Tomodachi Life 2 Release Date, Story, Trailer & Rumors

This article will talk about Tomodachi Life 2 Release Date, we’ll discuss whether it will be released or not, and what the fans say and think about the next Tomodachi Life title. Tomodachi Life is a social simulation game developed by Nintendo SPD for Nintendo 3DS. The primary attention of the game is the Miis ... Read more

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This article will talk about Tomodachi Life 2 Release Date, we’ll discuss whether it will be released or not, and what the fans say and think about the next Tomodachi Life title.

Tomodachi Life 2

Tomodachi Life is a social simulation game developed by Nintendo SPD for Nintendo 3DS. The primary attention of the game is the Miis and how they interact with each other. For those who don’t know, Miis are the customizable avatars that appear on Nintendo consoles, we’ll discuss more of them later in this article. The game takes place on an island in the middle of the ocean.

The gameplay involves the player creating the Mii avatars so that they inhabit the island. The Miis can interact and socialize among themselves as well as with the player. The player needs to take care of the Mii which includes feeding him/her, solving his/her problems, and performing other activities.

Tomodachi Life was released back in 2013 and is a sequel to the Japan Exclusive Tomodachi Collection. For much time now fans have been demanding another Tomodachi Life title but it seems like their requests have been falling on deaf ears.

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Tomodachi Life 2 Release Date

Tomodachi Life 2 Release Date

Coming straight to the point, not only do we not have a release date for the next Tomodachi Life but also there is no hint that Nintendo SPD or any other studio is going to make it, not at least in the near future. As mentioned earlier, Tomodachi Life was released in 2013 and it has been 9 long years since its release. The game was a hit and people liked it.

The fans have been desperate for the next Tomodachi title but it doesn’t seem like the game is going to hit the markets at least not in the near future. There are no updates or announcements on the sequel but we think as the fans are trying so hard, maybe someday they’ll wear down the developers and the publishers.

It is rumored that Nintendo will release the Nintendo Switch Pro or an upgraded version of the Switch console next year in 2023. So, maybe Tomodachi Life 2 will be released on the new console. Going with this theory, we cannot expect the game anytime before 2024.

Tomodachi Life Platforms

The 2013 title of Tomodachi Life was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. It is worthwhile to mention that Nintendo discontinued the 3DS production in 2020 and the eShop for 3DS and Wii U will also be shut down in late March 2023. Now, if Tomodachi Life 2 is announced for Nintendo it will most probably be released on Nintendo Switch.

We also cannot rule out the possibility that Nintendo is busy developing a next-gen console since the Switch now has gotten over 5 years old. They might be thinking of releasing a Tomodachi Life sequel on their next console (maybe Switch Pro).

Tomodachi Life 2 Trailer

As we said earlier there is no information or any official announcement regarding the game, so there is no trailer for the game also. But, if you haven’t watched the Tomodachi Life launch trailer we can surely embed that for you to enjoy.

Tomodachi Life Trailer

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Tomodachi Life for Switch: Petition

Tomodachi Life Petition

The demand for the game is so high that people have started petitions on to launch Tomodachi Life 2 or to port the game to the Switch console. The petition aims to get 25K signatures and right now at the time of writing it already has around 20K signatures. If you are also desperately looking forward to getting Tomodachi Life on Switch, you can follow the link and sign the petition; maybe that would help catch Nintendo’s attention.

Many people have launched the petition but none of them seemed to have got the attention like the one for which we have provided the link above. We also have signed the petition because we too want Nintendo to launch the sequel or to at least port the existing game to Nintendo Switch.

Tomodachi Life: Miis


As briefly explained earlier, the Miis are customizable avatars that have appeared on several mobile apps and several Nintendo consoles. These customizable avatars first appeared in 2006 on the Wii Console. You can fully customize your Mii avatar from its physical appearance to how it sounds and even set its attitude and how expressive it will be. For example, you can choose whether your Mii character will be serious or relaxed most of the time or does it converse politely or comes directly to the point, etc.

Miis are still used by Nintendo customers as their profile pictures for their Nintendo Accounts. They can also be shared and transferred between consoles. Some examples of games that use Miis as playable characters include Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and others.

Tomodachi Life 2 Rumors & Fans’ Demands

There is not much discussion or rumors about the game yet as Nintendo doesn’t seem to listen to the audience’s demand for the Tomodachi sequel. We have listed some of the points below that might get featured in Tomodachi Life 2 (if it ever comes out). These are not rumors but fans’ demands that they would like to see in Tomodachi’s Switch version.

Same-Sex Relationships

Tomodachi Life Same Sex Relationship

This is something for which Nintendo faced controversy back when Tomodachi Life was released in 2013. The game did not allow same-sex relationships and fans were angered that the game did not provide an option for having such a relationship. Several campaigns were started to force Nintendo to add the same-sex relationship feature in the game but Nintendo made a statement clarifying that “It would not be possible”.

Later Nintendo apologized for the same issue and stated that if they were to make a third game in the Tomodachi series they would “strive to design a gameplay experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.” So, if Tomodachi Life 2 ever releases, it is inevitable that same-sex relationships will be possible in it.

Higher Islander Limit

Tomodachi Miis

Tomodachi Life allowed a total of only 100 Miis (known as islanders) to live on the island. The game only allowed newer Miis in the game if you delete some of the older Miis, that is disheartening, to say the least. It would be great if Nintendo goes on to increase the limit of the number of Miis to 200 (maybe).

High Levels of Customization

Tomodachi Life Customization

Although there were some cool customization options in the 2013 Tomodachi title, they were nothing compared to Miitopia (2021). If developers include the Miitopia level of customization in Tomodachi Life 2, that will make the sequel very inclusive.

That level of customization will allow players to create a Mii version of their favorite superhero, cartoon, or television character. It is not a big demand from the fans and Nintendo can easily bring that feature in the next Tomodachi Life sequel.

New Buildings and Bigger Island

Tomodachi Life Island

It would be great if Nintendo decides to increase the area of the island a bit more. Adding some more buildings to the game could help make the game more engaging and fun. Buildings like swimming pools, a movie theater, a small port, a fancy restaurant, etc. can help the game to be much more fun and exciting.

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  1. Is Tomodachi Life only for 3DS?

    Yes, Tomodachi Life was released in 2013 only for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo stopped producing more units of the 3DS consoles in 2020.

  2. Will they make a Tomodachi Life 2?

    It can’t be said, but seeing the success of Tomodachi Life, Nintendo may have planned a Tomodachi Life sequel for their next-gen console. So it can be said that the game could come in 2024.

  3. Will Tomodachi Life come to Switch?

    We cannot rule out the possibility of Tomodachi Life coming to Switch but that seems highly unlikely. The Switch console is over 5 years old and it is time for Nintendo to finally release a new console. So we might be seeing Tomodachi Life 2 on the new Nintendo console

  4. Is there a game like Tomodachi Life?

    Yes, there are some games that fall in the social simulation genre like Tomodachi Life. The biggest examples include The Sims and Animal Crossing series of video games.

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