10 Best Ice Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Pokemon has been one of our most beloved childhood favorite anime series. The matter of Best Pokemon Types has been a popular topic of discussion for us. Now, circling the topic in hand, the Ice Type Pokemon is one of the most enticing and powerful types to exist in the entire franchise. Their icy old ... Read more

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Pokemon has been one of our most beloved childhood favorite anime series. The matter of Best Pokemon Types has been a popular topic of discussion for us. Now, circling the topic in hand, the Ice Type Pokemon is one of the most enticing and powerful types to exist in the entire franchise. Their icy old demeanor and elegant moves have captivated us since our childhood.

10 Best Ice Type Pokemon
10 Best Ice-Type Pokemon

However, there are only a few Ice Type Pokemon that portray class-apart battle statistics. In this article, we will be ranking The Best Ice Type Pokemon of all time according to the statistics provided in the Pokedex.

Best Ice-Type Pokemon

Ice Type Pokemon are among the popular battle choices among Pokemon trainers. These magnificent Pokemon are most effective against Flying, Grass, Ground, and Dragon Type Pokemon moves. That’s right! Ice Type Pokemon are naturally immune against some of the strongest Pokemon types.

When it comes to vulnerability, Ice Type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Steel, Rock & Fighting Type Pokemon. Even so, the best Ice Types are able to resist some of these Pokemon moves with great ease.

10. Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Iron Bundle (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Water
VulnerabilityElectric, Fighting, Grass, Rock
AbilityQuark Drive

Now, Beginning with the ultimate countdown of Best Ice Type Pokemon, on the 10th position rests the Ice-Water power combo, Iron Bundle! This is an adorable little Pokemon that was first introduced in Pokemon Violet. Iron Bundle is a Paradox Pokemon with an ability called Quark Drive. This ability allows Iron Bundle to raise the bar of their highest battle stat. Hydro Pump and Freeze Dry are the best signature moves of this small yet powerful Pokemon.

9. Chien Pao

Chien-Pao (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Chien-Pao (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Dark
VulnerabilityRock, Fire, Bug, Fighting, Steel, Fairy
AbilitySword of Ruin

Chien-Pao is another combination of ice Pokemon which is a proud member of Treasures of Ruin. This elite Ruinous Pokemon is amongst the Strongest Ice Type Pokemon to exist. This feline creature awfully resembles a Snow Leopard. Ice Spinner, Sacred Sword, Crunch, and Sucker Punch are amongst the best moves of this legendary Pokemon. You can rest assured if you have this feisty leopard on your Pokemon team.

8. Articuno

Articuno (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Articuno (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Flying
VulnerabilitySteel, Fire, Rock, Electric

Next on our list of Strongest Ice Type Pokemon is the mesmerizing blue-winged bird Pokemon, Articuno! This is yet another legendary Pokemon that has the power to wield ice moves by its will. The unmatched battle stats of this beautiful Flying Pokemon makes it a well-deserved contender on our list. The signature moves of Articuno include Frost Breath & Ice Beam.

7. Froslass

Froslass (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Froslass (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Ghost
VulnerabilityGhost, Dark, Rock, Steel, Fire
AbilitySnow Cloak
Evolution ChartSnorunt-> Glalie/ Froslass

Frosslass is a dual Ghost-Ice Type Pokemon who thrives in cold weather. This unusual-looking Pokemon is also known as Snow Land Pokemon. Some of the signature moves of this Pokemon include Ice Beam, Shadow Ball & Hex! The best attribute of this Pokemon is its high speed. Apart from speed, the other base stats of this Ghost Ice Pokemon are quite well-rounded.

6. Regice

Regice (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Regice (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityRock, Fighting, Fire, Steel
AbilityClear Body

There is no single doubt about the presence of Regice on the list of Best Ice Type Pokemon. The hard outer covering of this Pokemon gives it a high defense stats. These icy cool Pokemon can create and manipulate ice through their powers. The most powerful and effective moves of this huge chilling pokemon include Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Blizzard and Lock-On! In addition to these, Regice also has an ability called Clear Body which helps this huge Pokemon to retain its base stats during the battlefield. You will never go wrong by placing this versatile Pokemon in your battle team.

