The 10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods 2023 (Updated)

10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods –> Users may drastically alter their Minecraft also with the help of this Downloadable Content. Everything their intergalactic desires will truthfully happen, then they’ll get to enjoy Minecraft in some manner you’ve rarely experienced previously. So don’t panic; this video game won’t resemble The Sims 4 Star Wars installment ... Read more

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10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods –> Users may drastically alter their Minecraft also with the help of this Downloadable Content. Everything their intergalactic desires will truthfully happen, then they’ll get to enjoy Minecraft in some manner you’ve rarely experienced previously. So don’t panic; this video game won’t resemble The Sims 4 Star Wars installment at its finest.

Everything players could possibly desire from an open-world Star Wars RPG is contained within this DLC, plus more. It is indeed now they need to obtain a Minecraft website setup so players may engage together with their buddies while creating their unique Star Wars universe.

10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods
10 Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

A blueprint, graphic settings, skins package, objects, an enhanced user interface, as well as a Star Wars music will all be included in this latest gameplay version. The streets on that map can be known when players are die-hard Star Wars fans. You will recognize several locations from both The Mandalorian and the previous three films.

It’s absolutely great that players will have a maximum of Twelve worlds to examine. Everyone must be thinking about how you’ll get from one galaxy to the next. They need gunships, and they’re able to launch those through hyperspace. The enjoyable aspect of such a DLC allows gamers even to replicate their favorite film sequences.

Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods

Although the best Minecraft Star Wars Mods to download are fantastic, there are often opportunities to make it better or more customized. This serves as the foundation for it. Star Wars graphics and modifications made by Mojang itself are pretty stunning and outstanding. The one and only drawback is that they’re expensive.

However, while users play on a PC, there seem to be open modifications made by user programmers that can replace this for you. In this article, our picks for Minecraft Star Wars mod pack will take players to distant galaxies. When contrasting the goals as well as the appeal of the numerous modifications offered, you may compile a list of said greatest Minecraft Star Wars mods.

Legends Mod

Legends Mod
Legends Mod

Star Wars in Minecraft Legends Mod is a modification that lets users construct cutlasses whilst engaging themselves in a designed universe with many activities to take part in and explore.

It isn’t traditionally from the film or series. Gamers that prefer playing dress up like their beloved hero icons will find lots of good packages and figures by Godzilla and Superheroes Unlimited within modification in addition to Star Wars-themed products & concepts.

Legends might be the ideal mod and use if you’re looking to liven up your experience while moving absurdly with the concept. The patch includes a lot of related items and activities, additional lightsabers, plus themed heroes ranging on account of Godzilla & scary creatures to champions.

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Minecraft Starfall
Minecraft Starfall

Starfall Minecraft Star Wars mod pack selects the option for players if they want to include blocks with a Star Wars pattern in the gameplay. This modification introduces blocks with graphics that exactly match those players had encountered in a universe distant, beyond, despite not really being permitted.

This patch provides a plethora of new gameplay components, which are all technological objects that they might frequently come across in the Star Wars world.

The Starfall addon enables them to create their Star Wars-themed apartment, complete with sophisticated floor coverings like the Empire usually utilized and Death Star lighting displays. One can also create their own lightsabers during Starfall, although I don’t recommend it.

Kryptic’s Star Wars Mod

Kryptic’s Star Wars Mod
Kryptic’s Star Wars Mod

Not really a groundbreaking best Star Wars mod Minecraft. Nevertheless, being able to construct laser weapons or perhaps even your fantastic lightsaber, also introduces Jedi and Sith to the videogame. However, building your lightsabers using this technique isn’t always the greatest idea.

Yet, the reality remains that this adds more enemies to gaming making it worthwhile to investigate. We are expecting to see this incorporated, though the mod’s creator has also confirmed that he intends to count cyborgs and other Star Wars opponents to the video game.

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Star Wars A Clone Wars Survival Mod

Star Wars A Clone Wars Survival Mod
Star Wars A Clone Wars Survival Mod

Browse no further than A Clone Wars Survival Mod if players would like to restore the Clone Wars universe to reality. In this article, this modification is instantly the favorite survival patch. This is now the perfect survival mode for gaming unless users are pursuing the best one.

In every Minecraft arena, the update automatically adds Jedi, Sith, and Separatists. Also with the help of that kind of Clone Wars mod, anyone may direct their unique conflict or make their game realistic by simulating the conflict between Anakin Skywalker but also Ahsoka Tano.

