10 Best Fire Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Fire Type Pokemon make one of the primary pillars that have carried the Pokemon Franchise for 9 generations. You can hardly go wrong with these extraordinarily powerful beasts. Fire-type Pokemon are known to showcase aggressive and robust attacks that can make even the mightiest enemies fall to the ground face-front. If you are curious about ... Read more

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Fire Type Pokemon make one of the primary pillars that have carried the Pokemon Franchise for 9 generations.

You can hardly go wrong with these extraordinarily powerful beasts. Fire-type Pokemon are known to showcase aggressive and robust attacks that can make even the mightiest enemies fall to the ground face-front.

Best Grass Type Pokemon (Strongest Fire Type Pokemon)
Best Grass Type Pokemon (Strongest Fire Type Pokemon)

If you are curious about the Strongest Fire Type Pokemon in the series then this article is just for you! Did you know, many of the legendary Pokemon out there are actually Fire Type? This spicy fact has made our list even more intense and fascinating. We have scanned the entire Pokedex in search of the Best Fire Type Pokemon to create this ranking list for you! Just sit back and enjoy while we bring the list right onto your device screen.

Best Fire Type Pokemon

Fire Type Pokemon is the best choice against the Pokemon of Bug, Ice, Steel & Grass Type. It is quite an intriguing fact that Fire Type has such a strong statistical advantage over some of the strongest Pokemon out there. We have compiled a list of the strongest Pokemon of fire type and ranked them in order of their overall vitality on the battlefield. The factors that we have taken into consideration are Now, let’s get straight to the point and get started with the List of Best Fire Type Pokemon.

10. Entei

Entei (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Entei (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityGround, Rock, Water

The origin of Entei invokes literal chills, which is odd since allegedly this Legendary Pokemon is birthed during a volcanic eruption! That’s right, maybe this is why Entei has no further evolution. This baby is able to deliver some of the most impressive fire moves, like Fire Blasts, Sacred Fire & Eruption. This Pokemon is more of an attacker and possesses decent speed.

9. Houndoom

Houndoom (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Houndoom (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Dark
VulnerabilityRock, Fighting, Water, Ground
AbilityFlash Fire, Early Bird
Evolution ChartHoundour->Houndoom

This Dark Hound is not the one to mess with and to kick things up a notch Houndoom has an alternative version as well, Mega Houndoom. Both these versions are absolute battle maniacs. Flash Fire is one of the most impressive and effective battle moves of this canine. You will barely see them leaning back when it comes to showing their mighty prowess. The special attack of Mega Houndoom is surely the enemy’s doom!

8. Heatran

Heatran (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Heatran (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Steel
VulnerabilityFighting, Ground, Water
AbilityFlash Fire

Next on the list of the Strongest Fire Type Pokemon is this solid creature that is a combo of Fire & Steel! This fighting machine has all the skills to set the enemy on fire, literally. These creatures are often found lurking in volcanic caves. Some of the most effective moves of Heatran are the Flamethrower & Fire Spin. The special attacks of this Pokemon are way too strong and coupled with a sturdy defense, this baby is basically a war machine.

7. Victini

Victini (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Victini (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Psychic
VulnerabilityGhost, Rock, Water, Ground, Dark
AbilityVictory Star

Surprised to see this little one on this list? Victini is not a typical fire-type Pokemon and doesn’t rely on core physical or elemental strength. Instead, this adorable being relies more on its psychic abilities. Despite having relatively low HP and defense resistance Victini makes up by protecting itself with the power of its mind.

6. Volcanion

Volcanion (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Volcanion (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeWater, Fire
VulnerabilityGround, Electric, Rock
AbilityWater Absorb

Giving the old fire and ice a completely new twist, Volcanion takes things to a whole another level with his unique Water & Fire Combo. It wouldn’t come as a surprise now that the best move Volcanion exhibits is Steam Eruption. This solid Pokemon has a strong attack game. Despite having relatively lower HP than many other Pokemon on this list, Volcanion still has high resistance to various attacks due to its low vulnerability status. Hence, we put him in the middle of the Strongest Fire Type Pokemon List.

