10 Best Dark Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2024]

Dark Type Pokemon have always attracted the attention of the Pokemon community due to the air of mystery they have around them. Dark Types were introduced in the second generation of Pokemon along with Steel Type Pokemon. Dark Typing was created in an attempt to balance the supremacy of Psychic Type Pokemon in the franchise. ... Read more

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Dark Type Pokemon have always attracted the attention of the Pokemon community due to the air of mystery they have around them. Dark Types were introduced in the second generation of Pokemon along with Steel Type Pokemon.

Dark Typing was created in an attempt to balance the supremacy of Psychic Type Pokemon in the franchise. Overall, Dark Type Pokemon has made some interesting dual-typing combos.

If you have been wondering which are the Strongest Dark Type Pokemon out there, this post is just for you.

We have ranked the Best Dark Type Pokemon in all 9 generations of Pokemon so far. You will find many of the below listed Pokemon in popular Pokemon Games like Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon-EX, and Pokemon United.

10 Best Dark Type Pokemon
10 Best Dark Type Pokemon

Dark Type Pokemon is a solid counter against Ghost and Psychic Type Pokemon, which are generally very difficult to beat. If you wish to explore more about the abilities of the strongest Dark Type Pokemon, read this post until the end.

Best Dark Type Pokemon

Wait time’s now over, as we present our Ultimate List of Best Dark Type Pokemon to you. We have ranked these Pokemon based on the best overall base stats and their prowess on the battlefield.

10. Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon
Roaring Moon
TypeDark, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesFighting, Ice, Dragon, Bug, Fairy
Special AbilityProtosynthesis
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

The first Pokemon to occupy a place on our List of the Best Dark Pokemon is an extraordinary Paradox Pokemon, Roaring Moon! There is quite a mystery encircling around the existence of this Pokemon. According to a few chronicles, this humongous creature is linked with bringing mysterious phenomena. The key attributes of Roaring Moon are its Attack and Speed stats.

Dragon Dance, Acrobatics, Roost, and Crunch are some of the most effective moves of Roaring Moon. The dual Dark and Dragon Typing of Roaring Moon makes it a strong force on the battlefield.

9. Houndoom

TypeDark, Fire
VulnerabilitiesFighting, Water, Ground, Rock
Special AbilityFlash Fire, Early Bird
Evolution ChartHondour-> Houndoom
Special formsMega Houndoom

Now, Houndoom exhibits a really interesting Dual Typing of Dark-Fire which makes this Pokemon really feared by many. If the opponent gets burnt by the flames of Houndoom, the pain may never go away. Houndoom is able to undergo Mega evolution which further accentuates its base stats.

Some of the most effective moves of this fiery Pokemon include Foul Play, Fire Fang, Dark Pulse, and Flamethrower.

8. Darkrai

VulnerabilitiesBug, Fighting, Fairy
Special AbilityBad Dreams
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Darkrai is a pure Dark Type Pokemon with a key ability called Bad Dreams. This ability lets Darkrai induce nightmares in the subconscious of its opponents. The abilities of Darkrai further amplify on a moonless night where Darkrai can cause nightmares to an entire village!

This Pitch Black Pokemon is hard to spot during nighttime and may sneak up on its prey. Darkrai’s Special Attack and Speed attributes are the best attributes of this nightmare-causing Pokemon. The signature moves include Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Snarl, and of course Bad Dreams.

7. Hydreigon

TypeDark, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesFighting, Ice, Bug, Dragon
Special AbilityLevitate
Evolution ChartDeino-> Zweilous-> Hydreigon

Hydreigon certainly has an interesting design with 2 heads in place of hands. This dual combination of Dark & Dragon Typing is very aggressive and falls under the category of Brutal Pokemon. However, there is a solid reason behind its brutality. Hydreigon was believed to be evil and continuously attacked by people which made it harsh and ruthless over time.

The aggression of Hydreigon can be put to good use on the battlefield. Some of the best signature moves of this Pokemon include Outrage, Hyper Voice, Tri Attack, Dragon Rage, Bite, and Dragon Breath.

6. Zarude

TypeDark, Grass
VulnerabilitiesIce, Fire, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Flying, Fairy
Special AbilityLeaf Guard
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Zarude is yet another interesting and powerful example of a Dark dual typing combination. The combination of Dark and Grass Type gives rise to various interesting battle moves from a single Pokemon. This Rogue Monkey Pokemon resides in a lush green forest with their community. Their intimidating and aggressive nature makes them feared by other forest Pokemon.

Jungle Healing, Leaf Guard, Vine Whip, and Power Whip are some of the most effective skill moves of Zarude.

