10 Most Loyal Dog Pokémon (Ranked 2023)

Humans have been taming dogs for the last 20,000 years at least. They are man’s best friends not only in the real world but also in the Pokémon world. There are several Pokemon that are inspired by dogs, from Granbull to Arcanine, from Houndoom to Boltund there are several dog Pokemon that are always at ... Read more

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Humans have been taming dogs for the last 20,000 years at least. They are man’s best friends not only in the real world but also in the Pokémon world.

Most Loyal Dog Pokemon
Most Loyal Dog Pokemon

There are several Pokemon that are inspired by dogs, from Granbull to Arcanine, from Houndoom to Boltund there are several dog Pokemon that are always at service for their trainers.

Here, at Benettonplay we have curated a list of the 10 best and most loyal dog Pokémon that exist in the Pokémon world.

Most Loyal Dog Pokémon (Ranked)

10) Houndoom

Most loyal dog pokemon
TypeDark / Fire
Base Friendship35 (lower than normal)
Evolution ChartHoundour-> Houndoom

Houndooms are dark and fire-type Pokemon that shoot flames from their mouth. It is said that the flames that it shoots contain toxins and poison that cause severe pain that never goes away. They have long horns and a tail that is sharp at the end which it uses to slash their opponents.

They usually move in a pack, the one with its horns raked sharply backward is the leader that they decide by fighting among themselves.

Houndoom can evolve to its mega form known as Mega Houndoom by using a houndoominite. This is the most ferocious form of a Houndoom in which its claws become red and its horns grow even longer.

They are not known to be friendly and to befriend a Houndoom, you need to earn its trust, only then can Houndooms act as loyal dog Pokemon.

Houndoom’s most powerful move is Fire Fand and Foul Play and they take extra damage when they are up against fighting, ground, rock, and water Pokemon.

9) Granbull

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartSnubbull-> Granbull

Granbull is a bipedal bulldog, with two huge fangs protruding from its lower jaw. It might look ferocious and hostile from its appearance, but it is actually a shy Pokemon. Granbull is a loyal Pokemon and it is a proven fact.

Although they are timid, they attack ferociously if someone they love is under attack or is being harmed. Granbulls do not care how big the opponent is, if their loved ones are threatened, they are always ready to put up a tough fight.

One thing about Granbulls is that they do not care about conflicts, and they do not tend to waste their energy by engaging in a fight if no lives are at stake.

Granbulls take extra damage against Steel and Poison-type pokemon. Their most powerful move is Bite and Play Rough. Now you guys can Revive your childhood with Pokemon GBA ROM hacks.

8) Furfrou

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Also known as the ‘Poodle Pokemon’, Furfrou is counted as one of the most loyal dog Pokemon that exist in the Pokemon world.

It is said that these canine Pokemon guarded the king of Kalos in ancient times. Its fur coat is so thick that it helps in reducing the physical damage that it takes, but the fur coat hinders it while it makes swift movements.

The fur on its body grows longer and longer if left alone and it will only allow the person it trusts to cut it. If it allows you to cut it, then congratulations you have got yourself a loyal and intelligent companion that trusts you with its life. Furfrou is weak against fighting-type Pokemon and its most effective move is Sucker-Punch and Grass Knot.

7) Stoutland

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartLillipup-> Herdier-> Stoutland

Stoutland is a fluffy and thick-furred Pokemon belonging to the Big-Hearted Pokémon species that are known to help and rescue people stranded by blizzards in the mountains or at the sea.

They are excellent companions who are trustworthy and loyal and make perfect members of rescue teams. It is so loyal that some parents even trust it to babysit their child. Winning Stoutland’s trust is easy and they are known to warm up to people in just three days.

These loyal companions are not suitable in tropical climates. The excessive heat that is generated due to their heavy fur makes them uncomfortable.

The length of their mustache determines their social standing. Stoutland’s most powerful moves are Lick and Wild Rush and it takes extra damage against fighting-type Pokemon.

6) Lucario

Most loyal dog pokemon
TypeFighting / Steel
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartRiolu-> Lucario

A Pokémon that understands human speech, Lucario has a unique ability to detect auras of all things and read their thoughts and movements because of which they are known as Aura Pokémon.

The appendages at the back of its head help it to detect the aura emanating from all the things. This bipedal Pokemon looks somewhat like a dog or a wolf or a jackal or a raccoon or even a fox. Lucario can mega evolve into Mega Lucario, the ultimate form of Lucario in which its senses get maxed.

Lucario is known to be a very serious Pokemon that is very loyal to its trainers and are also known to be friendly with strangers as well.

Having Lucario by your side can help you to detect foes that are not even in your sight so that you can better prepare and act in advance.