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5. Glastrier

Glastrier (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Glastrier (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityRock, Steel, Fire, Fighting
AbilityChilling Neigh

The next Ice Type Pokemon on our list is a pure Ice Typing pokemon called Glastrier. This Pokemon has an uncanny resemblance to a wild horse. This intriguing Pokemon has the ability to release cold fumes from its hooves. Glastrier is more of an attacker than relying on defending the enemy moves. The signature move of this aggressive battle ace is called Icicle Crash. Apart from this, Glastrier also has an innate ability called the Chilling Neigh which further improves the attack effectiveness. Deploying this wild horse Pokemon on the battleground will surely increase your winning chances considerably.

4. Abomasnow

Abomasnow (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Abomasnow (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Grass
VulnerabilityBug, Rock, Flying, Steel, Fighting, Poison
AbilitySnow Warning
Evolution ChartSnover-> Abomasnow

The next addition on our list of Strongest Ice Type Pokemon is a unique blend of Ice & Grass Typing. This tree-like Pokemon has a surprising ability to wield snow & ice in the surroundings. The attack game of Abomansnow is quite strong as compared to the defense stats. The special ability of this battle ace is called Snow warning, which leads to the occurrence of a hailstorm! The signature moves of this Pokemon include Razor Leaf and Weather Ball.

3. Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Baxcalibur (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Dragon
VulnerabilitySteel, Fairy, Rock, Dragon, Fighting
AbilityThermal Exchange
Evolution ChartFrigibax-> Arctibax-> Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur steals the third spot on our list of Best Ice Type Pokemon of All Time. This is a Pseudo legendary Pokemon with a mixed type of Ice & Dragon. This Pokemon has a strong attack game as compared to other battle attributes. Swords Dance, Icicle Spear, and Dragon Claw are amongst the best signature moves that can be performed by Baxcalibur. These intriguing Pokemon possess a special ability called Thermal exchange which can convert Fire Type Attacks into stronger counterattack moves.

2. Calyrex (Ice Rider)

Calyrex (Ice Rider) (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Calyrex (Ice Rider) (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Psychic
VulnerabilityGhost, Dark, Steel, Rock, Fire, Bug
AbilityAs One

Calyrex Ice Rider is a legendary Pokemon with an Ice-Psychic typing combination. This majestic beast is naturally resistant to Ground, Flying, Dragon & Grass Type moves. The signature attack of this elegant Pokemon is Glacial Lance, Shadow Ball, Freeze Dry, Psychic, and High Horsepower. Calyrex is able to execute a pretty badass special attack that is assured of knocking out enemies to the ground. The high core strength coupled with the Psychic abilities make Calyrex Ice Rider pretty much undefeatable.

1. Kyurem

Kyurem (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
Kyurem (Best Ice Type Pokemon)
TypeIce, Dragon
VulnerabilitySteel, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting
Stronger versionsBlack Kyuren, White Kyuren

And the Number 1 Position on our Ranking list of Best Ice Type Pokemon is gracefully stolen by the legendary Ice Dragon Pokemon, Kyurem! The attack and defense stats of this hardcore beast are beyond impressive. Kyurem can wield some impressive moves including Blizzard, Ice Beam Dragon Pulse, Dragon Clae, and Freeze Shock. This already glorious Pokemon has two superior versions called White Kyurem & Black Kyurem.

Overall, Kyurem is a powerful and versatile Ice-type Pokemon that can deal massive amounts of damage to opponents while also being able to take hits and remain in battles for longer. The unique typing, moves, and abilities make Kyurem an excellent choice for any trainer looking for a potent Ice-type Pokemon for their team.

Stronger versions of Kyurem Pokemon
Stronger versions of Kyurem Pokemon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Ghost Ice Type Pokemon?

Certainly, Froslass is a Ghost Ice Typing combination Pokemon who was first featured in the Gen 4 of Pokemon. This is a humanoid Pokemon with the exception of a hollow chest.

Is there a Fire Ice Pokemon?

Yes, Darmanitan’s Galarian Zen Mode is the only Fire Ice Typing Combination to exist in the Pokemon universe so far!

How bad is Ice Type Pokemon?

Well, it wouldn’t be completely fair to call Ice Type Pokemon as bad. However, the poor defense statistics of most of the Ice Type Pokemon make them a poor choice in prolonged battles and incompatible opponents.

Which is the fastest Ice Type Pokemon?

Well, there are many fast and agile Ice Tye Pokemon but if we had to choose one, then Weavile is most probably one of the fastest Ice Type Pokemon to exist in all the 9 generations of the Pokemon franchise.


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