10 Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go [Ultimate List 2023]

Pokemon Go has been able to retain its place as one of the best Pokemon Games ever since its release in 2016. As per the latest update of Pokemon Go, there are a total of 795 Pokemon in the game. This gives fans a lot of active choices to pick from. However, sometimes having too ... Read more

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Pokemon Go has been able to retain its place as one of the best Pokemon Games ever since its release in 2016. As per the latest update of Pokemon Go, there are a total of 795 Pokemon in the game. This gives fans a lot of active choices to pick from. However, sometimes having too many options can be confusing.

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go
Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

To avoid unnecessary confusion, we decided to craft a list of top Pokemon in Pokemon Go that are guaranteed to elevate your chances in Pokemon Raids, Go Battle Leagues, Events, and Raids.

We will also be shedding light on the best skill sets these Pokemon possess and how you can use them to your advantage in the game.

Has it ever crossed your mind, which is the Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Well, we surely have and this is why we created this list of Top Pokemon for you. We have created this list on the basis of player opinions over the internet as well as the official statistics of Pokemon in the game.

It is absolutely necessary to know the advantages of these Most Use Pokemon but at the same time, you also need to know their weaknesses to come up with the best fighting strategy.

So, we have covered all the vital info that you need to know about these Best Pokemon.

10. Shadow Zapdos

Shadow Zapdos
Shadow Zapdos
Pokemon TypeElectric Type, Flying Type
Signature MovesThunder Shock, Charge Beam, Zap Cannon
VulnerabilitiesIce Type, Rock Type

Shadow Zapdos can be a great asset on your Pokemon Go Battle Team with its strong Typing Combination and Shadow Boast. The attack power of this Pokemon is pretty impressive that poses a significant amount of danger to opponents. Some of the most impressive attacks by Shadow Zapdos include Thunder Shock, Charge Beam, and Zap Cannon.

Some other informative facts regarding Shadow Zapdos that you should know:

  • Shadow Zapdos shows resistance against a large number of moves including Bug Type, Grass Type, Flying Type, Ground Type, and Steel Type Moves.
  • Some of the best Charge moves that Shadow Zapdos use during battles other than Zap Cannon are Thunder, Ancient Power, and Drill Peck.
  • With an impressive attack skill set and high base stats, Shadow Zapdos is easily one of the Strongest Electric Pokemon in the game.

9. Rhyperior

Pokemon TypeGround Type, Rock Type
Signature MoveRock Wrecker
VulnerabilitiesGround, Grass, Fighting, Water, Ice, Steel moves

The extreme versatility of Rhyperior makes it a definite contender on this Ultimate Countdown list. The mixed Rock & Ground Typing makes this Pokemon extremely bulky and resistant to a variety of attacks. On the other hand, the exceptional attack stats of Rhyperior makes it an indispensable Pokemon to have on your team.

Some other facts about Rhyperior that you must know before you decide to use it in your Pokemon Go team:

  • The bulky exterior and resistance of Rhyperior make it an excellent choice for PvP battles (Master League).
  • If you need a dependable member in your team who can last longer in Gym fights and Raids then you can count on Rhyperior.
  • Some of the most solid attack moves of this Pokemon include Rock Wrecker, Stone Edge, and Smack-Down.
  • Rhyperior is naturally strong against Poison, Ice, Flying, Fire, and Electric Type Pokemon.

8. Garchomp

Pokemon TypeDragon Type, Ground Type
Signature MoveOutrage, Dragon Tail
VulnerabilitiesFairy, Ice, Dragon Moves

Next on the list of the Most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the very agile and feisty, Garchomp! This Pokemon possesses a strong typing combination that gives it a huge upper hand in battles and raids. Some of the most outstanding moves that Garchomp loves to use include Sand Tomb, Earthquake, Dragon Tail, and Outrage.

Other facts that you must know about Garchomp:

  • This interesting typing combination holds a huge advantage for the player in the PvP battles, especially in the Master League.
  • Where many other Pokemon struggle to hold their place against Dragon Electric, Fire, and Rock Types in Gym Battle and Raids, Garchomp steals the show singlehandedly.

7. Hydreigon

Pokemon TypeDark Type, Dragon Type
Signature MoveObliterate, Brutal Swing
VulnerabilitiesBug, Fighting, Fairy, Ice, Dragon

Hydreigon has made its reputation as The Brutal Pokemon due to its signature attack move, Brutal Swing. The high attack skills of Hydreigon with the mixed Typing of Dark and Dragon Types makes it the strongest Dark Type attacker in Pokemon Go. Some of the signature moves of this ultimate battle ace include Dark Pulse, Bite, Dragon Breath, Flash Cannon, and Dragon Pulse.

Things you should know before using Hydreigon in your Pokemon Go team:

  • The PvP advantage of this Pokemon isn’t very strong. So, you may want to sit him out of the PVP matches if you have more resistant options.
  • Where Hydreigon may struggle against fast-paced strong attacks, it makes up in Pokemon Raids.

6. Shadow Dragonite

Shadow Dragonite
Shadow Dragonite
Pokemon TypeFlying, Dragon Type
Signature MoveOutrage, Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor
VulnerabilitiesRock, Ice, Fairy, Dragon Type Moves

What makes Shadow Dragonite great in Pokemon Battles and Raids is not just the high attack stats but also its outstanding defensive skills. If you are an active player of Pokemon Go, you must already be aware that mere attack stats are not sufficient assets in long-term battles. Having powerful moves such as Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, and Hurricane coupled with the ultimate defense skills and flying ability makes it impossible to keep Shadow Dragonite out of the list of Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Other useful facts regarding Shadow Dragonite include:

  • Shadow Dragonite possesses a natural advantage against Flying Dragon and Grass Type Pokemon.
  • Shadow Dragonite is an ace when it comes to PvP battles as it has both attack and defense skills to make itself a long-lasting contender on the battlefield.

