10 Best Ground Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Ground Type Pokemon is one of the Best offensive options out of all categories of Pokemon. Ground Types can neutralize many strong Pokemon Types such as Poison, Rock, Electric, Steel, and Fire Types. Having a Ground Type Pokemon on your team can be quite advantageous to have in your team for obvious reasons. If you ... Read more

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Ground Type Pokemon is one of the Best offensive options out of all categories of Pokemon. Ground Types can neutralize many strong Pokemon Types such as Poison, Rock, Electric, Steel, and Fire Types.

Having a Ground Type Pokemon on your team can be quite advantageous to have in your team for obvious reasons.

If you are wondering which are the best Ground Type choices on your team, you have landed on just the right page. In this post, we shall discuss the Best Ground Type Pokemon.

10 Best Ground Type Pokemon
10 Best Ground-Type Pokemon

We have compiled this list of the Best Ground Type Pokemon based on the official Base Stats of Pokemon from all 9 generations.

Best Ground-Type Pokemon

Ground Type Pokemon are known for their solid attack and defense traits. Being Earth Type Pokemon, they can withstand a variable range of attacks without undergoing much damage. The dual-typing in Ground Types also gives rise to many interesting and powerful Pokemon. We will be listing the Strongest Ground Type Pokemon that will be a great asset to your team.

10. Great Tusk

Great Tusk
Great Tusk
TypeGround, Fighting
VulnerabilitiesGrass, Water, Flying, Ice, Psychic, Fairy
Special AbilityProtosynthesis
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Great Tusk is a powerful Pokemon with a Dual Typing of Ground and Fighting. This Paradox Pokemon is believed to be in existence since ancient times. This Pokemon exhibits outstanding attack and defense stats which makes it a formidable force on the battlefield. Whether it comes down to close combat or ranged combat, this Pokemon triumphs in both these compartments.

Close Combat, Headlong Rush, Earthquake, Ice Spinner, Rapid Spin, and Knock Off are some of the most effective moves that Great Tusk loves to execute in Pokemon matches and Raids.

9. Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks
Sandy Shocks
TypeGround, Electric
VulnerabilitiesGrass, Water, Ice, Ground
Special AbilityProtosynthesis
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Next on our List of the Best Ground Type Pokemon is the supremely interesting combo of Ground and Electric Types. This special kind of Typing makes Sandy Shocks a solid threat to its enemies. This Paradox Pokemon has quite a resemblance to Magneton. However, Sandy Shocks has no record of being caught in the anime. However, you can find this Pokemon in games like Pokemon Scarlet.

Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Volt Switch, and Earth Power are some of the most effective moves of Sandy Shocks. This is an extremely rare Pokemon so if you come across it do not let it slip away from you.

8. Iron Treads

Iron Treads
Iron Treads
TypeGround, Steel
VulnerabilitiesFire, Water, Ground, Fighting
Special AbilityQuark Drive
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

In the Anime, Iron Treads is rumored to be a scientific weapon sent to the planet by aliens. We do agree on the weapon part as this Paradox Pokemon is an extremely powerful attacker on the battlefield and an even better defender. While it is still unclear whether it is a machine or living Pokemon, it still rests in the Ground-Steel Type Pokemon Category.

Some of the best skill sets of Iron Treads include Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Ice Spinner, and Earthquake. It is a good option for Pokemon Raids as it excels in both attack and defense attributes.

7. Ting-Lu

TypeGround, Dark
VulnerabilitiesIce, Grass, Fighting, Water, Fairy, Bug
Special AbilityVessel of Ruin
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

The next one on our list of The Strongest Ground Type Pokemon is the interesting Typing of Ground-Dark. Ting-Lu is actually an incarnation of an ancient ritual vessel. This Ruinous Pokemon has the ability to open huge fissures into the ground. Some of the most effective moves of Ting Lu include Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Body Press, Whirlwind, and Spikes.

Despite presenting vulnerabilities to 6 Pokemon Types, the strong defense attribute doesn’t let it collapse even against incompatible enemies so easily.

6. Landorus

TypeGround, Flying
VulnerabilitiesIce, Water
Special AbilityIntimidate
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve
Pokemon FormsIncarnate Forme, Therian Forme

Landorous is a type of Abundance Pokemon that brings bountiful harvests in the fields by merely visiting those lands. This is why Landorus has gained the title of The Guardian of the Fields. Landorus creates energy from Lightning and wind to embark nutrients into the land, making it more fertile. The transformative abilities of Landorous over the landscape are beyond amazing. Apart from its natural abilities, Landorus is a very strong attacker with decent defense skills.

