10 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods That Will Provide You With a New Experience

Who wouldn’t wanna add Dragons to their games? Well as Minecraft is one of the most moddable games out there, it would be a shame not to add dragons to its world to make it look dangerous. If you are into fantasy games then Dragon Mods would be the right type of mod for you ... Read more

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10 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

Who wouldn’t wanna add Dragons to their games? Well as Minecraft is one of the most moddable games out there, it would be a shame not to add dragons to its world to make it look dangerous.

If you are into fantasy games then Dragon Mods would be the right type of mod for you to install into your Minecraft world.

However, as there are tons of dragon Mods available on the internet it would be complicated for gamers to choose the best one for them. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we will provide you guys with a list of the Best Dragon Mods for Minecraft.

The mods that we’re about to mention down below will give you a new stunning gaming experience. So let us not waste any other moment and dive into the first mod on our list.

10 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

1. Dawn of Fire

Dawn of Fire
Dawn of Fire
Date CreatedDecember 9, 2020
Date UpdatedDecember 26, 2022

We’re starting our list with Dawn of Fire Mod. Dawn of Fire is quite an exciting mod where dragons not only breathe fire but also ice and lighting. Sounds cool doesn’t it?

This dragon mod will keep you hooked as it also features new biomes and mechanics that will impact your gameplay. Dawn of Fire is a challenging mod for players that enjoy new challenging opportunities.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time then we recommend you try out this mod as it would be something different, fun, and challenging for you. This was it for the first mod and now let us move on to the second mod on our list.

2. Dragon World RPG

Dragon World RPG
Dragon World RPG
Date CreatedApril 30, 2017
Date UpdatedSeptember 22, 2019

Well if you’re looking to completely change your game then Dragon World RPG would be the perfect mod for you. This mod adds numerous dragons across the Minecraft world, out of which some will help you and the rest will try to kill you.

Dragon World RPG makes you feel like you’re playing a completely different game as it adds a ton of changes that bring a lot of reality into the Minecraft world.

For example, if it is daytime where you are and you join a server from a different side of the world, the time in-game will change to reflect this.

Players can also find a dragon egg that they can hatch and will gain a companion for a lifetime. If you wanna add your favorite animals into your Minecraft world then do check out the 10 great animal mods for Minecraft.

3. Ice & Fire Dragons

Ice & Fire Dragons
Ice & Fire Dragons
Date CreatedApril 2, 2017
Date UpdatedJune 29, 2023

As the name suggests, this mod introduces Ice and Fire-type dragons. The Fire dragons can be found in most of the biomes however, the ice dragons can only be found in the coldest biomes possible.

Players would need to watch out for them as they’re deadly and will spawn as adults. Ice and Fire Dragons mod also includes many different elements such as Dragon skeletons, dragon eggs, dragon roosts, caverns, etc.

The mechanics in this mod are top-notch. Apart from Ice and Fire dragons, Lighting dragons can also be found in this mod but they only spawn at night which makes them terrifying. Make sure to watch your back while roaming out during nighttime.

4. Dragon Travel

Dragon Travel
Dragon Travel
Date CreatedNovember 29, 2011
Date UpdatedJuly 21, 2021

Well, you guys can also call this a fast travel mod for Minecraft as it allows players to set a specific destination for dragons and also allows players with permission to summon a dragon.

There are tons of other stuff in this mod as well, like the admin can choose in the config whether the dragons should destroy blocks or not.

The dragons in the Dragon Travel mod work like a fast travel system as they will help you reach your preset destination, however, players cannot dragons while flying but we believe that this feature will be available in the future.

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5. Realm of the Dragons

Realm of the Dragons
Realm of the Dragons
Date CreatedAugust 30, 2017
Date UpdatedJune 12, 2018

Realm of the Dragons is a successor to one of the Best mods for Minecraft which is named Dragon Mounts. It adds 10 dragons to the Minecraft world which players can use and cause some chaos in their Minecraft world.

Each dragon present in this mod has its special ability. All of the 10 dragons can be tamed and players can ride them in the skies.

To ride a dragon players need to first press space which will lift the dragon then simply ride it using the W, A, S, and D buttons. This was it for the Realm of the Dragons and now we will spill some beans about the next dragon mod on our list.

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6. Wyrmroost

Date CreatedSeptember 6, 2019
Date UpdatedJanuary 19, 2021

This mod is certainly my favourite in our list of the best dragon mods for Minecraft because it aims to be as simple as possible.

Wyrmroost mod adds numerous dragons into the Minecraft world and they can be really useful to the players as they can help with farming, transportation, combat, and more.

This mod is still being maintained so we can expect tons of great updates in the future. If you are looking for a great Minecraft mod that does not change the way you play your game then Wyrmroost would be the perfect option for you and best coupled with Minecraft Superhero Mods.

7. World of Dragons

World of Dragons
World of Dragons
Date CreatedJune 19, 2017
Date UpdatedMay 6, 2023

World of Dragons surely is one of the best dragon mods for Minecraft as it is made using the same mechanics from Fire & Ice mod.

Players can even craft new special armors from the corpses of the dragons using this mod. World of Dragons Mod will surely change the way you play your game as your game will become much more challenging than before.

As players progress further in the game, the dragon will be much more powerful and dangerous. So make sure to look out for them.

Dragon equipment and artifacts are dropped once a dragon is defeated and this mod even features new combat as well. This was it for World of Dragons and now we will jump on to the next mod on our list.

8. Dragon Mounts Legacy

Dragon Mounts Legacy
Dragon Mounts Legacy
Date CreatedApril 12, 2020
Date UpdatedJune 25, 2023

Dragon Mounts Lecagy Mod lets players hatch the dragon eggs that they collected from the ender dragon, foster them, and have a fully tamed dragon.

The dragon that players hatch will adapt to the environment pretty quickly. The dragon breeds can also be customized if players edit the JSON files. The dragons in this mod aren’t really that powerful but they can surely be useful to players.

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9. Dragon Survival

Dragon Survival
Dragon Survival
Date CreatedNovember 18, 2020
Date UpdatedJune 25, 2023

Dragon Survival mod completely changes the game as it lets players play as a dragon. There are three types of dragons which are forest, sea, and cave.

Each dragon has its own abilities and characteristics. This mod was created by a true fan of dragon games. The flying mechanics of this mod are just sublime.

Players can even customize their dragon by changing its color, species, and more. We highly recommend every Minecraft player to try out this mod and now we will move on to the final mod on our list.

10. RideThaDragon

Date CreatedNovember 20, 2011
Date UpdatedDecember 20, 2012

Last but not least the final mod on our list is RideThaDragon. This mod is not supported anymore but still it is fun to play even to this day as it comes with loads of commands that enhance the gaming experience.

Players can change the dragon’s height or speed by tweaking the commands and even customizing more attributes. This mod lets players own a personal ender dragon and use it to travel across the Minecraft world.

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This was our list of Best Dragon Mods Minecraft video games. We hope that now you guys must be sure about which mod you’re going to install into your game. If you have any doubts regarding the mods that we have provided above then feel free to write them down below.

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