5. Mega Gyarados

Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados
TypeDark, Water
VulnerabilitiesGrass, Bug, Electric, Fighting, Fairy
Special AbilityMold Breaker
Evolution ChartMega Evolution of Gyarados

The Mega Evolution of the popular Water-Flying Type Pokemon, Gyarados surprisingly inculcates a Dark Typing. This is because of the excessive stress it undergoes due to the Mega Evolution. This Atrocious Pokemon might be the purest epitome of rage in the Pokemon Series. Mega Gyarados’ one aggressive dive out of the Ocean is enough to split any ship in half.

Bite, Leer, Ice Fang, Twister, Hydro Pump, and Aqua Tail are some of the signature moves of this gigantic water-based Dark Type Pokemon.

4. Greninja

TypeDark, Water
VulnerabilitiesElectric, Grass, Bug, Fighting, Fairy
Special AbilityTorrent
Evolution ChartFroakie-> Frogadier-> Greninja

Greninja is yet another Pokemon with a Water-Dark Typing combination. This Pokemon actually possesses a very unique blend of abilities that make it a solid choice to have on your team. This Ninja Pokemon can compress water in the form of shooting stars which are strong enough to even split metal in half. The attack and speed are the key attributes that make Greninja an excellent choice on the battlefield.

Greninja is able to perform some very epic moves such as Night Slash, Water Shuriken, Pound, Role Play, Haze, Bubble, and Water Pulse.

3. Yveltal

TypeDark, Flying
VulnerabilitiesIce, Rock, Fairy, Electric
Special AbilityDark Aura
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Yveltal is a legendary Pokemon with an impressive dual Typing of Dark-Flying. This Pokemon has the cynical ability to absorb the life force of its surrounding creatures. Yveltal uses this ability to revert into its cocoon stage after its death, basically making it immortal.

Hurricane, Razor Wind, Taunt, Air Slash, Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Foul Play are some of the most impressive skills that Yveltal uses upon being in danger. These moves also come in handy in Pokemon Battles and Raids.

2. Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa Unbound
Hoopa Unbound
TypeDark, Psychic
VulnerabilitiesFairy, Bug
Special AbilityMagician
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

We all know that the underlying idea of introducing Dark Type Pokemon was to create a solid counter against Psychic Type Pokemon. However, the dual Typing of Dark-Psychic left the Pokemon awestruck with the Hoopa Unbound! Apart from its energetic abilities, Hoopa Unbound also exhibits high levels of physical strength.

This Djinn Pokemon shows vulnerability towards a very select group of Pokemon which are Bug & Fairy Types. Hyperspace Fury, Confusin, Magic Coat, Psybeam, Knock Off, and Dark Pulse are some of the most effective moves in the basket of Hoopa Unbound.

1. Tyranitar

TypeDark, Rock
VulnerabilitiesWater, Ground, Fighting, Grass, Steel, Bug, Fairy
Special AbilitySand Stream
Evolution ChartLarvitar-> Pupitar-> Tyranitar
Special formsMega Tyranitar

And finally, crowned at the position of No. 1 Best Dark Type Pokemon is the extremely strong Armor Pokemon, Tyranitar! The Rock Sub Typing and Darkcore element of Tyranitar makes it an unstoppable beast in fights. The Attack Stats of Tyranitar are the ones to look out for. Tyranitar has the ability and strength to change the structure of landscapes in a matter of seconds.

Tyranitar is able to undergo Mega Evolution which further accentuates the destructive power of this Armor Pokemon. Some of the most effective moves of Tyranitar, in general, include Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Chip Away, Dark Pulse, Payback, Crunch, Earthquake, and Stone Edge. Tyranitar is an extremely useful Pokemon to have on your team in any Pokemon Game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Strongest Dark Type Pokemon?

According to the overall Base Stats, Tyranitar is the strongest Dark Type Pokemon closely followed by Hoopa Unbound & Yvetal.

Is Houndoom worth it in Pokemon Go?

Sure, Houndoom can actually contribute as a formidable asset in your Pokemon Go Team, given you deploy him against the right Pokemon Types.

Which is the strongest Dark Type move?

Wicked Blow, Fiery Wrath, Crunch, and Dark Pulse are some of the strongest Dark Type moves.

Which is the weakest Dark Type Pokemon?

Power Trip is certainly the weakest Dark Type Pokemon to exist.


This marks the end of our post on the Best Dark Type Pokemon. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed compiling and writing it. Do not forget to comment down your favorite Dark Type Pokemon below. We will be back with more exciting Pokemon and Gaming Articles soon, Till then!

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