5. Steelix

TypeGround, Steel
VulnerabilitiesWater, Ground, Fighting, Fire
Special AbilitySturdy, Rock Head
Evolution ChartOnix-> Steelix
Special transformationMega Steelix

Steelix is yet another Ground-Steel Type combo that is certainly one of the most popular Ground Types since the beginning of the franchise. The game makers made sure to include this enormously powerful Pokemon in various popular games such as Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet. Steelix is capable of executing some very brilliant Ground and Steel Type moves such as Iron Tail, Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Stealth Rock, and Heavy Slam.

The Mega Evolution of Steelix further improves the attack attributes of the Steelix making him all the more ferocious and aggressive.

4. Swampert

TypeGround, Water
Special AbilityTorrent
Evolution ChartMudkip-> Marshtomp-> Swampert
Special TransformationMega Swampert

Swampert is one of the special Pokemon with only one vulnerability and that is Grass Type. With the dual Typing of Ground and Water, Swampert is truly the Best of Both Worlds. This Mud Fish Pokemon is extremely powerful with special abilities to see in muddy waters. Swampert is a strong attacker and relies more on its core strength rather than defense abilities. After undergoing Mega transformation, the attack skills of this swift swimmer further amplify.

Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Sludge Wave, and Surf are some of the most effective moves that make Swampert such a badass on the battlefield.

3. Garchomp

TypeGround, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesDragon, Ice, Fairy
Special AbilitySand Veil
Evolution ChartGible-> Gabite-> Garchomp
Special TransformationMega Garchomp

Resting in the position of No. 3 on our list of the Best Ground Type Pokemon is the extremely threatening Mach Pokemon, Garchomp. This combo of Dragon and Ground has an innovative slick character design with sharp blades connected to its limbs.

Garchomp is both a powerful attacker and a speedster. Garchomp is an extremely sensory Pokemon that can detect its opponent/prey from afar. Upon its Mega evolution, the arms and wings of Garchomp integrate into scythes.

Dragon Tail, Outrage, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Fire Blast, and Sand Tomb are some of the elite moves of Garchomp.

2. Zygarde

Zygarde 50% Forme
TypeGround, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesDragon, Ice, Fairy
Special AbilityPower Construct
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve
Alternative Forms50% Forme, 10% Forme, Complete Forme

Zygarde is yet another result of Ground-Dragon Typing which is an extremely durable Pokemon. In its perfected form, Zygarde releases high-powered energy from its chest.

Zygarde All Forme
Zygarde All Forme

This Pokemon falls under a category called Order Pokemon which eliminates the beings who pose threats to the ecosystem. On the battlefield, this humongous Pokemon can absolutely crush the enemy with its 610 kg body. Some of the most effective moves of this ultimate force of nature include Dragon Tail, Outrage, Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Land’s Wrath.

Zygarde is an absolute badass on the battlefield with outstanding battle tactics and physical force. If you are looking for a dependable Ground Type Pokemon for your team, Zygarde is the one for you!

1. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon
Primal Groudon
TypeGround, Fire
VulnerabilitiesWater, Ground
Special AbilityDesolate Land
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

And lastly, making its way to the Top of the Countdown of the Best Ground Type Pokemon is the Continent Pokemon, Primal Groudon! This Pokemon is much more than any ordinary Pokemon, it is a force of nature itself. This Pokemon can literally control the landscape of this world.

Precipice Blades, Dragon Tail, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, and Solar Beam are some of the most powerful moves of this Pokemon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the strongest Ground Type Pokemon?

Primal Groudon is undoubtedly the strongest Ground Type Pokemon to exist in all 9 generations of Pokemon.

Which are the strongest Ground Type moves?

Earthquakes, Spikes, Drill runs, Earth Power, High Hordepower, Sandstorms, and Sand Attacks are some of the strongest Ground Type moves of all time.

Is there a Ground-Water Type Pokemon?

Absolutely Swampert and Seismitoad are some of the Best Ground-Water Type Pokemon to exist.

Is Groudon a legendary Pokemon?

Primal Groudon, the reverse state of Groudon is a legendary Pokemon with Ground-Fire Typing.


This brings you to the end of our article on The Best Ground Type Pokemon. We hope you enjoyed this countdown list and discovered something new about Ground Type Pokemon. You should definitely try using these Pokemon in your favorite Pokemon Games.

We will be bringing you more exciting Pokemon and Gaming News soon. Meanwhile, comment down your favorite Ground Type Pokemon on our list below and let us know your opinion on our post.

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