Lucario’s most lethal moves are Bullet Punch and Aura Sphere and it takes significant damage against fighting, ground, and fire-type Pokemon.

5) Lycanroc

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartRockruff-> Lycanroc (Dusk Form, Midday form, or Midnight form)

Belonging to the Wolf Pokémon species, if your Rockruff has been acting violently and has started growling very often then it is a sign that it is nearing its evolution.

It will run away and will only appear before its owner once it has evolved into Lycanroc. Depending on the time of the day it has evolved, it can take any of the three forms – Dusk, Midday, or Midnight form.

It is said that if Lycanroc is properly raised from a young rambunctious age, it becomes a loyal and trustworthy partner that will fight ferociously if its trainer is threatened.

Lycanroc’s most powerful moves are Rock Throw and Stone Edge and it gets a tough competition against water, steel, grass, fighting, and ground Pokémon.

4) Growlithe

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartGrowlithe-> Arcanine

The most dog-like Pokemon on this list, Growlithe is known as the ‘Puppy Pokémon’. It is known to be extremely clever, obedient, and loyal to its trainer that will remain motionless until it receives an order from its trainer.

They are extremely protective of their territory and defend it with their lives. They also have another form, the Hisuian Growlithe that was first seen in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Naturally, they have an extremely strong sense of smell that allows them to never forget a scent they have once smelt.

Growlithe’s strongest moves are Ember and Flamethrower and it slightly struggles against the ground, rock, and water-type Pokémon, but that doesn’t mean this extremely loyal dog Pokemon should be taken lightly.

3) Herdier

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartLilipup-> Herdier-> Stoutland

Herdier is an evolved form of Lillipup and a pre-evolved form of Stoutland. These naturally obedient and loyal dog pokemon have been trustworthy companions of their trainers for more than a millennium now. They are intelligent and excellent observers and quickly learn from their opponents’ moves.

Herdiers are extremely loyal Pokemon and they can go to any extent to obey their trainer’s commands, even if it puts their lives in danger.

They are often used to defend livestock on farms and are one of the first choices when it comes to choosing a pet owing to their loyalty.

Even though they are not great at battles, their most powerful is Play Rough. It struggles against fighting-type Pokemon.

2) Boltund

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartYamper-> Boltund

Boltund is the fastest dog Pokemon that can run non-stop for three full days because of the electrical energy that it generates which it diverts into its legs. These most loyal Pokemon dog breeds become more serious than their pre-evolved form.

Just like any other dog Pokemon, with proper training, love, and care these creatures grow to become one of the most loyal companions any trainer can dream of.

Boltund’s most powerful moves are Spark and Thunder and it gets a tough challenge when it goes up against ground-type Pokemon.

1) Arcanine

Most loyal dog pokemon
Base Friendship50 (normal)
Evolution ChartGrowlithe-> Arcanine

When it comes to the list of most loyal Pokemon, this legendary dog Pokemon is second to none. It is the largest dog Pokemon that exists in the Pokémon world.

It possesses the qualities of not only a dog but also of tigers and lions. These swift-moving creatures can go to any extent if they witness injustice and evil.

Their disposition is loyal and courageous because of which they were used by war commanders to help them conquer other lands.

Their endurance and stamina are incredible and they are known to travel 6200 miles in a single day. Using firestone, a Growlithe can be evolved into an Arcanine.

Their most ferocious moves are Fire Fang and Fire Blast and get a strong challenge against water, rock, and ground.


Is Ninetales a dog Pokemon?

Yes, Ninetales is indeed a dog Pokemon. Ninetales is a fire-type Pokemon that was introduced in the first generation. Vulpix evolves into Ninetales and as its name suggests it has nine tails.

Is Pikachu a dog Pokemon?

No, Pikachu is not a dog Pokemon. It is rather a Mouse Pokemon with electrical abilities. A Pichu evolves into a Pikachu and a Pikachu evolves into a Raichu.

Why doesn’t Ash’s Pikachu evolve?

The answer to this question was made clear in S01E14 (Electric Shock Showdown) of the Pokemon anime series that Pikachu does not want to evolve, which is why it does not evolve.

Which dog Pokemon does Ash Ketchum have?

Ash has a Dusk Form Lycanroc with bright green eyes. He initially got a Rockpuff which later evolved into a Lycanroc.


You have reached the end of our Post on the Most Loyal Dog Pokemon. All the stats info about all the Pokemon have been taken from the Pokemon Database. We hope you enjoyed this elaborate list. Comment down your favorite Dog Pokemon in the comments section below and let us know if you are enjoying our content.

We will be back with the latest gaming news and trends very soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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