avoid using them at all costs.

Hunting Horn (Solo)

Hunting Horn does not inflict much damage on its enemies, as if it were having mercy on them. It is a blunt weapon that adds a musical note to a sheet every time an attack is performed.

Once the notes are in the correct sequence, a melody is created. You can store up to three melodies on the sheet and they can be played by the hunter at any time in the battle.

Different melodies have different effects ranging from increased attack damage, immunity to monster roars, poison cure, etc. While playing MHWorld solo, taking Hunting Horn into the battle is equivalent to committing suicide.

Lance (Solo)

Lance offers a low attack power to the players and that is why we’ve decided to put this weapon in Tier D for solo mode. The only thing that I like about this weapon is its great range but that isn’t enough.

Gunlance (Multiplayer)

Another worst weapon in MHW is Gunlance as the explosions it does can damage your teammates in the multiplayer mode and it is a risk that is not worth taking especially in multiplayer mode.

Long Sword (multiplayer)

Long Sword isn’t really a type of weapon that would help players in the multiplayer mode as there aren’t many uses for it.

It can only land a couple of decent hits to your opponent which is not enough to win the match. Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most used weapon in MHWorld?

Players around the world generally prefer the Great Sword over any other weapon in the game which is followed by the Long Sword.

How many weapons are there in total in MHWorld?

There are a total of 14 weapon categories, all of which have been put in the tier list above.

Which weapon has the highest DPS in MHWorld?

Dual Blades has the highest DPS in MHWorld, especially when you are using the Hunter in demon and archdemon mode, you can perform really long combos.

Is a Heavy bowgun better than a Light bowgun?

In some aspects, a heavy bowgun surpasses the light bowgun but many people use the light bowgun as well because of its versatility.

This brings you to the end of our post on the Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List. We hope you enjoyed this article and this information will help you advance in your gameplay. We will be back with more exciting posts soon. Till then!

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