5. Mamoswine

Pokemon TypeIce Type, Ground Type
Signature MoveMud-Slap, High Horsepower
VulnerabilitiesSteel, Fighting, Water, Fire, Grass Type moves

Equipped with a versatile skill set and high attack-base stats make it a very strong Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This massive Pokemon is like an attack machine with moves such as Avalanche and Earthquake up its sleeve.

Before using Mamoswine in your Pokemon Team, you should bear these facts in mind:

  • Mamoswine is the natural attacker of Flying, Ground, Grass as well as Dragon Type Pokemon.
  • Aggressive Raid bosses? Not a problem for Mamoswine. The physical stature as well as the strong skill set gives Mamoswine a natural advantage over a wide range of enemies.
  • Mamoswine is also an effective choice fit for long-lasting Gym Battles.
  • Lastly, this Pokemon is also super useful when it comes to PvP Modes due to its high DPS.

4. Shadow Weavile

Pokemon TypeDark Type, Ice Type
Signature MoveFury Swipes, Fake Out, Night Slash
VulnerabilitiesSteel, Fire, Fighting, Rock, Fairy, Bug Type
Shadow Weavile
Shadow Weavile

In addition to having a powerful attack statistic, Shadow Weavile also exhibits remarkable speed. This makes the attacks of this agile Pokemon quite unpredictable for the opponents. The combo of Ice and Dark Typing makes Shadow Weavile deliver some exceptional attacks such as Avalanche and Foul Play.

Other advantages of Shadow Weavile in Pokemon Go include:

  • A natural advantage against the Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Grass, and Flying Type Pokemon.
  • Due to the versatile skill set and agility, Shadow Weavile becomes a dependable partner in Pokemon Raids.
  • As long as high-hitting attacks are not involved, Shadow Weavile is able to hold its place in PvP mode for a considerable amount of time.

3. Shadow Tyranitar

Shadow Tyranitar
Shadow Tyranitar
Pokemon TypeDark Type, Rock Type
Signature MoveSmack-Down, Stone Edge
VulnerabilitiesBug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water Type Moves

Shadow Tyranitar is yet another powerful attacker that you can obtain in Pokemon Go. The unique typing of the Dark and Rock combination helps Shadow Tyranitar to execute attacks such as Crunch, Stone Edge, and Smack-Down.

However, attack is not the only strength in Shadow Tyranitar’s quiver, other advantages include:

  • Having a heavy body and Rock Typing makes Tyranitar an excellent defender who is able to withstand quite severe attacks. This makes this Pokemon last longer during Battes.
  • Natural superiority against Flying, Ghost, and Psychic Type Pokemon makes Shadow Tyranitar even more dependable.
  • You can use Shadow Tyranitar in PvP battles, however having reduced bulk makes them vulnerable to fast attacks. Except for this shortcoming, these Pokemon have a general advantage in all the match segments.

2. Shadow Moltres

Shadow Moltres
Shadow Moltres
Pokemon TypeFlying Type, Fire Type Pokemon
Signature MoveFire Spin, Sky Attack
VulnerabilitiesRock, Water, Electric Type Moves

Moltres is a legendary Pokemon that is undoubtedly the best Pokemon in the Fire-Flying Typing in Pokemon Go. And with the Shadow Boast, the performance of this Pokemon simply turns off the charts. Being an advanced Fire Type Pokemon, Shadow Moltres can execute some very powerful moves such as Fire Spin and Overheat, throwing the opponent into the weaker section of the battle.

Other advantages of having Shadow Moltres on your Pokemon Go team include:

  • Having Flying Sub Typing makes Moltres naturally resistant to Grass, Steel, Bug, and Fighting Type Pokemon.
  • Shadow Moltres possess a high DPS stat that gives it the upper hand during Gym Battles and Pokemon Raids.
  • The high and versatile range of attacks offered by Moltres makes it a formidable Pokemon to have on your team.

1. Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo
Shadow Mewtwo
Pokemon TypePsychic Type Pokemon
Signature MovePsystrike
VulnerabilitiesBug, Ghost, Dark Type Moves

And the spot of No 1 Most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go is stolen by the legendary beast, Mewtwo. This mysterious-looking Pokemon pulls off the purple aura of the Shadow Boast quite splendidly. Shadow Mewtwo excels in attack moves Psystrike and Shadow Ball are some of the most powerful attacks that you can use to keep your upper hand in any battle or raid.

Some other perks of using Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go include:

  • Superior base stats that elevate the shadow boast more magnificently.
  • Having a high DPS makes Shadow Mewtwo an excellent slayer during Pokemon Raids.
  • Shadow Mewtwo delivers a promising role in PvP battles due to its high attack stats.

All in all, Shadow Mewtwo is the ultimate go-to choice in Pokemon Go Battles, Raids, and Tournaments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Mesprit and Uxie are probably the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Which is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Shadow Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

What is a Shadow Pokemon?

Shadow Pokemon are alternative versions of Pokemon and possess a distinct purple aura and red eyes that differentiate them from their counterpart. These Pokemon have a Shadow Boast Ability and can use a special move called Frustration.

What is the use of Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Well, Shadow Pokemon possess unique skills that make them extremely effective against Raid Bosses.


You have reached the end of our post on the Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2023. We hope these Pokemon will help you ace your next Raid with great ease. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this post, feel free to write to us in the comments sections below. We will be back with new and exciting gaming articles soon. Till then, Happy Gaming.

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