The above mod features actions like clones walking, Magna guards defending, and sometimes even robot assaults and therefore is modeled on genuine fights.

FastCraft Mod

FastCraft Mod
FastCraft Mod

FastCraft is a complex mod that dramatically enhances both server and client efficiency sans altering how the videogame is being played. Something might profit from FastCraft, including quick computer systems and servers.

The modification may be downloaded on either the host or the user, making it selectable upon each. It is also possible to set it solely on the customer or only the server. It’s okay if the client and server have different variants.

Therefore, it is advised to consistently utilize the most current edition on both ends. Seeing as FastCraft is designed just to be completely inaccessible to the client, no setting is necessary. Simply place FastCraft into the modifications directory after installing Minecraft Forge to activate everything.

Star Wars in MC

Star Wars in MC
Star Wars in MC

This short modification will give Minecraft a Star Wars feel. Make lightsabers, research skills, search for monasteries, embark on a journey along R2D2, and even organize massive player combat. Attributed to the reason that blades deal major harm, players must deflect the hits from all other gamers to withstand battle with such a mod.

The holocron’s “big leaps” and “rapid” abilities aid not just in combat as well as covering great distances. The transport T6 inside the patch enables players to move across great spans with companions or mobs. The Jedi may be trained, providing users with more powerful defense over crowds.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars_ Galaxy’s Edge
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars in Minecraft Galaxy’s Edge is a fantastic mod that sticks out against the competition for people who like a modification that is neither overly complicated, substantial, or extensive and yet accomplishes the task at hand. Gamers may accept the benefit of a flexible lightsaber structure and brand-new inspired material inside the patch.

For a specific result, discover and construct lightsabers using various designs in addition to combining elements to make their custom lightsaber. To enhance the natural attractiveness of such a patch, look for kyber gems beneath to assist color and energize any lightsaber.

The capability to search for something and gather kyber stones to construct cutlasses throughout is among the outstanding attributes of such a mod, together with whole legions of Autobots, space exploration, new lightsaber designs, and supplementary concepts.

Imagine SW

Minecraft Imagine SW

This patch was made for amusement and therefore is intended for roleplaying. Just an example, things are altered and changed while recognizable & operate identically, and visuals are modified in certain areas but retain the same colors, giving off a Star Wars vibe while altering or confounding vanilla functionality.

This must imply that a vanilla gamer may handle playing and appreciate it. Eight planets exist, whereas there is no preset overworld. There is just a parent biosphere across each globe. Your journey begins in the arid world of Tatooine. Configure texture packages to download after mod assets.



For individuals who enjoy X-wings, Lord of the Rings, and lightsabers, Wandercraft is the best Star Wars mod Minecraft. Using Wandercraft, anyone may fly an X-wing, discover novel things and monsters, or certainly submerge themself within their personal Star Wars/LOTR environment.

This patch is enjoyable since it combines a number of the current top video games plus big international brands. Well over ten new firearms and four in-game enemies including environment changes like fresh Easter eggs are just a small number of the options provided by the update. The player-controllable X-wing throughout this mod could be among the most interesting recent features.

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Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Mod

Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Mod
Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Mod

Players must first decide whether to follow a Jedi or Sith fate inside the Skywalker Saga Mod’s fully developed tale. Featuring six altogether renewed worlds to visit & discover, this is a videogame that gamers who are serious about taking their Minecraft experience to a higher level merely can’t skip.

Nearly 90 various critters plus completely new cars to roam around within are among such mod’s more remarkable and memorable aspects. Must possess far more than 20 3-dimensional weaponry, including sabers and lightsabers.

This isn’t all, though. Even with the help of this patch, six brand-new worlds, notably Dagobah and Tatooine, may now be explored, making for a totally enjoyable environment.

There you’ve it. We hope this information about the Best Minecraft Star Wars Mods to download currently was helpful. In case you have any queries, share them with us in the comment section.


What is Hax Star Wars?

At the climax of such Clone Wars, Sheev established the dictatorial Galactic Civilization, headed by only a masculine diplomat named Pollux Hax.

What is the most realistic mod in Minecraft Star Wars?

We think Star Wars A Clone Wars Survival is the realistic mod.

Which Star Wars planet is best?

Tatooine is the best planet of all in Star Wars.

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