How to Get Destiny 2 Hammerhead in 2024 [Complete Guide]

You may already be familiar with the widely popular game titled “Destiny 2”. In this game, you assume the role of a Guardian, a defender of the last City which is humanity’s final stronghold in a universe besieged by notorious evildoers. To achieve victory, your objective is to acquire power and defeat the infamous villains ... Read more

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You may already be familiar with the widely popular game titled “Destiny 2”. In this game, you assume the role of a Guardian, a defender of the last City which is humanity’s final stronghold in a universe besieged by notorious evildoers.

To achieve victory, your objective is to acquire power and defeat the infamous villains of darkness. Additionally, there are different Guardian classes available, including the swift Hunter, the mystic Warlock, and the armored Titan.

How to Get Destiny 2 Hammerhead

Basic Facts About Destiny 2 Hammerhead

Enthusiastic players can enjoy Destiny 2 for free. With each update, the developers of Destiny 2 introduce new enhancements.

The most recent expansion, titled “The Witch Queen,” was released in February 2022. This expansion is widely regarded as the best expansion in the history of Destiny 2 gameplay

About Destiny 2 Hammerhead 2024

In Destiny 2’s fifth season, there is an ancient machine gun called Hammerhead. This powerful weapon unlocks the portal to the “Volundr Forge,” located in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

The Hammerhead in Destiny 2 is crafted within the Black Armory forge by a Guardian.

It is the first weapon that can be obtained through the Black Armory Machine Gun Frame Quest.

Hammerhead Machine Gun Destiny 2
Hammerhead Machine Gun Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers Hammerhead machine guns, which can be obtained in two different rarities: Exotic and Legendary. These guns serve as a weapon source, capable of unleashing a variety of ammunition such as bombs, missiles, shells, and bullets.

Whether engaging in PVE (Player versus Environment) or PVP (Player versus Player), the Hammerhead in Destiny 2 is an incredibly powerful machine gun that captivates and challenges Guardians, the players themselves.

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Armor-piercing rounds are rounds that do supplemental damage to guards & over-penetrate targets.Expands Range by a small amount


Adaptive FrameDurable, Well-balanced, and Reliable 

Barrel / Scenery

Hammer-Forged RiflingHammer-forged rifling that is a Long-lasting ranged barrel 

1st Trait

Feeding FrenzyKills with this weapon temporarily improve restock rate.

2nd Trait 

Rampage Kills with this weapon result in enriched damage for a while. Accumulation 3 times

Benefits of Hammerhead in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Hammerhead is considered one of the most powerful armaments in the game, thanks to its captivating allure, marvelous capacity, and impressive strength. It has earned the reputation of being the “best patrol ransack in the game.” There are several reasons why it is arguably the finest and most formidable fast-action gun in Destiny 2.

Classes in Destiny 2
Classes in Destiny 2

Indeed, this armament is truly marvelous. It functions as a versatile 450 RPM (revolutions per minute) Machine Gun, suitable for activities such as Gambit, PVP, and PVE. It can be effectively used with perks like Uprooting Rampage and Frenzy, allowing for a continuous onslaught of destruction, much like the explosive power of the Furnace.

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In the gameplay of Destiny 2, the Hammerhead consistently ranks high on the list of maximum potential secondary Power armaments across all game modes. It is considered one of the most reliable and sought-after weapons for Guardians due to its impressive range and accuracy, availability of exceptional barrels, and the ability to roll remarkable benefits such as Quickdraw, Feeding Frenzy, Shrouded, and Rampage.

Procedure to find Destiny 2 Hammerhead 2024

If you are looking for the process of getting Hammerhead in Destiny 2, then all you have to do is follow the points mentioned below. The steps are simple and easy to implement.

  1. Initially, players as a guardian have to Tangled Shore and visit Spider.
  2. Next, you will see the Annex area, get in there and converse with Ada-1.
  3. Then you will see 25 Compounds of Ether, accumulated from lost opponents, and the Black armory crate grab the Weapon Core. 
  4. For hive kills & multi-kills you need to use a powerful weapon.
  5. For collecting radiant seeds you have to slaughter at least 25 rivals. 
  6. Finally, grasp the radiant seed and came back to Ada-1 following that visit to Volundr Forge.