5. Blaziken

Blaziken (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Blaziken (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFighting, Fire
VulnerabilityGround, Water, Psychic, Flying
Evolution ChartTorchic-> Combusken-> Blaziken

Another strong fire-type attacker Pokemon is the super agile fighting machine, Blaziken! His attacks only go stronger when he ascends into the Mega Evolution. The enemy can barely defend themselves against this proficient fighter. Blaze Kick is one of the most aggressive and effective moves made by this brave warrior.

4. Charizard

Charizard (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Charizard (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Flying
VulnerabilityRock, Water, Electric
Evolution ChartCharmander-> Charmeleon-> Charizard

We know you saw it coming, after all, no Fire Type Pokemon List is complete without the ultimate fan favorite Charizard. The attacking game of this Flame Pokemon is, at a whole different level. Fire Spin & Blast Burn are some of its signature moves. This beast has even more, stronger versions which are: Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y & Charizard Gigantamax. All the hype about Charizard is thus well deserved.

stronger versions of charizard
stronger versions of Charizard

3. Ho-oh

Ho-oh (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Ho-oh (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Flying
VulnerabilityElectric, Water, Rock

Next on the list of Best Fire Type Pokemon is this very intriguing and beautiful pick. Ho-oh is a rare Rainbow Pokemon! That’s right, Rainbow and to further spark things up (pun intended), his feathers light up into the different colors of the rainbow. Ho-oh is a lot more than a glow stick, it is able to induce strong attacks on the opponent and is able to dodge counterattacks with its impressive speed.

2. Reshiram

Reshiram (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Reshiram (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeFire, Dragon
VulnerabilityRock, Ground, Dragon

Next up on the list of Strongest Fire Type Pokemon is this elegant yet deadly Fire Dragon! Reshiram is yet another legendary Pokemon that can burn everything to ashes in a matter of seconds. Fire Fang & Fusion Flares are some of the signature moves of this classy dragon. Not only was Reshiram a vital character in the Pokemon Black & White Series but also an absolute fan favorite in various Pokemon Games. Reshiram is certainly not an easy one to catch.

1. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
Primal Groudon (Best Fire Type Pokemon)
TypeGround, Fire
VulnerabilityWater, Ground
AbilityDesolate Land

And the Number Spot on our Best Fire Type Pokemon Ranking list is stolen by Primal Groudon! It was honestly very difficult to choose between Primal Groudon & Reshiram given that both are ultimately powerful legendary Pokemon. We settled for this mighty beast by looking at its upper hand over almost all other Pokemon types. It is a rare occasion when a Groudon undergoes this transformation. This is a Continent Pokemon with a dangerous and mass destructive skillset. Precipice Blades are the signature move of this mighty beast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ash’s strongest Fire Type Pokemon?

Ash is blessed with the presence of Charizard on his Pokemon team. Even though, Charizard and Ash shared some friction when they formed an alliance they grew a strong friendship over time. In addition to Charizard, Ash also has Fawnite, Houndoom & Ho-oh.

Which is the best starter fire-type Pokemon?

While there are various Pokemon to choose from, you can never go wrong with Charmander. This powerful fire-type Pokemon will ultimately evolve into Charizard, who certainly needs no introduction in the Pokemon Fandom.

Who is the fastest Fire Type Pokemon?

Talonflame steals the title of the fastest Fire Type Pokemon. It is closely followed by Cinderace and Salazzle. These Pokemon may not be the strongest but their speed surely gives them an upper hand in the battle.

What are the Top 10 Strongest Fire Type Pokemon?

We see that you are looking for the list of Top 10 Best Fire Type Pokemon. Visit our page to see the detailed list, stats, and vulnerabilities of the Top 10 Best Fire Pokemon.

Who is the God of Fire Type Pokemon?

According to the legends, Volcarona is the God of Fire in the Pokemon Series.

Which is the most OP Fire-type move?

The heat wave is probably the most ‘OP’ Fire Type moves out there. It is able to deploy significant damage on the opponent giving the statistical edge to the Pokemon.


You have reached the end of this article on the Top 10 Best Fire Type Pokemon. We hope this list will help you in your gameplay experience. In case we missed out on any important Pokemon that deserved to be on this list, don’t shy away from commenting below. Here at Benettonplay, we take the satisfaction of the readers very seriously and are always open to constructive criticism.

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