How to Unlock Volundr Forge in Destiny 2?

If you are willing to unlock different forges, then go through with the points written below in this section. 

  • Once you come back to Ada-1, the tower forges will unlock, to gather the hammerhead you need to collect the frame of a machine gun.
  • After that, a player needs to complete all the quest chores assigned by equipping and examining the frame.
  • In the next step, you have to utter with Ada-1.
  • By operating everyday forge, finalize the weapon seen on EDZ.
  • Lastly, follow the directions given on the screen for picking the Destiny 2 hammerhead machine gun frame.

Hammerhead Destiny 2 Gameplay Details

The evolution undoubtedly serves as evidence to support the argument made by Fate fans, who previously expected a tough crowd in the middle. While not as extreme as the destruction of entertainer’s vaults that occurs between the original game and Fate 2, performers are likely to face attacks.

Bungie’s determination stems from various reasons. Players embarking on their new journey will explore a Troubled Region, a PvE adventure area where they will encounter combatants from different races, a boss intruder, and unlockable rib cages with accompanying heirlooms

Destiny 2 Hammerhead

Whether you are enthusiastic about tackling red tape singularly or with the company of two additional Guardians, there are various skillful and emaciated subdivisions on each piece of land. With adeptness, you can accumulate numerous rewards for the cherished rebels you’ll discover within. The Extinct Tract possibly provides the answer and establishes the Territory Design. Once located, it will determine the area where you can venture to acquire rewards for each talent.

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Destiny 2 Hammerhead 2023 Complete Guide

Before the forges are unlocked, you can visit Ada-1 in the tower and obtain the fast-action gun frame to farm for this armament. Moving forward, you should assemble the frame, examine its structure, and complete the exploration steps on the skilled difficulty. Welcome, Ada, and make sure to finish the armament by completing the daily counterfeit mission found in the European Dead Zone (note that they alternate constantly). Essentially, assemble the frame and follow the instructions on the skilled difficulty to obtain your fast-action gun.

Hammerhead is a renowned fast-action gun with significant firepower. It features an adjustable frame, providing a well-balanced grip, reliability, and durability. It can have beneficial perks such as Encircled, which boosts effectiveness when surrounded by enemies, and Quickdraw, allowing for swift weapon handling with any preferred playstyle.

The curated roll suggests enhancing burst damage with increased stock speed after kills and gaining rampage for increased damage following kills. These two functions complement each other effectively. Famous arms serve as the long-standing reward for dedicated performers, and restricting them significantly impacts their ability to experiment with different load-outs in high-level content.

This preference for balance can be seen as Bungie’s effort to regain the attention of players invested in the original Chance. With Trials of Osiris making a comeback and competitive play becoming an integral part of players’ experience in upcoming seasons, implementing volume caps helps prevent the meta from becoming stale. Allowing players to evolve their load-outs following the acquisition of new weapons.

How will Guardian get Hammerhead in the Destiny 2 online game?

Getting Destiny 2 hammerhead is quite an easy process mentioned above. Or a player can get it by ending all the tasks cited in the gameplay.

What is the newest expansion of Destiny 2?

Developers of Destiny 2 released the current expansion in Feb 2022 named “The Witch Queen” which is the most acceptable evolution ever.

Can I buy Hammerhead Machine Gun in Destiny 2?

Yes, players willing to buy to hammerhead machine gun can get it from every verse. This is the most effortless process for purchasing a hammerhead. 

What sorts of destinations are there in Destiny 2?

If you are new to this game, then let us tell you the destinations of Destiny 2 such as Tangled Shore, The Moon, Dreaming City, Nessus, The Cosmodrome, and EDZ.


This marks the end of our Destiny 2 Hammerhead Game Guide. We hope this post will assist in your Destiny 2 Gameplay Progression. If you have any queries regarding this post or simply wish to leave your feedback, feel free to comment down below. We will be back with more exciting game guides soon.

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